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Thursday, May 22, 2008

None of our business?

The most effectual means of preventing [the perversion of power into tyranny are] to illuminate, as far as practicable, the minds of the people at large, and more especially to give them knowledge of those facts which history exhibits. 
-- Thomas Jefferson. 

Gradually an unprecedented streak undoing the constitutional spiritthrough executive orders is gaining ground in the corridors of power for the sake of immediate populism and political gain. This is not only against the egalitarian norms of inclusiveness and accommodation but is leading dangerously to further and bitter fragmentation of polity. 

This is also supported (as a unintentional result) by peoples' inertia in asserting their rights and pushing for corrections in government policies. Except for the sponsored and hired crowds, there is hardly a visible spontaneous demonstration on issues affecting civil life. More than 17,000 farmers committed suicide in 2006 alone, but not a single district, leave aside a state showed its anger through any bandh or silent procession. Lethargy on the civil front is a sign of an imminent upheaval that erupts with a suddenness of a pouncing tiger. People feel hopeless and cheated; hence nothing shakes them or excites to rise and say a big no to the masters of the power games. 

They used to do it; India has seen unprecedented movements and agitations in the past that authored a new course of public action and constitutional behavior changing the colour of politics forever. 

We had mass leaders in political as well as non-political realms enjoying the peoples' unflinching trust. Now the “fast food” culture in the public domain has devoured the element of trust and mutual respect. The language spoken from public platforms has gone down and the credibility of mass organisations in the public eye was never this low. It's impossible for any organisation to appeal for a single important issue that touches their hearts and have a crowd of thousands gathering on its own. It was not so in the Sixties and even in the Seventies. Till the Eighties, bandhs and strikes were spontaneous signs of public dismay and disapproval. Remember the time of Punjab terrorism. Not any longer. 

It's because the governance has become insensitive to the public sensibilities and more of a tool to satisfy petty goals and achieve localised ambitions. The pan-Indian outlook is diminishing not only from the political corridors but also from the media houses. Both had been pillars of a wholesome idea called India. Now Bulandshahar, Kochi, Guwahati and Rajkot have become more significant to the news coverage needs and concerns of the movers and shakers because localized sentiments – fashionably interpreted as 'niche markets' bring more votes, money, increased circulation and give a ticket to govern. We have swapped India with ghettoes of our goals miniaturizing the republic's principal nature and cohesiveness. This wholesome idea is quintessentially constructed by an active participation by its constituents. That very element of participation has become invisible. 

Maybe it has gone into a shell of disgust and disillusionment suspecting every single public person's credibility. Hence people select their own programmes to see a more credible leader from among them, a more enjoyable and amenable character to admire and trust. It's like avoiding a direct conflict out of utter disregard before the final hour arrives when a credible leader would emerge to offer a window to accumulated angst of the masses. 

We celebrate Republic Day, but the contemporary scene of the republic says it all. All the power and money is centralized in the hands of a chosen few – not more than a hundred people controlling the fate of a thousand million commoners calledpraja ! 

Taslima Nasreen's agony, a shrinking Hindu population and a geographically shrunk India post-1947, the majority being snubbed for being assertive over its civilisational icons, patriots living as refugees and loans, jobs and educational opportunities being doled out on religious criteria – all this is un-republican . A Hindu-Muslim divide is the prerequisite for any secular polity thriving on fragmented minds. If I write anything that affects Hindu sensibilities, it must be construed as 'anti-Muslim' and against minorities without even reading the text! 

Indian masses are feeling and sharing the agony of Sarabjit Singh, but not the secular state power which takes pride in entertaining the “pardon Afzal Guru” crowd and losing sleep over Dr Haneef. 

The one big step this mighty government of India took from the colonial age precincts of South Block was to request the visiting French President not to honour Taslima on Indian soil. 

From the day she wrote Lajja , a wonderfully moving novel on assaults on Hindus in Bangladesh by Islamic fundamentalists, Taslima has become an eyesore to the “secular brigade” and intolerant Muslims. So, anything was used as a tool to harass her in a world largely dominated by men. 

