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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Court questions rail surcharge on Kumbh pilgrims

Lucknow, Jan 28 : Citing the subsidy given to Haj pilgrims, a recently floated Hindu Personal Law Board has moved the Allahabad High Court seeking its intervention in getting free rail passes for poor pilgrims and a 50 percent concession to all others going to attend the Maha Kumbh Mela that is on in Haridwar now.

"The present policy of the government is discriminatory and in violation of the provisions of the Indian Constitution which disallows anydiscrimination on religious lines," the board's counsel Ashok Pandey said.

A division bench of the court here directed the railwayadministration to submit the circular whereby the surcharge was being levied by the Indian Railways on pilgrims travelling to Haridwar for the Maha Kumbh Mela.

According to the pubic interest litigation (PIL) moved Wednesday: "The railway administration are charging a surcharge ranging from Rs.3 to Rs.15 per ticket from every rail traveller going to Haridwar during the Kumbh Mela period."

Board secretary V.L. Misra told reporters here Thursday: "Since the local railway administration refused to provide us a copy of the circular, we urged the honourable court to direct them to submit a copy directly to the court."

The Court has fixed Feb 3 for the next hearing.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kashmir-Interchange- Thank you for supporting the uprooted Hindus of J&K

Shri Tarun Vijay,


Yesterday we had an opportunity of watching on NDTV the debate on " The Constitutional Reforms in India" after 60 years of the country having became a " Republic". At the conclusion of this debate between the people representing competing ideas and philosophies I felt it necessary to write and thank you for your bold, brave and relentless opposition of Section 370 of the Indian Constitution which has afforded "the special status" to the state of Jammu & Kashmir - the status that eventually became a founding stone of Kashmir's Islamic separatism at the hands of the Sunnis, followers of Osama bin Laden and Wahabies.

The people concerned about the "integrative character" of the Indian Union particularly the Kashmiri Pandits & Sikhs, Dogras of Jammu and Buddhists of Ladakh are in your debt for your highly patriotic stand on this issue. Free India's beloved leader, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookherjee, sacrificed his life while fighting the separatist identity of Kashmir which fundamentally neutralized the historic relationship between the Republic and its northern most state. Dr. Mookherjee is no more with us for his life was cut short by Sheikh Abdullah's tyranny in the state. However, seeing your unwavering resolve and repeated attempts at demanding the repeal of the Section 370 - a disintegrative provision in the Constitution we were delighted to realize that Dr. Mookherjee's spirit is well and alive with us and will keep on inspiring the people for making necessary sacrifices to defend the territorial integrity of Mother India.
The enemies of India's unity, Islamic separatists and their supporters will ignore the presence of this dynamic force at their own peril.

Thank you for not hesitating to put your safety on the line, like Dr. Mookherjee, in defense of India's unity and integrative character and non-Muslim minorities of J&K State.

Best wishes

Monday, January 25, 2010

Second flag of the Republic

Kashmir flag and the tricolour-Vande Mataram?

Tarun Vijay

In our republic, which boasts of one nation, one people and one union, we have two flags. One for India and the second for Kashmir.

No one asks why?

If the mere picture of a foreign national irks, embarasses and makes the governors apologetic, should a flag, put at par, parallel to the flag of our republic, for whom we swear to live and die, make us happy, joyous and proud?

Look here. There is one tricolor , which is the soul of us. We sing for it, love it, feel thrilled whenever its fluttered on any part of this planet.Thats us. The invincible tricolour.

And here is another flag. We hardly know about it. An ugly piece that has to be displayed on the bonnets of the Ambassador cars the governor, chief minister or even the Union Home Minister and Prime Minister uses to negotiate a Kashmir road. Suddenly there are two flags, wo people, two lands. And still one republic? Ask Justice Sagheer Ahmad and hear'give more autonomy to J&K' call.More, still more autonomy for what?

A seperate flag and wanting to be more seperate?

Oh my god. Whose flag is this any way? They say its Kashmir flag.The Red reminds you of some communist touch, so naturally interwoven. So why don’t our rulers hoist it too in the republic day parade in New Delhi?

A bit red faced,they say it’s just for Kashmir.

So why not Bihar and Uttarakhand and Punjab and please, Tamilnadu too have their seperate flags?

They say Kashmir is special and other states are NOT.


Why not every state in India is special?

Why not every Indian citizen is equally special?

We, the Indians, the people of India.

Who gave the constitution to themselves on 26th January 1950, hence the republic and the parade for it.

We can’t buy an inch of land in Kashmir because thats special and we are NOT.

There is a provision in the Indian constitution that gives it that special status.And bars the soldiers , who give their life to protect the region, to buy or to get settled down there.The special provision in our constitution, the constitution we are celebrating on 26th January,is called article 370.

It says we are not authorised to be a citizen of Kashmir. But we are Indian citizens.

So what?

The article 370 says, we are not naturally Kashmiri citizens, even if we are Indians.

If we are Indians, we can be Biharis, Tamils or Arunachalis.
But not Kashmiri.
There was a man whose name was Syama Prasad Mookerjee. He died protesting separate provisions for Kashmir. News agency IANS reported recently, “Mukherjee was imprisoned for entering the state without a proper permit in violation of the Article 370. His entry was in protest against the separate constitution, head of the state and flag of Jammu and Kashmir.
“Mukherjee wanted that Jammu and Kashmir be declared as an integral part of India and governed like any other state of the country.”

Mookerjee(thats how he spelt his name)died mysteriously in a Srinagar jail.

Who cares for such 'mad' man, giving life for national integration in its truest sense?

