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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aditya Gaonkar, a Sangh Swayamsevak secures First Rank in CET-2011.

Photo captions-Happy Family-Saroja Mother, Aditya Gaonkar, Prabhakar Gaonkar Father, Abhishek Brother
Aditya Gaonkar
Family of Aditya P Gaonkar

Bangalore: 100, 100, 99 and 99; these are marks he secured in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Electronics respectively in Second Pre-University examinations held by Govt. of Karnataka in 2011. On May 25, when IIT-JEE results where out, he was the Topper of Karnataka State with rank 151. Now, the same boy Secures First Rank in State level Common Entrance Exam, CET-2011. Scoring 60 in Maths, 58 in Physics, 56 in Chemistry, he became the state topper in Engineering rankings.

Aditya P Gaonkar, a student of Vijaya Composite PU College had a ever memorable May month of his lifetime as far as academic performance are concerned. Interestingly Aditya never went for coaching for his PU Courses. He just took IIT-JEE coaching from a private academy, was enough to achieve all his goals of Class 12.

Born in a middle class family, the achievement of Aditya is really inspiring for all studious students. Father Sri Prabhakar Gaonkar a State Bank of India Employee, Mother Smt Saroja are too happy about their son’s performance. Abhishek, brother of Class 8 at Vijaya High school also inspired by his brother’s achievement.

The entire family is a well-wisher of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Aditya has spent his school day evenings in RSS Shakhas at Chamarajpets Shankar Shakha and Thanaji Shankha. He has attended all recent Sangh annual programmes like Gurupooja, Rakshabandhan, Yugadi etc. Parents of Aditya were in contact with Sangh since their student days, then they were associated with ABVP. The entire family is thankful to Sangh veterans and memebers of Keshavakrupa the Sangh headquarters, who constantly supported and inspiring Aditya.

“I practice yoga each day for 45 minutes. Meditation is one of the key to success. I am keen on taking Electronics engineering in IIT Madras. I did not study too much, but i put my heart in to the little studying I did” says 17year old Aditya Gaonkar.

Aditya is selected for reputed Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) Award. Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana is an ongoing program started by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, to encourage students of Basic Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to take up research careers in these areas.

Lets congratulate this young achiever.


Pradeep V said...

Congratulations to Sri Aditya Gaonkar.
This is an another example of Vyaktitva Nirmaan (Personality Development) in RSS Shakhas.

Dr. Anil Kumar Gourishetty said...

Heartiest congratulations Aditya.


bahut bahut badhi ho.
garv hai tumhare jaise swaimsevak pe.ek meri aap se vinanti hai aap hamesha desh ke liye sochen aur ek accha nagrik bane.ek baar aur aap ko aur aapke parivar ko vadhai.
dilip kumar
bharuch gujarat


badhai ho aditya.hame garav hai aap jaise swaimsevak pe.sangh ek patshala hai.jahan pe vaiykti nirman hota.aapki mehanak aur aap ke parivar ko vadahai.
desh ka ek achha nagrik bano.
dilip kumar

The Confused Orient said...

Dear Aditya,

Congratulations. You have set a great benchmark for other Swayamsevaks.

Deja vu, I was also going to Shankara Sayam Shakha from 1991 to 1995 !! We are Shakha bahayis, gen gap of course !!

We are proud of you.

May Maa Bharathi protect you at every step.

ShravanKumar Raju said...

wish Aditya kind of people will attract more people towards RSS shakhas, thus to their personality developement.

ShravanKumar Raju said...

Congratulations Aditya,

wish people like Aditya would attract more young guns towards RSS shakhas, thud they will develope personality in all aspects.

sailesh said...

vande matram
.. i am very glad to know that... aditya got topper in cet-2011, our hearty wishes with him...
RSS. SHAKHA. build and develope a high quality MEDHA SHAKTI in his swayam sewak... this is a present examples of DR. JI'S mission.

sailesh balodia
swayam sewak.
utkal prant

sailesh said...

vande mataram
All the best ..aditya...
sailesh balodia
utkal prant
swyam sewak.

Ayush said...

Adtiya, I wish you fulfill your dreams and dedicate your skills and knowledge for our country.


Anonymous said...

namaste tarunji,

A swayamsewak has got good rank is a moment of happiness but how to celebrate this is an issue of concern for me. I dont know what good or ill effects such a broad pronunciation of a SS's achievement will have. He is still in his developing state.....
personally I have my apprehensions on such things .....


I congratulate Aditya for being topper CET-2011. Ipersonally pround on being a sangh swayamsevak as our sangh groomed a integrated personality through Sakha. This will correct the the false belif of the other parents who think that attending the sangh activities is the wastage of time .I cogratulte the parents of Aditya who had motivated him in studies and sangh. And I specially congratulate Turun ji to bring such good news .