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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friends of the Terrorists Club(FTC)

Suddenly yardsticks for our judgment have changed. Opinions, morphed as judgments, are passed not on merit or weighing its consequences for the society, but by the yardstick of the colour events wear. The Nanavati Commission's report is to be discarded even before its pages are browsed because the Narendra Modi government instituted it and it shows Hindus as victims. The Bannerjee report is to be trusted because the secular Lalu Yadav instituted it and shows Hindus as aggressors. Strange logic.
Who speaks for the Indian?
Inspector M.C.Sharma's funeral is not to be attended because he shot at Muslims. When the men in khaki arrested the Kanchi Shankaracharya, not a single secular channel or newspaper cast any doubt on the police reports and statements. But when the men in khaki arrested a few from Jamia Milia, doubts were raised immediately and investigative journalism flowered.
Please read the following significant revelations:
The BJP government decided to undertake a census to find out how many Muslims there were in the armed forces, at each level, and in each unit.
The BJP government decided to survey the entire civil service to find out how many Muslims were employed and at what level.
The BJP government decided to set up National Advisory Council run by a prominent BJP/RSS leader. Its job is to consult with NGOs that are friendly to the BJP/RSS in order to seek advice on government policy. The Council, in turn, would propose legislation that the BJP government would implement. Of course, the NAC is not elected and has no constitutional power.
Riots took place between Buddhists and Muslims in Ladakh, at a time when the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir is a long-time BJP politician from Jammu who has been appointed CM by the high command in Delhi.
A cabinet minister in the Rajasthan's BJP govt., who had also taken part in the Ayodhya kar seva announced in a public meeting at Kota that Rs. 51 crores will be awarded to any one who will slay M.F.Hussain and further he would be weighed in gold and that gold will also be handed over to him as a mark of Hindus' gratitude for punishing the bad guy.
Of course, it was a Congress government that did all these things and the last act by a S.P. minister. Suppose it had been a BJP government, can you imagine the outrage and hostility of the "secular" Indian media and intelligentsia? Somehow they keep quiet when someone else does it.
Sitting in my small balcony watching Sreedharan's miracle called Delhi Metro passing by, I tried to make some points that require some answers I fail to provide.
1 Kanchi Shankaracharya was arrested on wild allegations while performing puja on Diwali night in the name of law and announcing that the statute is above all. But the non bailable warrants against Imam Bukhari were refused to be executed by Congress govt. through an affidavit filed in the court.
2. Denmark cartoons of the prophet were denounced and the govt. expressed 'concern'. And all of us agreed. But when M.F.Hussain drew an obscene picture of Mother India and other Hindu goddesses, nothing happened. Doesn't Mother India belong to all of her children-Hindus, Muslims, Christians alike? Similarly no govt. statement of 'concern' came out on the ugly depiction of devi Durga by an Athens ad agency.
3. In the case of Aligarh Muslim University, when the Supreme Court said it can't be declared a minority institute, the Minister refuses to accept it and comforts his vote zone that a law would be made to annul court's decision.
4. In the case of the infamous I.M.D.T. act in Assam , which protects the Bangla Deshi infiltrators rather than to facilitate their ouster, Supreme Court ruling was again flayed and the chairperson of the ruling combine assures in Assam that the same would remain in vogue.
5. Hajj is helped through lavish grants while Hindu pilgrims to Kailas Manasarovar are not.
6.Negotiations on Kashmir have been reduced to a Muslim alone platform and all the permits, Aman Setu and talks revolve around Muslim outfits while Kashmiri Hindus remain as neglected as ever, who have been turned refugees in their own free and secular nation. No plans or announcements are made even to remotely suggest that they will go back home soon. Imagine what this govt. and the powerful secular press might have done if Muslims were made to flee from a Hindu majority state in India?
7. Iran vote by India has been turned into a Muslim issue by the most pronounced secular parties like CPM and Samajwadi, on the other hand when a neighbouring Hindu monarchy and its citizens are brutally assaulted by the Communist terrorist group, it becomes a question of democracy and the killers are projected and interviewed as heroes of a mass revolution. 7. The same govt. invites the Saudi King as chief guest at its republic day parade, knowing well that there is no individual freedom or human rights in the kingdom and Hindus are not allowed to practice their pujas even in the private precincts there.
8. Andhra govt. announces job reservations for Muslims alone in the face of adverse judgments by Andhra High Court and Supreme Court.