Live peacefully, in your Lutyen’s Bungalow and offer government a constructive cooperation.

That makes life easy, you know.

May I reproduce some extracts from the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir? It has a separate identity from the Indian constitution and no law that Indian Parliament passes is applied in J&K unless the J&K assembly passes it too and it has the right to overrule Indian parliament and amend or change the contents of the laws passed by the parliament situated at New Delhi.

So the J&K constitution says-


We, the people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, having solemnly resolved, in pursuance of the accession of this State to India which took place on the twenty sixth day of October, 1947, to further define the existing relationship of the State with the Union of India as an integral part thereof, and to secure ourselves-

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and opportunity; and to promote among us all;

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity of the Nation;


Part II of "The State" of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir:

Relationship of the State with the Union of India-The State of Jammu and Kashmir is and shall be an integral part of the Union of India.

The spirit is fine but the implementation dishonest.

On April 7, 1958 the Plebiscite Front of Sheikh Abdullah adopted a resolution specifically citing Article 370, and stated that : “Jammu and Kashmir state has not yet acceded to any of the two dominions, India and Pakistan. Therefore, it will not be right to call Pakistani invasion on Jammu and Kashmir as an attack on India.” Using Article 370 Kashmiri Muslim leaders have opposed any family planning and welfare schemes formulated by the Government of India, and the programme was implemented only in the Hindu majority Jammu. The former Chief Minister, G.M. Shah, had said that the aim of the Government family planning programme was to convert the Muslim majority into a minority.

The former External Affairs Minister, M.C. Chagla, had told the United Nations that the Article 370 was a temporary measure. The two former Chief Ministers of Jammu and Kashmir, Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad and G.M. Sadiq, too wanted this Article to be repealed.

Articles 3 and 5 of the State Constitution of the Jammu and Kashmir states that it will remain an “inseparable” part of India .If that expresses the real intent why shouldn't the Parliament repeal article 370?

Friends on the net suggest,”For those Kashmiri Muslims who have declared themselves to be Pakistanis should be asked to apply for Pakistani citizenship, and if their application fails should be declared stateless persons and no longer citizens of India, and therefore no-longer citizens of any part of the dominions of the Republic of India.”
Can we do it?
Article 370 (though originally Article 306-A) drafted by Gopalaswami Ayyengar in close consultation with Sheikh Abdullah reads as follows:
“Temporary provisions with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir

1. Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution,

(a) the provisions of article 238 shall not apply in relation to the State of Jammu and Kashmir;

(b) the power of Parliament to make laws for the said State shall be limited to,

(i) those matters in the Union List and the Concurrent List which, in consultation with the Government of the State are declared by the President to correspond to matters specified in the Instrument of Accession governing the accession of the State to the Dominion of India as the matters with respect to which the Dominion Legislature may make laws far that State; and

(ii) such other matters in the said Lists as, with the concurrence of the Government of the State, the President may by order specify.

For the purposes of this article, the Government of the State means the person for the time being recognized by the President as the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir acting on the advice of the Council of Ministers for the time being in office under the Maharaja's Proclamation dated the fifth day of March. 1948;

(c) the provisions of article 1 and of this article shall apply in relation to that State;

(d) such of the other provisions of this Constitution shall apply in relation to that State subject to such exceptions and modifications as the President may by order specify:

Provided that no such order which relates to the matters specified in the Instrument of Accession of the State referred to in paragraph (i) of sub-clause (b) shall be issued except in consultation with the Government of the State:

Provided further that no such order which relates to matters other than those referred in the last preceding proviso shall be issued except with the concurrence of that Government.

2. If the concurrence of the Government of the State referred to in paragraph (ii) of sub-clause (b) of clause (1) or in the second proviso to sub-clause (d) of that clause be given before the Constituent Assembly for the purpose of framing the Constitution of the State is convened, it shall be placed before such Assembly for such decision as it may take thereon.

3. Notwithstanding anything in the foregoing provisions of this article, the President may, by public notification, declare that this article shall cease to be operative or shall be operative only with such exceptions and modifications and from such date as he may specify:

Provided that the recommendation of the Constituent Assembly of the State referred to in clause (2) shall be necessary before the President issues such a notification.

In exercise of the powers conferred by Article 370 the President, on the recommendation of the Constituent Assembly of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, declared that as from the 17th Day of November, 1952, the said Article 370 shall be operative with the modification that for the Explanation in Cl. (1) thereof, the following explanation is substituted namely.

Explanation - For the purpose of this article, the Government of the State means the person for the time being recognized by the President on the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly of the State as the Sadr-i-Riyasat (now Governor) of Jammu and Kashmir, acting on the advice of the Council of Ministers of the State for the time being in office.”

Thats our republic. And the second flag. and the two peoples in one land.Viva the flag hoisters?

Where is the pain and where is the shoulder?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

भास्कर राव के बहाने


तरुण विजय

कौन रोता है इनके लिए

राजस्थान पत्रिका

तरुण विजय

Deportation of a nation

The Times Of India
16 January 2010

Tarun Vijay

Nineteen always comes before twenty-six. But here, in our gloriously decorated centres of governance, we celebrate January 26 with a blank look at our republic's bruised soul showcased through January 19, considered the day when the biggest forced exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from the valley was accelerated.

A republic is merely a signature of the Constitution adopted for governing a people, who, in turn, constitute a nation. That nation actually represents the continuity of the civilisational flow of the land and its inhabitants. Ironically, in our case the republic, instead of nurturing those roots, is trying to overwhelm the memories of the soul of this nation with decorated mass annihilators. It’s like putting more earth on the debris to stifle any voices of the living underneath it instead of unearthing and safeguarding the life underneath.

