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Monday, April 29, 2013

Border crisis: Why China won't back off
Last updated on: April 29, 2013 08:44 IST

Whether Salman Khurshid goes to Beijing [ Images ] or cancels the trip, the Chinese won’t return from their present, newly occupied position, says Tarun Vijay.

I agree that the Chinese incursion issue must not be hyped and efforts should be made to find a diplomatic resolution.
I also agree that, in a moment of national crisis, no politics should be played. The government’s efforts to safeguard the nation’s boundaries should get unanimous support.
It helps to boost the morale of the armed forces who are facing a hostile situation in a very uncharitable terrain. They are our sons, brothers and daughters. They belong to us. They are us.
In a moment of filmi frenzy, we shouldn’t forget that they listen to and read what we say and write.
India [ Images ] must behave as one unit instead of creating scenes of street fights during such crises. And I am proud to say, we have always shown the ability to do so; whether it was 1962 or Kargil [ Images ].

Secondly, 2013 is not 1962.
We are much stronger, people are much more aware and the soldier is prepared to win a war against the Chinese if the situation reaches that point.
But a war is not won by comparing the list of nuclear bombs and other arsenal with the enemy. Wars are won in the minds of those who have an unflinching commitment to their motherland and a decisive fire in their heart to punish the wrongdoer foe.

The most significant fuel of this victory is the ruling political power’s support and leadership, which must not dither midway.

That is exactly the problem today.

One remembers Indira Gandhi [ Images ] and Atal Bihari Vajpayee [ Images ], who had resolutely stood behind their armed forces with a steel spine and given the go-ahead that brought the honour of victory to the nation.

The Ladakh issue will be resolved, but the political mishandling of the incident has cost us very dear.
There are strong suspicions that certain external factors have worked hard to make the matter look graver -- almost as if an aggression has taken place -- to incite an exchange of fire between the two forces at Ladakh.
Whose interest would have been served if the Chinese prime minister’s first visit to India had been cancelled?
Who were shamelessly putting the Indian soldier at a much inferior level while comparing him to China’s People’s Liberation Army?
Was that kind of defeatist ranting on television screens helping the jawan camping before the Chinese at altitudes as high as 17,000 feet?

The culprit is the nation’s political leadership that has not concerned itself with ensuring adequate military preparedness.
It is the same lethargic, Nehruvian delusion that had led ordnance factories in the '50s to make coffee machines and had led to the utterance of those infamous words at the loss of Aksai China that not a blade of grass grows there.
It’s a government that fails to protect the life of an innocent Indian, Sarabjit Singh, while sharing biryani with a savage country’s prime minister.
It’s a powerless, visionless and aimless government that dithers when it comes to protecting the honour of its honest and patriotic surveyor general against the lies of an American mapping agency.

Such a leadership is an embarrassment to the nation and to the dictionary, which provides a different meaning to the word ‘leadership’.

Whether Salman Khurshid goes Beijing or cancels the trip, the Chinese are not returning from their present, newly occupied position. Their statements are a clear indication of their attitude.
They feel they are in their territory; that Indians are making a foolish hue and cry over nothing. In fact, the official Chinese position holders have said that Indians are fishing in China’s troubled waters.

It’s important to read what the official position of the Chinese is on this issue. The Global Times, the official English language news daily from Beijing has published a detailed report on the Ladakh incursion quoting three officials.

The foreign ministry first said it couldn’t verify the matter, because it doesn’t have the relevant information.
The spokesperson for the foreign ministry simply dismissed the Indian complaint and sought to portray the issue as a small matter, saying that in the absence of the final demarcation of the border, such incidents are inevitable.

But the director of the Center for Arms Control and Disarmament at the School of International Studies under Peking University, Han Hua, took an offensive stand and blamed India for ‘fishing in troubled waters’.
This line has been picked up by the local twitterati in China. Once again, an anti-Japan like passion against India is seen to be dominating Chinese social media.