9. Valentines Day has become a new national festival , so the freedom to celebrate it means being modern and progressive and any different voice is debunked as retrograde and obscurantist specially targeting Hindutva organizations for saying what they believe in. Just one or two small protests out of 500 cities, are shown twenty-four hours to use it to denounce an entire community.
10. A congregation of the Hindu tribals to rise above social discriminations and ill practices of the caste and regionalism for safeguarding religious identity is condemned as an affront to other religions and pronounced as a 'war' on the secular right to convert Hindus. That the high priests of the Hindu society mingled with the so called low caste people and tried to erase the stigmas is not found even worth mentioning.
"PM faces EU ire over the 'massacre' of Christians', ran a front page headline. Thank god, Mehrauli's Santosh and Kandhmaal's Swami Lakshmanananda didn't have any lobby in France or US. What a relief. They were not concerned at the growing violence in India. Just the faithful of their colour make their world. Anything, any hurt, is a 'massacre', 'mayhem', and 'pogrom' if seculars so wish. It makes good headlines abroad and even better grants and awards for the academic crusaders.
Prime Minister couldn't say-well I think Christians in Bangalore and Orissa too are Indians, who are you to tell me what should I be doing in my home?
When noise and cacophony rules, victims look as aggressors. Hard law is bad, because it was "used" against a particular community. Police is bad because it's arresting and targeting a particular community.
Terror is secular, khaki is suspect
While the nation and her security forces that includes the police too, stand firm to combat terrorism, the state power and the seculars are providing focused support to terrorists and enhancing their morale through statements and casting doubt on the motives of the anti-terror action. India's secular cabinet ministers demanded lifting of a ban on a terrorist organization, proposed Indian citizenship to millions of illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators, refused to say a word of encouragement to the security forces fighting terrorists but publicly assured help to the accused whom police, a part of the government, arrested for blasting Delhi and killing citizens.
All these secular statements had just one consideration religion of the groups they want to support or oppose. The seculars have become the worst kind of communal hate spreaders, with their extreme one-sided postures and acidic language. In a way these rabble-rousing seculars have become a security threat affecting the societal fabric and the morale of the policemen and soldiers.
They ordered a communal head count in the army, ignored and downgraded celebrations of Bharat Vijay Diwas, 16th December, and Kargil Vijay Diwas, stopped observing the Pokharan test anniversary in Delhi and failed to show due respect to Field Marshall Manekshaw. All this can't just be exception; they show a trend, an attitude.
They know their side
In the secular dispensation, to be objective, liberal and broadminded and have sympathies on humanitarian grounds are reserved only for terror groups. Is it a secret that these seculars leave no stone unturned to create an atmosphere where procedural mechanism to punish the guilty is influenced and driven to believe that the arrested criminal is not the culprit, but the victim of an incompetent state apparatus.
Remember how a vigorous campaign to release a lecturer of the same Jamia Milia Islamia was launched in spite of Delhi police submitting a truckload of evidence about his involvement in the attack on Parliament? And the famous case of Abdul Mahdani, declared as the "main accused" in the Coimbatore bomb blast case, which left 58 dead? Karunanidhi went to see him in jail, provided all the facilities, including a regular masseur, and finally when on purely "technical" points he was released, Kerala's Left Front cabinet ministers came out and accorded him a public felicitation?The charges against Mahdani were as follows:
"Accused No. 14 Mahdani is one of the key conspirators in the Coimbatore bomb blasts case."
"Accused of collecting and transferring explosives to the town, ripped by a series of bomb blasts on February 14, 1998."
"Charged under Sections 302 IPC (Murder); 307 IPC (Attempt to Murder); 153-A IPC (Creating hatred among communities); Section 5 of the Explosives Act and Section 25 of the Arms Act.
"Public prosecutor Balasundarm, arguing against Mahdani, had expressed "surprise" over the judgment to release him and said he did a good job in assimilating the voluminous evidence of documents 1785 documents marked as evidence, 1300 witnesses and over 15,000 pages of investigation records. If indeed the case had been presented as thoroughly as claimed, why did it fail?
Maulanas are silent, teachers do not speak out and the common men suffer in silence. Is that the way we are going to deal with this war? If people don't forge solidarity and revolt and keep looking to politicians for all solutions, even god will think twice about helping them.


Anonymous said...

