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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

India's destiny is to emerge victorious-Datta Hosbale


Tarun Vijay's book "Bharat Niyati aur Sangharsh' launched India's destiny is to emerge victorious RSS stands for preseving diversity and ensuring world peace ----------------------------Datta Hosbale, sahsarkaryavah, RSS

India is destined to emerge powerful with collective efforts of various streams all working to preserve the diversity and civilisational values. Hence the real war is between the the exclusivists who represent the 'only' factor and those inclusivists who represent , like Hindus, 'also'. Said Shri Dattatreya Hosbale, sah-sarkaryavah, RSS at the book launch of Shri Tarun Vijay titled-Bharat -Niyati aur Sangharsh(India-the destiny and the struggle) on 1st December at Triveni auditorium, New Delhi.

The programme was amazingly interactive with various different ideological voices all sharing the dais including famous TV personality and journalist Rahul Dev, renowned author Narendra Kohli, Dewan of the Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah Syed Tahir Nizami, famous Kashmiri writer Chandrakanta, noted academician and activist Vikram Datta and Org Secy Deendayal Research Institute Abhay Mahajan.

Shri Atul Garg, publsher of the book(Remadhav) said that they felt highly elated to have the book published by them as it is a great commentary on the contemporary struggle of the Hindu society for its rightful place in the world.Shri Narendra Kohli desribed the book as a seminal contribution to understand the angst and pains of a patriotic people who find marginalised due to a false secular dispensation. He said the book has shown a way to emerge a winner in this historic struggle between the Indians, rooted in Bharat and the de-Indianised sections.

Shri Rahul Dev, said the book contains issues with which its not possible to disagree and he has found it immensely readable and equally thought provoking one. Still any pai After a n or hurt must go beyond the boundaries of Hindus alone syndrome. he said its a sign of weakness to raise slogans like 'Garva Se Kaho Hum Hindu hain'. Academician Vikram Datt said that we are all Indians here and the book wonderfully portrays the sufferings and dreams of an Indian society with a remarkable brilliance and historical references.
Novelist Chandrakanta questioned that what kind of secularism is this which refuses to take into account the woes and humiliations of an entire Kashmiri Hindu community? She said that Tarun Vijay has courageously portrayed the hurt and resistance of Hindus in this book and she has found it a very invigorating presentation.

Syed Tahir Nizami spoke about the Sufi traditions of the country and said that the love and affection that Sufis received in India was unparalleled. He said that they are different from eh fundamentalist Mullahs and Maulvis and preach devotion to the god beyond the boundaries of religious fault lines.

Shri Abhay Mahajan gave details of the constructive work being done under the guidance of a great icon of Indian resurgence Shri Nana ji Deshmukh and invited all to visit Chitrakoot.

Shri Datta ji Hosbale congratulated the author for prducing a book which is a result of an intense scholarship. He quoted various references from the book and said that the Columbus effect on America and the Kambu influence on Kamboj (Cambodia) must be compared to understand the Hindu civilisational core and the semitic influence on the other parts of the world. thats the war we are witnessing today, those who would like to savagely convert the other people into their faith and those who spread the message of compassion and friendliness like Hindus. When such inclusivist people, who say others also have a rigth to grow according to their own philosophies and fragrances are assaulted and brutalized, then only to raise the voices of the victims a lslogan like Garva Se Kahoo Hum Hindu hain becomes relevant and necessary. Its not a slogan of the weak or defeated but a voice of the resistance of the brave and peace loving people. He said RSS stands for the preservation of diversity and peace for the entire mankind with a mind and heart firmly rooted in the civilisation that was called Hindu by the aliens though we always described us as Vedic or Sanatanis. that gives enough space to different voices.

Tarun Vijay described his book as an expresion of angst of the Hindus against injustices and barbaric assaults and reiteration of the confidence in Bhata's param Vaibhavam

Amongst those who attended the programme included Shri Bal Apte, national vice president, BJP, Shri Ram Lal , Org Secy, BJP, , Smt. Damyanti Goyal, Mayor, Ghaziabad,several MPs, journalists and scholars of various ideological views.

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