The three comments must be read to properly assess the tone and tenor of the belligerent Chinese response on an issue that has aroused so much anger in India.
For the Chinese, the whole issue is an Indian creation; it is a false accusation; no Chinese has ever crossed the Line of Actual control. India has unnecessarily hyped this issue, they feel, that too just before the Chinese prime minister’s Delhi [ Images ] visit which, if it materialises, will be his first foreign trip after assuming office.

Reaction no 1: When contacted by the Global Times on Thursday, China's foreign ministry said it couldn't verify the news, as it doesn't have the relevant information at present.
The Indian embassy in Beijing referred the inquiry to China's foreign ministry without confirming the report. If verified, it would be Li's first overseas visit as premier.

Reaction no 2: After dismissing reports about alleged trespassing by Chinese troops for three days in a row, on Thursday, Hua Chunying, spokeswoman for China's foreign ministry, once again refuted accusations that China had provoked border tensions.
"China and India are neighbours. Given that their lines of demarcation haven't been finalised, it's inevitable that problems may arise in the border region.

Reaction no 3: Han Hua, director of the Center for Arms Control and Disarmament at the School of International Studies under Peking University, told the Global Times that choosing India as the first stop of the premier's visit shows China's will to improve ties, but that the current standoff may cast a shadow on the visit.
‘Reports about Chinese troops' cross-border patrols are not rare in Indian media. However, the latest hyping came at an inappropriate time before the premier's visit, and it was also inappropriate to summon the ambassador,’ Han said, adding there had been speculation that New Delhi may hope to ‘fish in troubled waters’ as Beijing is caught in an island dispute with Tokyo.

India loses nothing by showing a little patience and even as she reinforces her fortification.
But this government is mired in too many domestic issues and is showing a tendency of ‘giving up’. It needs to hold on till the next government is chosen more wisely by the electorate but seems to be incapable of even doing that.
It is indeed a sad moment in our history.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Horrible tales of the Pakistani Hindus and the King of the lions- Nahar Singh

Shri Nahar Singh, the King of the Lions
On 20th April 2013, Shri Tarun Vijay addressed a large gathering of JNU students at Tapti hostel, which was attended by the Pakistani Hindu men and women who spoke about the horrendous treatment meted out to them by Pakistani taliban cowards. They cant sport Bindi, Hindu pandits have to wear half skull Muslim caps, Hindu girls are abducted and converted against their will and their forced marriages done under the protection of the courts. Shri Tarun Vijay said that the Pakistanis torturing and violating the Human rights of their fellow Hindu citizens are the cowards of the third rate who cant win against India in a open war like a man and a soldier, and hence show a false bravado like thieves and pick pockets by killing, raping and converting the members of minuscule Hindu minority. In 1947 Hindu population in Pakistan was about 30% and in 1951 it was reduced to 21%, which has become less than 1 % now. where have all
Shri Tarun Vijay speaking to JNU students. to his right are Shri Vinod Bansal and Shri Nahar Singh and Shri Ravindra Gupta. On right Pakistani Hindu youth are wearing the T shorts with a message-' Left the land but not the Dharma. '

Seema from Karachi speaking about the torture they had to suffer in Pakistan, we may die but never return to Pakistan.
A group pic out side the Tapti hostel, JNU.

Another Group pic
the Hindus gone? Why not a single Muslim leader in Pakistan , boasting to create a Naya Pakistan has the pains and the woes of Pakistani Hindus on their agenda?  To keep silence on the pains and grave human rights violations of Pakistani Hindus is shameful and shows a dehumanized and de- nationalized character of the Indian left and the Islamists. He narrated stories from his Pakistan journeys in the last ten years and said that in Lahore and Karachi, he couldn't find a single book on Pakistani Hindus or their pilgrim centers.  Last year when he had visited Islamabad, Lahore and Taxila with the Loksabha speaker Mrs Miera Kumar, he had specifically requested the Pakistani and Indian diplomats responsible for the hospitality and travel arrangements, that he wants to visit at least one Hindu temple. But they couldnt  take him to any, as there was not a single Hindu temple in Lahore or Islamabad. A Pakistani Hindu youth said that in the wake of India's Ram movement, 317 temples were demolished in Pakistan but not a single case has been registered.