Gandhiji said English education will make us a nation of imitators. Today, the English Language Media is the hub of psecularism. We need to reduce our dependency on English if we are serious about putting an end to this. Please support regional language at primary school level.

Sundararaman said...

Excellant write up. Why do Indians seem paralysed? I feel the body blow to Indian thought has set on account of the preachings of the pacifist, agnostic duo of Gandhi and Nehru. What we need is the duo of Parashurama and Vishwamitra who were uncle and nephew. While one reached the summit of Tapasya the other represented the awesome aggression and both never budged from their pursuit.

Bharata said...

great new avatar of the blog sir.

Bharat said...

Namaste Tarunji,

I always read your articles on TOI. I had written a comment also and invited people to join me in defending the honour of Shri M.C Sharma. I tried to post this comment twice with my email id. But this comment was never posted by TOI. This truely reflects the 'secularist' and 'nationalist' attitude of TOI. Is it funded by the pseudo-seculars?

Vande Mataram

Anonymous said...

We are witnessing the fall of Western economies. This is the right time to free ourselves from our slave mentality and Macaulay system of education.

The Western model drew its 'respect' from money power and with the weakening of their economic clout, their stranglehold on our land should be broken. Those who were telling us to throw our mother tongue and teach our children 'ba ba black sheep' sound hollow today.

Anonymous said...

Same old view, same old story. Some questions to you...
1. Why MF Hussais was made as scapegoat, where as in all the old hindu temples, the sculptures of the hindu goddess are made as nude. Why don't you take initiative to destroy all those sculptures??
2. Why are you asking to Indian public to stay beside the Hindu nun who was accused of the murder where as why you are not seeking the CBI probe of the Christian Nun who was raped?
3. What is your way alternative to bring up the poor Hindus rather than getting the vote bank.
We people are both against SIMI or RSS or VHP or any organization if they are following any hard way.
I am not a supporter of any political party. By your way, you may get some votes tomorrow, but why you are putting our life on bate for gaining of few votes.
Please try to eradicate poverty and illiteray rather than following a religion line. We don't need any religion if it does not provide any calm ness in our mind.
Shame on people like you from all religions.

Pankaj Mohan said...

तरुणजी, आपका लेख "Pushing Hindus into a corner" Rediff में पढा, जो बेहद निशाने पर है. परन्तु इसके साथ ही संघ परिवार की निस्सहायता भी उजागर होती है. आप कब तक एक अधिकाधिक निर्णायक भूमीका निभाने की समसामयिक आवश्यकता से भागते फिरेंगे? कब तक संघ परिवार राजनीतिक दलों की तरह मात्र शिकायत करके संतुष्ट होता रहेगा? आवश्यकता है और जुझारू तथा दूर-दृष्टा बनने की. अगर मीडिया की मुख्यधारा हिंदुत्व को कलंकित करने में जोर-शोर से शामिल है, तो हिंदुत्व की बात कहें ऐसे माध्यमों को आजतक सर्जित करने का प्रयत्न भी तो नहीं किया गया, क्या ये सच नहीं? कब सुना हमने की बीजेपी तथा संघ परिवार ऐसे टीवी चैनलों तथा दैनिक पत्रों, जो कि मुख्यधारा के वाम-पंथी नजरिये में भिन्न हों, की जरूरत को जोरशोर से जाहिर करें? संघ परिवार कहाँ खुल कर बोला कभी? कब सार्थक कोशिश की गयी इस दिशा में? सारे "स्टिंग ऑपरेशन" आप के ख़िलाफ़ होते रहे, उद्योग जगत के बड़े नाम भी आप के ही इर्द-गिर्द मडराते रहे, लेकिन कभी कोई आगे आया, या आपने कभी किसी को आह्वानित किया की नए लहजे का मीडिया प्रारम्भ करने की जरूरत है, पैसा लगायें?

