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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why Google lied?

Google case  referred to MHA for investigations by CBI-cyber crime cell
Will ensure Google India abides by Indian law- Tarun Vijay , MP

20th April 2013- New Delhi- Mr Tarun Vijay, Member of Parliament and Member, Parliamentary  Consultative Committee of the Ministry of External Affairs told today that he has been informed by Delhi Police Commissioner Mr Neeraj Kumar that the case against Google India for violating Indian mapping laws has been recommended to be investigated by  the cyber crime cell of the CBI and sent to Home Ministry for taking further action as the case is  a national issue,far bigger than the Delhi territory.Mr Tarun Vijay said that he will ensure that Google India abides by the Indian laws and is not allowed to spread half truths making a mockery of the Survey of India's legitimate complaint. He said that he has already given a call attention notice in Parliament in this regard and hopes govt will come out with a  statement on this issue which has made the Indian defence establishment and intelligence agencies see red in the Google's arrogance that has publicly shown Air Force stations, ammunition depots, identifying the positions of the fighter planes making it possible to compare their location changes on the time line.

Mr Tarun Vijay said that the Google has sent a sort of reply to the Surveyor General of India and released the content to the media which depicted the time honoured institution of  Survey of India in a poor light  falsifying the message as if the onus lies on the Survey of India . He applauded the befitting reply given by the Surveyor General of India to Google which exposed the lies of the Google India . He also quoted from this letter ( dated 17th April 2013) which said,"In your response to Sh. MI Mallik, Director, Survey (Air) & Dehli GDC, Survey of India, R.K Puram, New Delhi you have stated that you had a discussion with him, which is false. In fact, neither you nor any of your representatives have met Sh. MI Mallik, Director, Survey (Air) & Delhi GDC nor visited his office."
Mr Tarun Vijay said that he fully supports the Govt action in this regard and has also spoken to the Secretary, Ministry of  Science and Technolgy Mr Ramasamy urging him to be firm in protecting the national interest. He said that the govt., through the Surveyor General of India's latest letter  has clearly told Google that their action is "jeopardizing the national security. In matters of national security any responsible citizen or agency takes necessary corrective action as suggested by the Government of India agency immediately. Your continued activities with implications leading to compromise of National Security are objectionable and could amount to serious offence."

Can we take the objection of India's premier state agency in mapping lightly and allow Google to play with the India laws and defence sensitivities? Vijay asked.

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