The way a state government refused to ensure her security in Kolkata has raised fundamental questions about the state's credentials. This doesn't reflect a republic's ethos. Even Nehru didn't blink before China's serious protests and gave asylum to Dalai Lama and his followers. But these “seculars” of the Left variety who had been agitating on issues like allowing an Israeli satellite to be launched from Indian soil, just to please the Muslim votebank, even if it means compromising with our security with Israel being one of our most trustworthy allies, have shamed the spirit of the republic by standing against a woman writer and organising a brutal dance of death in Nandigram. The ouster of Taslima is a blot on a polity of a society that is otherwise symbolised by the icon of Shakti, the female annihilator of the wicked and restorer of righteousness. That in the land of Shakti, the wicked should be seen winning is a gift of Marx. 

Those who were determined to see a woman writer ousted from West Bengal and have her visa canceled for fear of hoodlums and murderers remain silent on the Uttar Pradesh blasts and jihadi assaults on Kashmiri Hindus. They gleefully participated in a ceremony held at Jamia Milia Islamia to honour M F Husain, a painter with a Doctor of Philosophy degree known for selectively painting nudes of Hindu goddesses. This is how politics of secular jihad flourishes. Taslima stands abandoned by all – candlelight demos in her support remain fashionably limited to having their protest registered for the sake of record. 

A woman so brave and courageous that she took on hypocritical pen pushers and Mullahs is running helter-skelter amid a thousand million citizens of a democratic republic that boasts of a 5,000-year-old civilisation. None of the secular bravehearts stood up to say ‘Come what may, whether the central government fails in its duty or the Communists in Bengal go in hiding on her safety issue, I shall protect her in India, the land of free thought and Vedic wisdom which gave shelter to all the persecuted in the world from Jews and Parsees to the Tibetans’. 

For her outspokenness, the nation's Islamic religious leaders issued a fatwa against Taslima, putting a price on her head. Taslima had to flee from Bangladesh and took refuge in Sweden continuing “to rail against the forces of oppression despite attempts to silence her”. Thus wrote Mathew Kelley in the script of a 27-minute film made on her life and struggles. Another 23-minute film produced by Journeyman Pictures depicts her as a woman writer who has called for more freedom for the women of Bangladesh and consequently had a fatwa issued for her arrest and/or death. Taslima received the Sakharov award from the European Parliament and even West Bengal's Left Front government presented her the Ananda award before Muslims objected to her writings. 

You have to be very special while dealing with issues concerning Muslims. It raises inconvenient questions too. Inconvenient to the “seculars”, human rightists, peacemakers and “uncompromising” voices of freedom and equal opportunities and those who “fight” dark forces of obscurantism and oppression, particularly injustices against women. 

Question no. one – Would Taslima have been hounded out from West Bengal if she had written against Hindu “communalism” and the atrocities they “perpetrate against minorities”, exactly in the same fashion which has become a signature tune for the Left and secular groups? If Taslima had joined their ranks and agitated against Hindu “lumpens” would she not have been awarded fellowships by Delhi and Kolkata? 

Question no. two – Would the Left intellectuals and leaders have kept their conscience at the mercy of jihadi “headhunters” if Taslima was a man? A masculine gender showing off “his” bravado at press conferences and giving a slap for a slap if jihadi “bravehearts”, all men of course, are assaulted in full glare of press cameras and reporters (like happened last year in Hyderabad)? Is being a woman and on top of that a writer, exposing Islamic fundamentalism and atrocities against Hindu women, such a criminal act that Taslima had to be hounded from Kolkata to Jaipur and Jaipur to Delhi and Delhi to nowhere? 

Question no three – Wouldn’t Taslima have been considered for a Padma award or a Nehru Memorial Lecture for “communal harmony and international understanding” if she had chosen to lambast the Hindu right and bow her head before the mullahs? Why is that the first requisite to get recognition and comfort in a secular regime? 

Faith must be en element to enhance love and tolerance. But if it becomes a principal instrument to hate and divide, there must be something fundamentally wrong with it. Try to revisit it with an inquiring mind. We can't say that issues involving our nation are none of our business. It’s OUR nation. We have got to take ownership and say no to everything that goes against our grain. Peoples' inaction is a dangerous signal. Maybe a storm is accumulating and waiting to erupt unannounced. 


Tarun Vijay said...