Kashmir, one of the fountainheads of Indian civilisational memories and a symbol of the highest achievements in the scholarship that made India a centre of universal acclaim, is one such example. Everything about its relation with the rest of the Indian nation’s body is sought to be deleted as if a nation is a computer storage you can add to or delete from at your whim.

Mercifully, these neo-state-owners are not gods. Hence, the debris, even when put under mounds of earth, show the facts, however unpalatable they might be to the Wahhabi variety of secularism. The truth about Kashmir comes out in a miraculous demonstration of life. The memory of Rishi Kashyap, whose name Kashmir wears, the history contained in "Raj Tarangini" and the valour of the citizen King Lalitaditya, the sacred bareness of Kashmir's Meera Lal Dyad, the spiritualism of Muslim fakir Rishi Nund, victory campaigns of Zoravar Singh, the region's defining glory in Amarnath, Shankaracharya’s Hill and Mata Vaishno Devi, and Vivekananda’s unique realisation at Kheer Bhawani. The age-old fountainhead of Hindu wisdom reflected in Sharada Peeth and the origin of Shri Vidya, Shaiv traditions and the Wazvan, Samovar amalgamation that looked once inseparable.

Can there be a Kashmir without these? What happened on January 19 is part of the efforts to erase all that.

On that day 20 years ago, one of the largest and most painful exoduses of a community took place. Although, agreeably, it's tough in such circumstances to pinpoint a single date, this has come to be registered as one such day of mass escape of the Hindus from the assaults of jihadis in the valley. This was the day when the mosques blared out a message from their loudspeakers: Pundits leave the valley, leaving behind your women. We want Pakistan, without Pundits.

The killings were brutal. Famous philosopher-poet Sarvanand Premi and his son. Their eyes were gouged out before they were killed. Sarla Bhatt. A nurse in a Srinagar hospital. Mass-raped and killed. Tika Lala Taplu, Lassa Kaul. Prem Nath Bhatt. H L Khera and Mushirul Haq (their killers were acquitted recently after a 19-year-long trial). Those were the days when such killings did make some news in Delhi.

It’s amazing to find a studied silence in the Indian and the foreign media on an exodus that made the valley‘s cultural vibgyor vanish. It's shocking to see a secular tribe in the national capital too hospitable to patriotic Indians' slayers like Musharraf and Yasin Malik, the former being the instigator of the Kargil war and the latter facing cases of murders including those of Indian Air Force officers. Google and find out about him. He was the guest of honour at a recently concluded India-Pakistan dialogue for peace which was conducted without a single participation from refugee Kashmiri Hindus.

We are about to celebrate yet another day of the republic without willing to see that this republic hasn’t been able to assure safety to the patriotic people of Kashmir and has stage-managed an autonomy report that is widely seen as a document of separation mocking at the resolution of Parliament swearing to guard India's integrity and take back the land illegally occupied by Pakistan and China.

A resolution passed in December 2009 by Panun Kashmir, an organisation of Kashmiri Hindus said: "It is a matter of extreme apathy that the exiled Kashmiri Pandits are forced to live in subhuman conditions and subsistence in so-called migrant camps in Jammu and elsewhere for the last 20 years. There is no policy for reversing the genocide and rehabilitating the community in its homeland and the governments of India as well as the J&K state have treated the holocaust with bizarre inaptitude and abandonment. In the last 20 years the government has made empty announcements and piecemeal return formulae, only to further compound the plight of the community.”

When a people are uprooted, not just the bodies that consume food and procreate are transferred from one station to another. It’s an entire life cycle and the reservoirs of collective memory that get dehydrated. It affects and destroys a language, traditions that weave the fabric of a societal dynamic, songs and beliefs, religious rituals and places of worship, behaviour and protocols that were created and nurtured by the elders as far back as a thousand years, oral history and the patterns of living including homes, food, utensils, methods to greet and calls to organise for a resistance. It affects the attire, the way children are reared, marriages solemnised and the dead cremated.

An entire world is lost.

A single citizen of the republic contains in him the entire fabric of the nationhood as much as a drop of the ocean carries the ocean in itself. Kashmiri Hindus deported from the valley is like the Indian nation deported from this region. Mere geography doesn’t constitute nationhood.

Afghanistan was Gandhar. We lost it. We lost Taxila, Bappa Rawal’s Rawalpindi, Dahar and Jhoolelal’s Sind and Dhakeshwari’s Dhaka with the Ramana Kali temple, destroyed by Pakistanis in 1971 yet to be rebuilt, as neither Mujib nor Hasina’s government, so lovingly described as "friendly" allowed its reconstruction. When the people, representing the spirit of a nation are deported, the nation’s cultural ethos too gets fragile and finally eliminated. The memory, once a living life force, gets museum-ised.

Imagine how this will sound: Once upon a time, Kashmiri Hindus lived in the valley.

Now we have our own kith and kin, in our independent republic living as refugees for the ‘crime’ of being Hindus and loyal to the Indian nationhood, who refused to side with the pro-Pakistan separatists.

We in our entirety share the sin of forgetting our soul. Our sin is we loved to dine with the killers.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Successful event on 19th Jan. (Holocaust Day)-Sunil Bhatt

Sunil Bhat
to Kashmir Interchange

Dear community members,

Namaskar, We had a very successful event on 19th Jan. (Holocaust Day) organised by Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation to mark the 20 years of Kashmiri Hindus' exile. The credit for the success of this programme goes to the volunteers of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation who worked day and night for the last 20-30 days. Sh. Tarun Vijay Ji led from the front and ensured that this function turns to be a great success. Their efforts and hard work has borne good results as it turned out to be a great event.

