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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blessed are those who could do Kailas Manasarovar pilgrimage successfully

With blessings of Lord Shiva, had an opportunity to felicitate the Kailas Manasarovar Yatris in New delhi. I was invited by the President of Delhi govt.'s Teerth Yatra Vikas Samiti, Shri Uday Prakash ji, himself a deeply spiritual person and a committed devotee to serve the kailas Yatris, to felicitate the successful yatris and distribute the yatra Certificate to them. It was an emotional occasion, I remembered how in 1992 I did the Kailas Yatra and later started felicitating the Yatris as the first President of Teerth Yatra Vikas Samiti of Delhi govt. there is no joy as great, no bliss as divine as Kailas Manasarovar Yatra. 

Modi's America Vijay-what it means for us

Tarun Vijay

With Shakti and Bhakti of Bharat Narendra  Modi achieved an unprecedented America -Vijay  at Madison. Empowered in Navratra with a Shakti  drawn from Mother Durga and devotion to Mother India he trounced the Mahishasuras of despondency and deIndianised voices of doom.

His biggest victory is over the highly accented, opinionated English speaking class, who had been witch-hunting him for the last decade. It's not just a visa-denier US, but  the home grown , rich and self-anointed  guardians of sham secular values that has seen its Talibani arrogance completely threaded and dustbinned.

No , Modi can't do, Modi will be disastrous for the country's secular fabric, look, he can't even speak English, mocked a senior editor on an elitist English channel. They hit hard at his Hindu ness, so far  they had been successfully turning every leader to be apologetic being a Hindu , the only litmus test to be a secular was to be disdainful of the Hindu word .The class that refused to treat Muslims as an equal citizens , as an Indian, and rather treated  them as the sacrificial lambs of the vote bank Eid,  the class that was considered to be the reservoir of all wisdom, prudence, marketing deep concern with a Gucci touch for their nation  (read Malabar hills to Gurgaon) , the candle and jholawalla dollar - Intellectuals, all saw their highly inflated egos punctured at the Mecca of their secular shamanism- New York.

The Bhakti and shakti of a village boy, the devoted child of Mother India was taking it as naturally , with hundred hours on pure water, in his own stride as perhaps Vivekananda did when  he addressed World Council of Religions in Chicago in   a same September 121 years ago.

A n America Vijay has always been more pronouncedly significant for a home turf than any defence  or  energy agreements signed at White House. Modi has delivered his second Red Fort speech  from Madison. The only difference is, this time his audience consisted of people listening him in 80 different countries.

The Oxbridge accented  class that spewed venom through long essays front paged by glossy south delhi magazines and the precipitated hate of the sirens of Indian media houses often controlled by jute mill and sugar cane factory barons, will have to find a new ground to earn their fellowships or a line or two in an op- ed of a pathetically sick leader writer. Smart as they are, many of them have already started learning Hindi and Gujarati!!