Vinod,Bangalore,says:Very good article. Its nice to see Times having the strength to publish such articles too.
[26 Mar, 2008 1528hrs IST]

Narendra Kumar.S.S,Bangalore,says:A wonderful and thought provoking article, indeed!
[24 Mar, 2008 1523hrs IST]

Samir Akotkar (Persuing PHD in management),Bangalore,says:Nice thoughts put by Respected Director, Dr Syamaprasad Mookerjee Research Foundation.I love to read his article.Very though provoking and looks very real without any bias. I personaly congratulate TOI for publishing such article. I also loves article about science (black holes,new findings stars,planets,life on other planet etc).
[24 Mar, 2008 1431hrs IST]

Suresh ,Bangalore,says:Kudos to Tarun ji and TOI for bringing out such an excellent article. Tarun ji's article make me read TOI.
[24 Mar, 2008 1211hrs IST]

Ganapathy,Singapore,says:Most eloquent article exposing the hypocrisy of our so called secular minds. My hearty appreciations to the editor for publishing this article.
[24 Mar, 2008 1109hrs IST]

Dr. Prasad,Delft, NL,says:To all those who are talking of M F Hussain being hounded by fundamentalists: MF Hussain has has gone outside the country to escape from the Indian laws. There are so many people who have written against the mainstream Ramayana story even going to the extent of saying Sita enjoyed with Ravana and Laxmana. Those writers are still living here. However, MF Hussain could not because he could not legally defend himself! If he could D Rajas, Karats, Yachuries, and their ilk would have given Bharatha Rathna!!
[24 Mar, 2008 0030hrs IST]

aditya,london, mumbai,says:brilliant, thanx times. why not u put in your headlines front page of e paper
[23 Mar, 2008 0520hrs IST]

Pravin,USA,says:Reading from the comments and the general news, the muslims are smypathetic to the chinese. The new Axis of Evil Islam China. The world must take note of these developments and crush this Axis of Evil. We are fortunate to have great leaders like George Bush and Narendra Modi to save humanity from catastrophe. One positive leap in this direction would be to elect Narendra Modi as India's Prime Minister.
[23 Mar, 2008 0124hrs IST]

Shahid,Lucknow,says:Just as Bangladesh does-not tolerate the blasphemy of Taslima and throws her into exile. India also should not tolerate the blasphemy of MF Hussein and should thrown him to exile. It is as simple as this. Play fair man!!
[22 Mar, 2008 2107hrs IST]

aravind,India,says:Great article. Some comments are already appearing labelling it anti-muslim! and it's a pitty! Any Indian should be first an Indian! Our current mixed population and faith is a testimonial to the centuries old culture, civilisation and hospitable and accommodating behaviour; Tarunji's article warn us of not losing this cherished system due to the present political class who only care for themselves and legislate self-servingly. All our voters should be educated to this.
[22 Mar, 2008 1748hrs IST]
aman,chandigarh,says:Great eyeopening article Kudos to TOI for publishing such open views..
[22 Mar, 2008 1418hrs IST]

Ananta,Mumbai,says:Dear Tarun, Your articles are assuming universal value for one single reason - they are exposing hypocrisy - that of our so called secular liberal politicians. Hypocrisy is the most convenient vice of the modern society and there is no body to beat our politicians in that game. This vice can be stuffed out by collective wisdom and your articles in TOI (!) are awakening that wisdom.
[22 Mar, 2008 1313hrs IST]

Manoj,US,says:response to Rajaram "Are communists Chinese or Indians ?" They are basically wannabe chinese, or wannabe soviets, or wannabe anything but Indian :) Basically they are only derivative communists, unlike Mao and China who formed their own pragmatic version of communism suiting their country, our commies don't have any such ability nor will. They are generally bookworms and won't generate an original thought if their lives depends on it. They do not even realise that chinese and soviet communists are great nationalists first. Our commies are also nationalistic, but alas, for a different nation.
[22 Mar, 2008 1023hrs IST]

