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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Tarun said...

With humility, reorganise

What is humility?

Answer by Carl Rex Hubbard II:

Humility is an awareness of one's limitations. It is an honest evaluation of what one is capable of and how one stands in relation to one's circumstances.

It is possible for someone to be both humble and proud. Here is an example.

A gold medalist can be proud of his achievement. He can proudly claim to be the best in the world at his sport. But at the same time he must admit that it was only with the help of his trainers, family, and friends that he was able to win. He must acknowledge the ability of his opponents and he must admit that he may not be the victor the next time he competes.

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Tarun said...

Branch Out. Stop Preaching To The Choir

This advice, meant for the Republicans in the US, is more relevant to the BJP. To stay relevant, BJP should go into new areas.. AP, Orissa, TN and WB.. and try to win over Dalit voters.