Tarun Vijay Ji has been contributing a lot towards the cause of our community. He is a noted columnist of the country and writes about the issues and problems of Kashmiri Hindus in his columns which are published in different national dailies. Almost every article from his pen, especially in talks about the pain and sufferings of our community. Infact he is the only journalist/columnist of the country at this time who puts up problems of our community so strongly. Tarunji has even talked about the problems of our community in detail in his recently released book, India Battles to Win. As a member of the Kashmiri Hindu community, I thank him from the core of my heart for all his efforts.

It is great on part of Tarunji to have organised such a mega function to mark the 20 years of our exile. As many of you must be knowing that this programme was attended by prominent political leaders, intellectuals, activists and the Kashmiri biradari from Delhi/NCR. Among the speakers was Mrs. Prerna Kaul, a Delhi based journalist. It was Prerna Ji who had grilled (the murderer of over 600 of our brave jawans) Pervez Musharraf at the India Today Conclave last year with her volley of questions to which he looked funny and nervous. This incident later found mention in Jawed Naqvi's column in the leading Pakistani daily, The Dawn.

When I myself read that column, I was delighted to know that a brave woman of our community made Musharraf look nervous and uncomfortable. I would like to mention this again here that Prerna Ji is a journalist and we have seen very few Kashmiri Hindu journalists talking about the plight of our community. For the sake of career many journalists from our community avoid talking and writing about Kashmiri Hindus. But Prerna Ji is an exception to this, she has proved that despite being a journalist she hasn't forgotten what she and her community has gone through. I'm proud to call her as Lakshmi Bai of Kashmir.

On 19th Jan. she spoke very well, I could see the anger and pain in her eyes, the same kind of anger which we all have. But the kind of spirit she has is absent in many of our Kashmiri Hindu journalists. I would like to share one thing with u all that during the time of Amarnath land row, one of the most popular TV News anchors from our community, whom I won't name, who also covers Kashmir issue, wrote a mail to my friend that we Kashmiri Hindu youths in Delhi are "communalizing" the issue by staging protests & demonstrations & further said that she & her family believes in "Kashmiriyat" bla bla bla. It came as a great shock to somebody like me who has spent all these 20 years in a refugee camp in Jammu. But she was not the only one to rub salt on our wounds there was another (Kashmiri Hindu origin) senior Sports journalist of the country who wrote a column in a national daily during the same time of Amarnath land row and described Kashmiri Pandits as "the most pamphered community in India".

But in Prerna we have seen some hope. I hope she continues her great work in whatever way she can.

I would again thank all the volunteers of the Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation for organising the 19th Jan. function and all the community members who attended the programme. I would again express my gratitude to Sh. Tarun Vijay Ji.

With Regards,
Sunil Bhat.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

19th Jan 2010-A meet on Kashmiri Hindus' Exile's two decades

Exiled. 19th January 1990 was the day when loudspeakers from mosques in the valley blared a message-Pandits get out of the valley, leave your women here.
20 years have passed since Kashmir's Hindus were forced exiled from thei homes. Turning refugees in their own motherland-Hindustan.
Five lakh of them, still live as refugees in tentys and other cities hoping Some day, Someone with a spine, would make this land so strong that Indians would never be turned refugees in india and they too will go back to their homes happily.

To mark two decades of The most atrocious exile in the world a discussion is organised on 19th January 2010 at 04.30 pm at Constitution Club, Rafi Marg, New Delhi.
Pl join us in this endeavour to make India stronger and secure for the patriots.

Chief Guest-Shri Nitin Gadkari, National President , BJP
Presided by-Shri Jagmohan, Former Governor, Jammu and Kashmir
Guests of Honour- Shri Thupstan Chhewang, Patron Presdient, Ladakh Union Territory Front, Leh and former M.P.,
,Shri Moti Kaul, President All India Kashmiri Samaj(an apex body of Kashmiri pandits' organisations across the globe)
Ms Madhu Kishwar, Editor, Manushi
Mrs. Prerna Koul Mishra, Deputy Editor, Economictimes Online

An exhibition on the pains and anguish of Kashmiri Hindus will also be inaugurated at the venue.
Shri Nitin Gadkari shall also be releasing a book By Shri Bansi Kaul titled-EXILED.(publisher-Utpal Kaul)