Shri Nahar Singh, from Haryana said that when he heard of Pakistani Hindus being harassed by Indian police he offered his house, having 28 rooms in Haryana free of cost.. In fact all the rooms were rented out to various families but he got them vacated in two days, suffering a loss of about 50 thousand rupees per month, and gave  150 Pakistani Hindus shelter in his house. He was cheered by the students. Shri Nahar Singh said that Muslims got 25% of land with 100 % reservation in the form of Pakistan, now why do they remain silent when the Hindus are tortured in Pakistan? Why should they demand more reservation in India?

One Pakistani Hindu mother said that his 21 year old son was taken away by Taliban and he never came back, Only the picture of his son's dead body was shown to her. She couldn't  even know whether he was buried ? The Hindus are denied permission to the last rites of their dead because the local Muslims object .  There is no cremation ground in Lahore. Another mother told about Bharati, who fled Pakistan leaving behind her three day old son with her parents.

The students, all belonging to ABVP, said that the left wing students organisations, often too vocal on human rights issues have kept a studied silence over the plight of Pakistani Hindus. For them, unless you are a Muslim you have no right to complain about the human rights violations.
Students leaders Vikas Yadav, Mamta Tiwari, Ravindra Gupta, , several Pakistani Hindus and media incharge of VHP Shri Vinod Bansal also spoke.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why Google lied?

Google case  referred to MHA for investigations by CBI-cyber crime cell
Will ensure Google India abides by Indian law- Tarun Vijay , MP

20th April 2013- New Delhi- Mr Tarun Vijay, Member of Parliament and Member, Parliamentary  Consultative Committee of the Ministry of External Affairs told today that he has been informed by Delhi Police Commissioner Mr Neeraj Kumar that the case against Google India for violating Indian mapping laws has been recommended to be investigated by  the cyber crime cell of the CBI and sent to Home Ministry for taking further action as the case is  a national issue,far bigger than the Delhi territory.Mr Tarun Vijay said that he will ensure that Google India abides by the Indian laws and is not allowed to spread half truths making a mockery of the Survey of India's legitimate complaint. He said that he has already given a call attention notice in Parliament in this regard and hopes govt will come out with a  statement on this issue which has made the Indian defence establishment and intelligence agencies see red in the Google's arrogance that has publicly shown Air Force stations, ammunition depots, identifying the positions of the fighter planes making it possible to compare their location changes on the time line.

Mr Tarun Vijay said that the Google has sent a sort of reply to the Surveyor General of India and released the content to the media which depicted the time honoured institution of  Survey of India in a poor light  falsifying the message as if the onus lies on the Survey of India . He applauded the befitting reply given by the Surveyor General of India to Google which exposed the lies of the Google India . He also quoted from this letter ( dated 17th April 2013) which said,"In your response to Sh. MI Mallik, Director, Survey (Air) & Dehli GDC, Survey of India, R.K Puram, New Delhi you have stated that you had a discussion with him, which is false. In fact, neither you nor any of your representatives have met Sh. MI Mallik, Director, Survey (Air) & Delhi GDC nor visited his office."
Mr Tarun Vijay said that he fully supports the Govt action in this regard and has also spoken to the Secretary, Ministry of  Science and Technolgy Mr Ramasamy urging him to be firm in protecting the national interest. He said that the govt., through the Surveyor General of India's latest letter  has clearly told Google that their action is "jeopardizing the national security. In matters of national security any responsible citizen or agency takes necessary corrective action as suggested by the Government of India agency immediately. Your continued activities with implications leading to compromise of National Security are objectionable and could amount to serious offence."

Can we take the objection of India's premier state agency in mapping lightly and allow Google to play with the India laws and defence sensitivities? Vijay asked.