Rajesh Kumar,Melbourne,says:I agree with Mr Tarun's analysis about pseudo secularism policies practiced by Congress and Left parties. However, this article is biased in favour of sangh parivar as it does not raise issues about Hindu fundamentalism practiced by people who have hounded renowned painter M F Hussain out of the country. Taslima Nasreen being forced to leave the country is very similar to MF Hussain's dilemma of not being able to live in his own country. And why is everyone supporting Mr Modi when they all know that he has committed genocide in Gujrat. I am in favour of taking tough actions against muslim fundamentalist, but that does not mean we are lenient to other fundamentalist groups. It is time Indian public understood that these politicians are least bothered about people living together and just want to corner vote bank by raising caste, religion and other divisive issues. If some people of a community are in the wrong direction that does not mean we go out and kill innocent people belonging to that community. If Hindus are in majority that does not mean this country does not belong to Sikhs, Parsis, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and low caste Hindus. Wake up guys.
[22 Mar, 2008 0720hrs IST]

ranajit,chennai,says:Tarun Vijay is a refreshing voice in TOI's edits page. This article sets apart TOI from the national media which has perfected the art of ignoring vital questions about polity and society. There is indeed a Hindu side to the question of Indian statecraft. Otherwise why is the Indian state constantly meddling in Hindu religious matters in favor of those who detest anything remotely resembling Hindu culture and religion? Those who wish to conceal the Hindu community's grievances over the way it is being marginalized in the name of secularism are really digging the grave for India as a nation. By turning a blind eye to the notably poor governance of the leftists, the way they have been a road block to the nation's growth Indian journalists in the mainstream press have caused India enormous harm. That people like Tarun are still in the media is a surprise to me, after having given up Indian media for its inability to face the truth, report the truth and be fair minded in dealing with different sections of the society. Let there be more like Tarun Vijay. One writer does not make a thoughtful nation.
[22 Mar, 2008 0639hrs IST]

Rina Panigrahi,Delhi,says:Build Ram Temple at Ayodhya Please!!! All such problems in India will be completely solved and dissolved.
[22 Mar, 2008 0513hrs IST]

Prateek,Dallas, USA,says:Awesome article by Tarun ji. I wonder if it will open the blind eyes of anti-India Leftist and nepotist Congress. It is such a shame that we still call India, our country, where a woman is attacked that too in open glare of media and a Hindu priest of highest stature Shri Shankaracharya ji is arrested and embarrassed. Bravo Tarun ji.
[22 Mar, 2008 0305hrs IST]

Kavya Rastogi,Moradabad,says:Mother India is facing trouble in choosing the original nationalist.Leaders of india feel proud if Afzal guru's hang till death order stays. They are doing nothing for Sarabjit singh,the innocent prisoner in Pakistan.Tarun vijay's column indicates the real picture of India.
[22 Mar, 2008 0051hrs IST]

shurkumishra,bhubaneswar,says:we have seen the jauprakash narin's mass movement,morarji desai's movement in gujrat and the assam movement and what is the outcome.yes u r right ,people are restless but at the same time feel helpless and reason out it is none of my businees.swith on ur tv and what u see? it is either criket or abt film.where the socity pays more attention to cricketers and film personalities ignores the farmeres and workeres then we deserve such leaders. just let us hope God take an avatar to help us
[22 Mar, 2008 0027hrs IST]

Abdulraheem Mohammed,Dammam,says:Yes. It is none of our business. You dont need more comments to a Sangh writer.
[22 Mar, 2008 0025hrs IST]
dris,Mumbai,says:Clearly Indian mainstream polity can be broadly divided into those belonging to three main ideologies: Pseudo-Secularists, Communists and Indian Nationalists. Communism and Pseudo-Secularism will not stand the test of time, finally it will be the Indian Nationalists who will triumph.
[22 Mar, 2008 0019hrs IST]

Mohd. Asif,India,says:It seems that Narendra Modi is the only honest and patriotic politician in India,he has to be our next PM.
[21 Mar, 2008 2359hrs IST]

dhivya,USA,says:I'm not sure that such an article can have anything but a negative impact... It can only pull us apart, not bring us together. In the already tough times we are living in, with religious fundamentalists of ALL RELIGIONS running about, do we need such an article?
[21 Mar, 2008 2311hrs IST]

Rajaram,Bangalore,says:Tarun's questions are very correct .Any patriotic Indian will want to know 1. On what basis is Afzal Guru still escaping the gallows ? 2. If "Tibet is an internal issue of China", where were all these communists when China objected to our Prime minister visiting Arunachal Pradesh ? Are communists Chinese or Indians ? 3. If Gujarat violence is cruel, what about Nandigram ? 4. If Taslima is not fit to be in India, why MF Hussein is still peacefuly roaming here ?
[21 Mar, 2008 2200hrs IST]

