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Sunday, January 3, 2010

'The Exiled - Story of the exiled Hindus of Kashmir Valley'


Authors : Bansi Lal Kaul and Omkar Nath Pandita

About the book:

   "The Exiled" is a well researched and a valuable, soundly documented book and a resource for students, researchers, public activists and scholars alike. The authors have taken the historical dimensions of expansionist Islam very seriously in that their analysis goes beyond the Kashmir centric discussion and provides thought provoking insights into the nature of modern Islamic conquests.

Besides reflecting various aspects of Kashmir issue, it is a specialized study and empirical research into Kashmiri Pandit problems which appear to be intertwined with the Kashmir issue, though in reality their causes and aims are not synergic.

The authors have ventured to explain comprehensively the peaceful political struggle of Pandits in exile to reclaim and retain their native land and resettle there with dependable safeguards and security.

Format : Hardcover
ISBN-10 : 8185217181
Pages : xii+287p., 25cm
Price: Rs. 500, US$ 20


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Anonymous said...\

Sir- Please see the above link. It is time we did something about blatantly anti-constitutional people like Zakir Naik. Why is it that the Sangh is not filing cases against this person for causing religious hatred. And on top of that every year he holds a 7 day conclave in Mumbai that is advertised like some National event