Monday, January 11, 2010

नक्शा बदलने की साजिश

दैनिक जागरण

तरुण विजय

अगले सप्ताह 19 जनवरी को कश्मीरी हिंदुओं के घाटी से निष्कासन के दो दशक पूरे हो जाएंगे। यह तिथि किसी उत्सव की नहीं, मरते राष्ट्र की वेदनाजनक दुर्दशा की द्योतक है। अपने ही देश में नागरिकों को शरणार्थी बनना पड़ा है, इससे बढ़कर धिक्कारयोग्य तथ्य और क्या हो सकता है? बीस साल पहले घाटी में अचानक 19 जनवरी के दिन ये ऐलान होने शुरू हुए थे। इनमें कहा गया था कि ऐ पंडितों, तुम अपनी स्त्रियों को छोड़कर कश्मीर से भाग जाओ। इससे पहले लगातार कश्मीरी हिंदुओं की हत्याओं का दर्दनाक सिलसिला शुरू हो चला था। भाजपा नेता टीकालाल थप्लू, प्रसिद्ध कवि सर्वानंद और उनके बेटे की आंखें निकालकर हत्या की गई। एचएमटी के जनरल मैनेजर खेड़ा, कश्मीर विश्वविद्यालय के वाइस चासलर मुशीरुल हक और उनके सचिव की हत्याओं का दौर चल पड़ा था। जो भी भारत के साथ है, भारत के प्रति देशभक्ति दिखाता है, उसे बर्बरतापूर्वक मार डालने के पागलपन का दौर शुरू हो गया था। कश्मीरी हिंदू महिलाओं से दुष्कर्म के बाद उनकी हत्याओं का सिलसिला जब रुका नहीं तो 19 जनवरी के दहशतभरे ऐलान के बाद हिंदुओं का सामूहिक पलायन शुरू हुआ। यह वह वक्त था जब जगमोहन ने राज्य के गवर्नर पद की कमान संभाली ही थी कि उनके विरोध में फारुक ने इस्तीफा दे दिया, फलत: राज्य में राष्ट्रपति शासन लगाना पड़ा। राजनीतिक कारणों से ऐसा माहौल बनाने का प्रयास किया गया मानो दिल्ली का विदेशी शासन कश्मीर पर थोपा जा रहा है और कश्मीरी हिंदू दिल्ली के हिंदू राज के एजेंट हैं। जेकेएलएफ, हिजबुल मुजाहिदीन और तमाम मुस्लिम समूह एकजुट होकर हिंदू पंडितों के खिलाफ विषवमन करने लगे। ऐसी स्थिति में घाटी से हिंदुओं को पलायन के लिए मजबूर होना पड़ा।

घाटी के हिंदुओं पर यह कहर पहली बार नहीं टूटा था। 14वीं सदी में सिकंदर के समय, फिर औरंगजेब के राज में और उसके बाद 18वीं सदी में अफगानों के बर्बर राज में हिंदुओं को घाटी से निकलना पड़ा था। उनकी रक्षा में गुरु तेग बहादुर साहेब और तदुपरात महाराजा रणजीत सिंह खड़े हुए थे, तब जाकर हिंदू वापस लौट पाए थे। इस बार उनकी रक्षा के लिए कोई खड़ा नहीं होता दिखा, सिवाय राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ और उनसे जुड़े संगठनों के। जिन मुस्लिम जिहादियों ने उनको कश्मीर छोड़ कर पलायन के लिए मजबूर किया वे बाहरी नस्ल के नहीं, बल्कि वे लोग थे जिनके पूर्वज, भाषा, रंग-रूप, खान-पान और पहनावा सब कश्मीरी हिंदुओं जैसा ही था। केवल मजहब बदलने के कारण वे अपने ही रक्तबंधुओं के शत्रु क्यों हो गए, इस प्रश्न का उत्तर खोजना चाहिए। आखिर एक नस्ल, एक खून, एक बिरादरी होने के बावजूद केवल ईश्वर की उपासना के तरीके में फर्क ने यह दुश्मनी क्यों पैदा की? इसके अलावा एक और तथ्य यह है कि कश्मीर भारत का एकमात्र मुस्लिम बहुल राज्य है और वहा ही अल्पसंख्यक हिंदुओं को भारी अत्याचार तथा अपमानजनक निष्कासन का शिकार होना पड़ा। क्या मुस्लिम बहुल राज्य का अर्थ यह है कि वहा अल्पसंख्यकों के लिए कोई अधिकार नहीं? भारत के अन्य हिंदू बहुल राज्यों में कई बार मुस्लिम मुख्यमंत्री हुए हैं, परंतु क्या कोई कल्पना कर सकता है कि एक दिन कश्मीर में भी कोई हिंदू मुख्यमंत्री बन सकेगा? बल्कि हुआ उल्टा ही है। मुस्लिम बहुल कश्मीर अपने अन्य हिस्सों लद्दाख तथा जम्मू के साथ योजनाओं और विकास के कार्यक्रमों में भारी सांप्रदायिक भेदभाव करता है। पिछले दिनों श्री अमरनाथ यात्रा के लिए श्रीनगर के सुल्तानों ने एक इंच जमीन देने से भी मना कर दिया था, फलस्वरूप राज्य के इतिहास का सबसे जोरदार आंदोलन हुआ और सरकार को अपने शब्द वापस लेने पडे़। जम्मू का क्षेत्रफल 26293 वर्ग किलोमीटर है, जबकि घाटी का मात्र 15948 वर्ग किलोमीटर। जम्मू राज्य का 75 प्रतिशत राजस्व उगाहता है, कश्मीर घाटी सिर्फ 20 प्रतिशत। जम्मू में मतदाताओं की संख्या है 3059986 और घाटी में 2883950, फिर भी विधानसभा में जम्मू की 37 सीटें हैं, जबकि घाटी की 46। इस प्रकार श्रीनगर भारत में ही अभारत जैसा दृश्य उपस्थित करता है। उस पर कश्मीर को और अधिक स्वायत्तता दिए जाने की सिफारिश करने वाली सगीर अहमद रिपोर्ट ने राज्य के भारतभक्तों के घाव पर नमक ही छिड़का है। यदि 1947 में भारत द्विराष्ट्र सिद्धात का शिकार होकर मातृभूमि के दो टुकड़े करवा बैठा था तो सगीर अहमद रिपोर्ट तीन राष्ट्रों के सिद्धात का प्रतिपादन करती है। यह रिपोर्ट डा. श्यामा प्रसाद मुखर्जी जैसे देशभक्तों के बलिदान को निष्प्रभावी करने का षड्यंत्र है। इस रिपोर्ट का जम्मू और लद्दाख में भारी विरोध हो रहा है, क्योंकि न केवल इस रिपोर्ट के क्रियान्वयन के बाद जम्मू-कश्मीर का शेष भारत के साथ बचा-खुचा संबंध भी समाप्त हो जाएगा, बल्कि हिंदुओं और बौद्ध नागरिकों के साथ भयंकर भेदभाव के द्वार और खुल जाएंगे। फिर हिंदू कश्मीरियों के वापस घर जाने की सभी संभावनाएं सदा के लिए समाप्त हो जाएंगी।

