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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kashmir-Interchange- Thank you for supporting the uprooted Hindus of J&K

Shri Tarun Vijay,


Yesterday we had an opportunity of watching on NDTV the debate on " The Constitutional Reforms in India" after 60 years of the country having became a " Republic". At the conclusion of this debate between the people representing competing ideas and philosophies I felt it necessary to write and thank you for your bold, brave and relentless opposition of Section 370 of the Indian Constitution which has afforded "the special status" to the state of Jammu & Kashmir - the status that eventually became a founding stone of Kashmir's Islamic separatism at the hands of the Sunnis, followers of Osama bin Laden and Wahabies.

The people concerned about the "integrative character" of the Indian Union particularly the Kashmiri Pandits & Sikhs, Dogras of Jammu and Buddhists of Ladakh are in your debt for your highly patriotic stand on this issue. Free India's beloved leader, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookherjee, sacrificed his life while fighting the separatist identity of Kashmir which fundamentally neutralized the historic relationship between the Republic and its northern most state. Dr. Mookherjee is no more with us for his life was cut short by Sheikh Abdullah's tyranny in the state. However, seeing your unwavering resolve and repeated attempts at demanding the repeal of the Section 370 - a disintegrative provision in the Constitution we were delighted to realize that Dr. Mookherjee's spirit is well and alive with us and will keep on inspiring the people for making necessary sacrifices to defend the territorial integrity of Mother India.
The enemies of India's unity, Islamic separatists and their supporters will ignore the presence of this dynamic force at their own peril.

Thank you for not hesitating to put your safety on the line, like Dr. Mookherjee, in defense of India's unity and integrative character and non-Muslim minorities of J&K State.

Best wishes

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Pawan said...

Sh Jagan Koul mail represents the gratitude of all Kashmiri Hindus and patriotic Indians towards Sh tarun