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Saturday, January 9, 2010

ऑस्ट्रेलिया में सबल देश का निर्बल चेहरा

अमर उजाला

तरुण विजय

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meg said...


I am an Indian living in Australia for quite some time. For the last one year the true character of Australians is coming out in full intensity.

If everyone recalls, David Hicks a convicted terrorist who consciously attained and trained in Al-Qaeda linked terrorist camp and fought against allied forces (own Australians), when Schapelle Corby who was caught in drug trafficking in Indonesia and convicted the entire Australia went berserk, and pressurised Australian government and other governments (including U.S.A) to release David and Corby, finally they got David back and now he is roaming free (in Adelaide).

On the other hand an innocent Dr. Haneef was kicked out from Australia, what a great country it is., bringing back a deadly terrorist and kicking out an innocent (with no apology yet).

This is the true character of a society which is quite visible now, as long as you are white they will go out of they way to fight for you (even if you are terrorist) may be Dr. Haneef could have been saved if he was "white".

Unfortunately Indian students have been considered a money minting machine only, so what if some parts are dead or destroyed, replace it!!

Indian society by and large is also responsible for this to happen by still allowing their kids to come and study in Australia, it is high time to flex our muscles and strangle their education system (even if short-term) i.e., the only way to throw your message across.

I hope you as the editor also will take cognizance of this issue and throw a righteous perspective.

Jai Hind