इस रिपोर्ट में केवल मुस्लिमों को केंद्र में रखकर समाधान के उपाए सुझाए गए हैं, जिसका अर्थ होगा पकिस्तान के कब्जे वाले गुलाम कश्मीर की वर्तमान स्थिति स्वीकार कर लेना और संसद के उस प्रस्ताव को दफन कर देना, जिसमें पाकिस्तानी कब्जे वाले कश्मीर को वापस लेने की कसम खाई गई थी। वीर सैनिकों का बलिदान, कश्मीरी देशभक्तों द्वारा सही गई भीषण यातनाएं, हजारों करोड़ों के राजस्व के व्यय के बाद समाधान यह निकाला गया तो उसके परिणामस्वरूप भारत का नक्शा ही बदल जाएगा। छोटे मन के लोग विराट जिम्मेदारियों का बोझ नहीं उठा सकते। क्या अपने ही देश में शरणार्थी बने भारतीयों की पुन: ससम्मान घर वापसी के लिए मीडिया और समस्त पार्टियों के नेता एकजुट होकर अभियान नहीं चला सकते? क्या यह सामान्य देशभक्ति का तकाजा नहीं होना चाहिए?

[तरुण विजय: लेखक वरिष्ठ स्तंभकार हैं]

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mamata Expels Party Leader to Appease Islamists

Mamata Banerjee Expels Senior Party Leader to Appease Islamists

Kolkata Resists Muslim Aggression
Trinamool Leader had to pay for it.
TMC District President Ashok Jha sacked by Mamata Banerjee

There is a small dilapidated building in Burrabazar area of Kolkata. It was once owned by a Muslims before 1947. Presently there is no Muslim house in the locality. About 20 years back some Muslims came and requested local Hindus that they want to offer Namaz there every Friday. Hindus granted their appeal. Not only that, local Hindu businessmen helped them to remodeling it as a Mosque providing them stone and marble as donation. Only 10-12 Muslims used to come there every Friday and offer Namaz. There was no disturbance, no problem. In fact Hindus protect the so called Mosque throughout the time. Despite the fact that space is extremely costly in this area as this Burrabazar is business capital of entire Eastern India, that religious place of Muslims was never encroached by the local businessmen.

But, they had an eye on it. Since last one year Muslims tried to make illegal construction on the roof of the building. Naturally local residents gave objection because it would block the windows of the neighboring households. One of the adjacent building is of Sri Ashok Jha who was the President of Trinamool Congress of Burrabazar District till six day back. He too gave objection as his windows also would be blocked by the illegal construction. But, Muslims tried repeatedly. Hence Ashok Jha prayed to Judicial Court and got injunction upon the illegal construction. Court also ordered the Police to Impose section 144 of Cr PC under which any gathering in the area is prohibited.

Defying all these Court Orders, Muslims again put a tin shed over the roof of the building. Despite complaining, Police took no action. By this time the local people formed a forum named Rabindra Sarani Muhalla Committee under the leadership of Ashok Jha.. This committee collected mass signature and campaigned against this illegal construction because the local Hindus became apprehensive about the sinister design of the Muslims to expand their area of domination throughout the area.

Getting stiff resistance from Hindu populace and Ashok Jha, Muslims sought help from the infamous Imam Barkati of Tipu Sultan Masjid, Kolkata. Barkati informed to Mamata Banerjee and complained against Ashok Jha. Mamata Banerjee is ever ready and more than eager to please Muslims. So she ordered Jha to stop the agitation. Jha tried to explain the actual situation and local sentiment. But Mamata is already convinced what to do. She sacked Ashok Jha instantly from the post of District President of TMC and conveyed the decision by TMC MLA Dinesh Bajaj.

On 6th January, the members of Rabindra Sarani Muhalla Committee under the leadership of Ashok Jha removed the tin shed from the roof of the building. Muslims made a hue and cry and spread a rumor that the Mosque has been broken by Hindus. On the Same day afternoon, TMC MLA Dinesh Bajaj visited the spot and told the Muslims to go ahead with the construction and that he would protect them.

In this situation Ashok Jha with his followers started fast unto death from 7th January morning against the unlawful activities of the Muslims. 8th January was Friday. Tension was palpable in the area. Police posting was there. At 12 noon, about 300 Muslims came by trucks and cars. There was no space inside the building for such a huge crowd. They assembled on the road Rabindra Sarani. Mohalla committee members appealed to the police to disperse them as Sec. 144 was already imposed there. But police took no action. Muslims formed cues, blocked the road and offered Namaz. By this time about 2000 Hindus also gathered there. They did not create any obstruction to the Namaz. But, they too started Bhajan and Arati on the road. Hindu women took part in it in large number. When the Namaz was completed, then Police started action flexing its muscle. Police mercilessly lathicharged upon the Hindus, dispersed them and forcibly arrested Ashok Jha with his wife and 25 Muhalla Committee members. The whole area became tense, all the shops in he busy market place shut down their shutter, local schools declared closure immediately. Police dispersed any mob throughout the day and after who tried to peep into the disputed building. Police ruthlessly crushed any type of protest on behalf of the Hindus.