फ़िर जिन विषयों को ले कर हिंदुत्व पर वार-पे-वार किए जा रहे हैं, क्या आप (संघ) स्वयं गंभीर हैं? मैं नरेन्द्र मोदी के गुजरात से संबंध रखता हूँ, और पिछले वर्ष सारे भारत ने देखा, कि किस तरह संघ का एक हिस्सा मोदीजी को हारने की जी-तोड़ कोशिशों में लगा हुआ था. विश्व हिन्दू परिषद के सर्वे सर्वा स्वयं पाटीदार पटेलों की राजनीति करने में व्यस्त थे. जाती-वाद का एक भोंडा नाटक खेला गया. बृहद हिंदुत्व की बात करने वाले हिंदुत्व के ही मसीहा - केशूभाई और प्रवीण तोगडिया - एक छोटे से दायरे में जा घिरे. गुजरात के पटेलों ने भी उन्हें एक अच्छा सबक सिखाया और इस हिमाकत के लिए उन्हें मुँह की खानी पडी. मैं पटेलों को इसके लिए अभिवादन दूंगा, कि उन्होंने उत्तर भारत के जातिवादी नजरिये से निहायत अलग मार्ग अपनाया है. फ़िर देखें तो, उमा भारती, कल्याण सिंह और गोविन्दाचार्य के किस्से क्यों आम हुए? इन्हीं नेताओं को विद्रोह का सामना क्यों करना पडा? क्या इसमें जाती/ वर्ग-भेद की बू नहीं आती? जब आवश्यकता हुई तो उपयोग किया, और नहीं तो फेंक दिया दायरे से दूर, अलग-थलग?

अगर अर्जुन सिंह, लालू प्रसाद, मायावती और मुलायम सरीखे जातिवादी भारतीय समरसता को तार-तार करने में लगे हैं, तो हमने इस विषय में किया क्या आजतक? आज भी दलित को अहमदाबाद के संभ्रांत इलाकों में आवास नहीं मिलता. यही हालत अन्य शहरों की भी जान पड़ती है. मेरे घर के बाहर झाडू लगाने वाली औरत आज भी पानी माँगने से कतराती है. दूर से ही आवाज लगाती है. देख कर पीडा होती है. प्रश्न उठता है, कि हमने क्या किया इस दिशा में? कहाँ हुआ सनातन व्यवस्था में बदलाव. बीजेपी नब्बे के दशक से भारत की राजनीति में काबिज है. वीएचपी तथा संघ परिवार की अन्य संस्थाएं भी तब से ही मुख्य धारा में बरकरार हैं. फ़िर भी कोई मूलभूत बदलाव आया हो, ऐसा तो दिखाई नहीं देता. फ़िर मिशनरी अगर बाजी मार ले जाता है, या जिहादी न्याय के कटघरे तक नहीं ले जाया जा सकता, तो दोष किसे दिया जाए? हिन्दू स्वयं एकजुट कहाँ हुए?

मैं शिकायत के सिलसिले को यहाँ रोकना चाहूंगा और यह स्पष्ट करूंगा, कि सारी विषमताओं के बावजूद आज भी अगर किसी विचार-धारा से कोई अपेक्षा है, तो वह बीजेपी, संघ परिवार तथा हिंदुत्व के अतिरिक्त अन्य कोई नहीं. गाँधीवादी सर्व धर्म समभाव और अहिंसा बेनकाब हो चुके हैं, कांग्रेसीयों के दुराचरण की वजह से. महात्मा गांधी जितने अनमोल थे, आज के कांग्रेसी उतने ही कीचड से सने दिखाई देते हैं. इस वैचारिक और राजनैतिक शून्यावकाश को मात्र हिंदुत्व ही पाट सकता है. सभी आतंरिक विषमताओं के बावजूद संघ और बीजेपी, औरों से आज भी बेहतर अवस्था में जान पड़ते है. कम-से-कम "बाप मरे तो बेटे को चुनाव लड़वा दो, उसकी बारी" वाली बात तो नहीं है इनमे.

मैं यहाँ दो व्यक्तिगत सुझाव देना चाहूंगा. बीजेपी को और लोकतांत्रिक अभिगम अपनाना होगा. कहें तो अमेरिकी "प्रेसिडेंशल" चुनावों जितना. आतंरिक लोकतंत्र को और पुख्ता बनाएं, जिससे दल-बदलू राजनीत के लिए कोई अवकाश ही न बचे. लोग खुल कर अपनी बात कहें और बहुमत के निर्णय से सहमत हों, सहमत होने के लिए मजबूर हों. जितने विषय हिंदुत्व तथा राष्ट्रवाद से जुड़े हुए है, उन सभी पर खुलेआम चर्चा हो. इससे अन्य दलों में भी लोकतांत्रिक बदलाव के लिए जनमत बनेगा. हिंदुत्व के लिए इससे ज्यादा और खुशी की बात नहीं हो सकती की इस देश में बहुमत की राजनीति सही मायनों में स्थापित, सुनिश्चित हो. जितने अवरोध हैं सब एक-एक कर बेनकाब हो जाएँ, लोकतांत्रिक जरियों से.

