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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Horrible tales of the Pakistani Hindus and the King of the lions- Nahar Singh

Shri Nahar Singh, the King of the Lions
On 20th April 2013, Shri Tarun Vijay addressed a large gathering of JNU students at Tapti hostel, which was attended by the Pakistani Hindu men and women who spoke about the horrendous treatment meted out to them by Pakistani taliban cowards. They cant sport Bindi, Hindu pandits have to wear half skull Muslim caps, Hindu girls are abducted and converted against their will and their forced marriages done under the protection of the courts. Shri Tarun Vijay said that the Pakistanis torturing and violating the Human rights of their fellow Hindu citizens are the cowards of the third rate who cant win against India in a open war like a man and a soldier, and hence show a false bravado like thieves and pick pockets by killing, raping and converting the members of minuscule Hindu minority. In 1947 Hindu population in Pakistan was about 30% and in 1951 it was reduced to 21%, which has become less than 1 % now. where have all
Shri Tarun Vijay speaking to JNU students. to his right are Shri Vinod Bansal and Shri Nahar Singh and Shri Ravindra Gupta. On right Pakistani Hindu youth are wearing the T shorts with a message-' Left the land but not the Dharma. '

Seema from Karachi speaking about the torture they had to suffer in Pakistan, we may die but never return to Pakistan.
A group pic out side the Tapti hostel, JNU.

Another Group pic
the Hindus gone? Why not a single Muslim leader in Pakistan , boasting to create a Naya Pakistan has the pains and the woes of Pakistani Hindus on their agenda?  To keep silence on the pains and grave human rights violations of Pakistani Hindus is shameful and shows a dehumanized and de- nationalized character of the Indian left and the Islamists. He narrated stories from his Pakistan journeys in the last ten years and said that in Lahore and Karachi, he couldn't find a single book on Pakistani Hindus or their pilgrim centers.  Last year when he had visited Islamabad, Lahore and Taxila with the Loksabha speaker Mrs Miera Kumar, he had specifically requested the Pakistani and Indian diplomats responsible for the hospitality and travel arrangements, that he wants to visit at least one Hindu temple. But they couldnt  take him to any, as there was not a single Hindu temple in Lahore or Islamabad. A Pakistani Hindu youth said that in the wake of India's Ram movement, 317 temples were demolished in Pakistan but not a single case has been registered.

Shri Nahar Singh, from Haryana said that when he heard of Pakistani Hindus being harassed by Indian police he offered his house, having 28 rooms in Haryana free of cost.. In fact all the rooms were rented out to various families but he got them vacated in two days, suffering a loss of about 50 thousand rupees per month, and gave  150 Pakistani Hindus shelter in his house. He was cheered by the students. Shri Nahar Singh said that Muslims got 25% of land with 100 % reservation in the form of Pakistan, now why do they remain silent when the Hindus are tortured in Pakistan? Why should they demand more reservation in India?

One Pakistani Hindu mother said that his 21 year old son was taken away by Taliban and he never came back, Only the picture of his son's dead body was shown to her. She couldn't  even know whether he was buried ? The Hindus are denied permission to the last rites of their dead because the local Muslims object .  There is no cremation ground in Lahore. Another mother told about Bharati, who fled Pakistan leaving behind her three day old son with her parents.

The students, all belonging to ABVP, said that the left wing students organisations, often too vocal on human rights issues have kept a studied silence over the plight of Pakistani Hindus. For them, unless you are a Muslim you have no right to complain about the human rights violations.
Students leaders Vikas Yadav, Mamta Tiwari, Ravindra Gupta, , several Pakistani Hindus and media incharge of VHP Shri Vinod Bansal also spoke.


Unknown said...

It is really sad that torture of this level is being given to Hindus in pakistan. And we are not able to do anything about it. Can a common indian help pakistani hindus in any way? please let me know.

pankaj goel

Anonymous said...

visit this link