No political party or any of their leaders came to visit the spot and lend support to the Hindus, although all parties and each and every leader of those parties collect money from the businessmen of this Burrabazar area. Hindu Samhati leaders visited the spot, talked to the wife of Ashok Jha and his followers, assured support to them for the cause. Sri Jha and others were released in mid night.

The situation of Burrabazar area is speedily deteriorated scince last Assembly election in 2005, when the most communal and criminal Mohammed Shorab was elected from Burrabazar Constituency in the ticket of RJD, with the support of CPIM. Since then Shorab, a small time fruit seller, calls the shot in the area. Now, he captures the ownership of all the prime location which are being transferred. Moreover, the Marwaris or the local businessmen go to his ‘Darbar’ for sorting out their disputes or internal matters. Mohammed Shorab takes huge amount of money from these people for his service, i.e. utilizing the influence of his muscle power or underworld strength.

The Muslim dominated areas of Kolutola, Zakaria Street, Kalabagan Basti are situated near Burrabazar and Nakhoda Masjid, the largest Mosque of Kolkata too is nearby. So, Muslims are very much eager to capture the business district of the entire eastern India. Fortunately, this business community (mainly Marwaris) and the labourers of the area are not so called Seculars, as they are not of Bengali origin. Perhaps, their intellect and rationale have not been shattered/jeopardized/confused by the oft repeated hymn, “ Jato Mat Tato Path.”

But , they are now being to compelled to surrender to the brute force of Muslims and their gang-leader Mohamed Shorab. The rulling Party CPIM although extracts money from this businessmen, but they pretend to be anti-Marwari. For example, for long time the educational Boards of Marxist govt, print question papers for Board Examination in Bengali, English and Urdu. But not in Hindi, although a large number of Hindi speaking students, most of whom are children of poor labour class, such as Jute mill Labourers, Tea garden labourers, etc. Everybody knows that majority portion of Muslims of West Bengal, who live in the rural areas, do not know Urdu at all. Only a very small portion of Urdu speaking Muslims live in Kolkata and suburbs, most them are Bihari Muslims. But only to appease the Fundamentalist sentiment of the Muslims, all these misdeeds have been done by the communists, resulting in breaking the morale of Non Bengali People and moral boost up of fundamentalist Muslims.

Earlier, this business community i.e. Marwaris were used to be prey of the Marxsists, now the same people are being squeezed and persecuted by the Muslims goons.
As in Assam, the internal conflict between the Assamese and the Bengalis ultimately weakened the Hindu Society and resulted in Muslim domination ( now 7 districts out of 23 in Assam have become Muslim majority), in West Bengal too, the Marwari – Bengali difference may create the same condition here. Here both Bengali and Assamese Hinud communities should take lesson from the situation of Assam and should work together to resist growing Islamisation of the State.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communication Team.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

ऑस्ट्रेलिया में सबल देश का निर्बल चेहरा

अमर उजाला

तरुण विजय

Friday, January 8, 2010

Failed gods

The Times Of India
06 January 2010

Tarun Vijay

When the son you sent to Australia with dreamy eyes returns dead in a bag kept in cargo, what will you say about the ministers who tweet away their time when the motherland's children are being assassinated just for being Indians?

I haven't seen anger or sincerity on the part of the governance or any political leader coming out strongly to teach these Aussies a lesson they will not forget. Why? There was an unfortunate Australian family killed in Orissa and the entire white world stood up in unison, even threatening severing of diplomatic ties. What happens now when an Indian, one of us, is killed by Australians? And Nitin Garg is not the first Indian to be attacked -- he died without anyone helping him -- and Indians in Australia believe the Australian government will do nothing to stop these attacks as racism is too deeply ingrained in their system. Indians are welcome as money providers to their educational industry but not as equally respected humans.

What comes first? Money or izzat -- the self-pride? I would prefer sleeping half fed rather than losing my pride and freedom. Make money but with your spine intact is the mantra for any civil society's progress.

If just money made nations, Qatar, Brunei and Liechtenstein would have been the greatest ones. Those making a hyperbole of various states' growth rates must remember this. India is passing through an identity crisis fuelled by the failed gods who don high positions and use it not for enhancing public morale and material power but for their personal benefits as the rai bahadurs of the British colonial era did.

If the people are insecure, the society has lost pride in its heritage, a state power makes it obligatory to be low on the fundamental content that gives an identity to the nation and its people, there is no collective memory of the joys and pains of the past and a resolve to take revenge on the barbaric wrongdoers, the new generation is taught alien values that make it almost hate its own indigenous traditions, then a platform called desire can be built like Dubai and San Diego, but not a nation.

The thing that makes a society radiant with a civilization dating back to thousands of years takes a millennium to create. It presents a history of one people, one land. A history of ups and downs, of victors and the vanquished, but all those share one vision and one ancestry woven with different threads and colours. That's us, as Hindus, no matter what you or someone down in your family chose any stream of faith or another name of a god. How does it matter? Why should a change in faith reflect in the change of my ancestors and heritage? It's impossible by any stretch of imagination or social engineering. It's sinfully barbaric surgery if one enforces the deletion of the past with the change of faith.

Here is a republic that celebrates its new-found status through the instrument of denying its past and disapproving its hoary traditions. So much has been the pressure of its state power that even those organizations which were once created singularly for Hindu rejuvenation and to defeat the assaulters are now singing a "secular" anthem of building roads and praising NREGA. What a fight these gods with feet of clay fought!

The gods of media, corporate world, bureaucracy and of course politics thrive on one mantra: "Have money, will be happy." How false!