दूसरी बात, आज वीएचपी और बजरंग दल में मूलभूत बदलाव की बहुत तीव्र आवश्यकता है. हिंदुत्व के उत्थान में उनका एक सुनिश्चित "रोल" था, जिसे उन्होंने बखूबी निभाया, लेकिन अब वे बाधक बनते जान पड़ते हैं. हिंदुत्व की शैशव अवस्था अब समाप्त हुई तथा एक अधिक वयस्क नजरिये की तुंरत आवश्यकता है. हर जगह नारे-बाजी, हो हल्ला और आक्रामक तेवर दिखा कर कुछ नहीं होने वाला. कम से कम हिंदुत्व का भला तो होने से रहा. हिन्दू समुदाय का एक बड़ा हिसा आज भी इन संगठनों को शक की निगाह से देखता है - इसमें जातिगत राजनीति तथा हिन्दी बनाम गैर-हिन्दी विवाद भी एक भूमीका अदा करते हैं. जब तक वीएचपी बृहद हिन्दू समुदाय - जिसमें सारे राज्य तथा क्षेत्रीय भाषाएँ शामिल हों - को ले कर नहीं चलता, बात आगे बढ़ने से रही. आवश्यकता हिन्दू समुदाय के बहुमत को प्रकट करने की है, जिसे वीएचपी अपनी वर्तमान मुद्रा - जो कि "उधमी" होने से और ज्यादा कुछ भी नहीं - के जिरिये तो करने से रहा. पढ़े-लिखे, संभ्रांत, अनपढ़ तथा पिछडी हुई जातियों से, सारे आगे आयें और हिंदुत्व की मशाल को प्रज्वलित करें, यह जरूरी है.

इसके लिए मात्र मन्दिर-मस्जिद और धर्मांतरण के मुद्दों पर मोर्चा बनाने से कुछ नहीं होगा, अपितु हिन्दू समुदाय के आतंरिक सुधारों पर ध्यान देना भी जरूरी है. एक छोटा सा उदाहरण मैं यहाँ रखता हूँ. निमांकित वेब-लिंक पर जाएँ और देखें. क्या किया है हिंदूवादी संगठनों ने इन हालात् को बदलने के लिए? फ़िर दूसरों से शिकायत करने में तुक कहाँ है!

मैं क्षमा चाहूंगा, सीमित जानकारी के साथ इतने वृहद् विषय पर इतना सब कुछ कह जाने के लिए. लेकिन इन बातों को और नजरअंदाज करना भी अब सम्भव नहीं है. मेरे पासा यहाँ लिखने के अतिरिक्त और कोई चारा नहीं था. आप चाहें तो पढने के बाद इन्हें "डिलीट" कर सकते हैं.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I want you to write an article on an issue that is hurting millions of Indian Techiques in USA.

I am on H-1B for 6 years. As you may know, H1-B is technically a "TEMPERORY WORKER NON-Immigrant VISA" to USA. I am allowed to extend for 1 more years.

Technically speaking, for 7 years, H1-B worker is a "Temperory Non-Immigrant Worker".

Tax-wise speaking, I am a full tax payer under "Resident Tax Tag" from DAY ONE OF H1-B.

I mean to say, I pay higher federal income tax to US Federal Government, STATE TAX to state Government, SOCIAL SECURITY TAX for retirement funds.

If I am told to go home, I have to leave USA in 10 official days. Technically, this is as the visa H1-B say so.






Shankar said...

We look the other way when ABVP attacks Acharyas. We go into denial when some of them get involved in bomb blasts.

What can we do? Let there be an annual pledge for ABVP members to respect the teaching community and to refrain from violence. This will start a glorious culture of ethics and personal responsibility among students.

MoonRiver said...

Scathing and aptly so, Tarunji!
Today many claimants seem to have made so called "Truth" their personal rubric and objectivity is pushed out at the cost of letting prejudice rule.
Your graphic revelations about Hussain's biased portraits were illuminating.

Anonymous said...

We should give Bharath Ratna to Afzal Guru and we should reservations for SIMI students in all universities. We should put all the innocent Hindus into the gas chamber.