It's the state of mind that makes one happy or sad and not the money. A boring repetition of an old saying. Annihilate the terrorists, ensure safety and izzat to the brand "Indian" everywhere on this globe. Then tweeting any lines and singing "blue moon" songs may look justifiable.

Here are a set of people who enjoy political supremacy and jump the queue to get into a Kumbh for a photo op, visit Tirupati, prostrate before the King of Ayodhya, but do absolutely nothing to serve the cause of those places of highest reverence that quintessentially make a Bharatvarsha. They go on destroying the bridge Rama built, do nothing to rebuild Ayodhya, never for a passing reference give the Kumbh a high place in their travel and cultural advisories and ad campaigns and instead use the pictures of the half-clad bathing devotees and naked sadhus as a tool to take a dig at a society that feeds these power centres.

This state filled with an intense hatred for anything Hindu comprises of the instruments of information, entertainment, constitutional authority and workstations of profit. A very small example is of the encroachment clearance by the noble-hearted law enforcer "secular" authorities -- all parties and all shades of courageous leaders included.

They raze a hundred, sometimes more, roadside Hindu temples. Fine sir, law's supremacy must be maintained. But never ever would they dare to touch the adjacent structure of a maulvi's weird imagination. A dargah, a place of Islamic worship, built right in the middle of the huge square, next to a military installation, inside an international airport, over a bridge, all are allowed because the state power recognizes the continuity of the invaders' legacy -- don't touch them. Only the "heathens and pagans and infidels" are to be taught law.

They all ensure that the cause they are taking up doesn't involve any one who is a "borne secular". Hence Rizwan's case was taken up, Not Rajneesh's case. Hence Ruchika case becomes a do or die matter, rightly and I too joined it. But why Ameena Yusuf's case was left untouched? Because nothing should be done in any case where a non-Hindu stands a chance to be put in the question box?

So a dargah can't be touched, a Qutub Minar, built after demolishing Hindu temples, as the board of the Archeological Survey of India pronounces at the site, should be saved and Metro route be changed, but Ram Sethu must be destroyed to earn hot money.

And then we celebrate a Republic Day, under the shadow of a structure that was built not for those who fought for Indian independence but for those who lived and died for the British empire. They call it a part of their heritage and say wow, what a great India Gate!!

I see the blood of the patriotic Indians beneath it. My fault?

Where is the structure in the memory of Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Ashfakullah Khan, Hanifuddin, Vikram Batra or Abdul Hameed on New Delhi's Rajpath?
Why are we made to bow our head before the memorial of those who protected the colonial power?

Terrorists are escaping, terror nations are threatening us and we are smiling and making gestures of friendship. Is that secularism good for a nation's security?

Recognise the fact that it was the Hindu majority that opted for a republic that was not a Hindu state. It was a Hindu majority that ensured with no obligation equal rights to every Indian without considering what their faith or way of worship is. The Hindus happily chose non-Hindu heads of state, accepted a Christian to run the nation de facto without a murmur and put their destiny in the hands of those who belonged to a different stream of religion. Where on this planet would you find such large-heartedness and an unbelievable level of trust in human beings without caring which colour or faith they belong to? America? UK? Germany? China?

That's the state of the state we call a secular republic.

So our gods have done this so far.

More than a quarter of Indians live below a line the state calls the line of poverty. It means living at less than Rs 20 per day. There are analysts who say such people comprise more than 40% of the population.

The secular state so far hasn't been able to provide good roads, a functional and trustworthy public health system, an uninterrupted power supply to non-VIP sections of society, an administration at least with a little less corruption, and basic amenities of water to villagers. And we have travelled six decades of "secular" governance.

So the question is what republic are we going to celebrate this 26th January? The republic of the alienated billionaires of the parliament and corporate class? Of the childish sections of the media?

Celebrating a republic that boasts of ministers who are not known for their performance in the department they are supposed to work but for tweeting and eating away cattle feed and murdering their assistants?

The story of the Indian republic is fast becoming a story of failed gods. The beginning of 2010 gave us stories like Indians being sold as cattle in Saudi Arabia, Indians being stabbed to death in Australia for just being Indian, Indians being killed in India for being patriotic Indians, and a Lilliputian government gifting another salt bag in the form of a Saghir Ahmad report to Kashmiri Hindus who are forced to observe their exile's second decade this 19th January. The only way out is strengthening the people's power to throw out the false gods and establish a rule reflecting the true spirit of the republic.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Each of our troubles is a stepping stone.

Remember the five simple rules to be happy:

1. Free your heart from hatred - Forgive.

2. Free your mind from worries - Most never happens.

3. Live simply and appreciate what you have.

4. Give more.

5. Expect less from people but more from God.

You have two and close this page,

or pass this along to someone else to share the lesson ....... I did!!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

'The Exiled - Story of the exiled Hindus of Kashmir Valley'


Authors : Bansi Lal Kaul and Omkar Nath Pandita

About the book:

   "The Exiled" is a well researched and a valuable, soundly documented book and a resource for students, researchers, public activists and scholars alike. The authors have taken the historical dimensions of expansionist Islam very seriously in that their analysis goes beyond the Kashmir centric discussion and provides thought provoking insights into the nature of modern Islamic conquests.

Besides reflecting various aspects of Kashmir issue, it is a specialized study and empirical research into Kashmiri Pandit problems which appear to be intertwined with the Kashmir issue, though in reality their causes and aims are not synergic.

The authors have ventured to explain comprehensively the peaceful political struggle of Pandits in exile to reclaim and retain their native land and resettle there with dependable safeguards and security.

Format : Hardcover
ISBN-10 : 8185217181
Pages : xii+287p., 25cm
Price: Rs. 500, US$ 20


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