Analyst,Sweden,says:Freedom of expression and art is a requisite for a civilized society. India seems to have been limiting both.India has failed to protect Bangladeshi national and world famous writer Tasleema Nasreen who has since left India. India has also failed to protect its own citizens like renowned painter M.F.Husain whose house was ransacked and his paintings vandalized by religious extremists. The religious extremists are now chasing Indian artists and writers abroad: See below:
[21 Mar, 2008 2145hrs IST]

Mahendra Patel,Chicago, IL, USA,says:Tarun, KEEP FLAME ALIVE Here is one observation, when Political Parties loose contact and not in Sync. with Nation's Ethos,History,they will surely loose the their support also, I saw this trend Both for Congress which is Loosing MIND AND HEART OF INDIA and political power, and CPI-of Different HUE OF IDEOLOGIES LIKE CPI(M) ETC., are Stuck in their track in two states- means on verge of Fall. Now what need to be done, First- EXPOSE THOSE PARTIES AND ASK WHERE THEIR LOYATLY IS? Second-ARTICULATE AND CELEBRATE OUR HERITAGE WHAT INDIA STAND FOR HISTORICALLY AND AT ITS CORE AT PRESENT Third- Ask our selves, what is best way to Transfer the HERITAGE to coming GENERATION PURE AND UNCONTAMINATED ? Fourth- Intro-Spect Ponder unbiased all the different Forces active in our soil and all over the world, their Strength, weaknesses Including our own, with Sane, Healthy Mind- I think this is far more Important in my mind REST WILL FALL IN PLACE.
[21 Mar, 2008 2143hrs IST]

Mohammad Anjum Suhail,Bangalore,says:I am a Muslim, a proud one at that. We do not fancy Taslima for her ordinary writings. I hear from my folks that Taslima has written bad things about Islam, which I could not taste well. But, somehow I feel that the way Taslima is treated by the Indian government is very bad. It gives unnecessary glory to her, which the government could have avoided. Thanks to my colleague who showed me this article.
[21 Mar, 2008 2128hrs IST]

Ananda Ganesh, V,Bangalore,says:Tarun's column is something of a new approach which the younger generation like us really really love. It deals with reality in a practical and business like manner that amalgamates the indigenous values. Reading Tarun's columns is like getting a bottle full of energy pills. Tarun, you are wonderful ! You share our emotions and bear new directions !
[21 Mar, 2008 2111hrs IST]

wotsinaname,pune,says:Taslima is a brave and modern woman which is very rare in their community..she will prove to be a great element in history..treat her the best..our sincere concern.
[21 Mar, 2008 2018hrs IST]

Niranjan,usa,says:It is a excellent article. Only few journalist in our country can write such article and tell the truth. I think before 80s or 90s most of educated people used to love communist ideology. But now they lost support of educated, middle class support due to their Hippocratic policy anti-india, anti-hindu pro-china, pro-Muslim policy.
[21 Mar, 2008 1938hrs IST]
ktej,usa,says:Thank you Tarunji, for the eye opener column. Hope the current "bharat bhagya vidhatas" wake up and rise to the occasion. Thanks Times of India, for enabling the free forum to see such excellent pieces, which can not be seen anywhere else.
[21 Mar, 2008 1922hrs IST]

Manjunath Shresthi,Belgaum,says:Once upon a time it so happened that the states of WestBengal & Kerala were the countries powerhouses of all knowledge,arts & always were the trendsetters for any new good thing that happened to the country. It's a pity that these intellectuals vote and elect the Left. It's high time that they leave the Left forever.
[21 Mar, 2008 1858hrs IST]

Shetty,Hyderabad,says:We should all be ashamed that such columns which should have long long ago appeared in print on front-page Indian newspapers are finding a small space somewhere on the internet. This is what an average Indian thinks and feels. Nobody can hide history of a land/civilization. People inherently know. That's why you see such a positive response to these articles.
[21 Mar, 2008 1857hrs IST]

Deepak,Edinburgh,says:Almost 90% READERS agree to Mr TaRUN VIJAY , what more does the people opposing this article want , what he is telling is a acceptable view of general public of india , congrats Tarun vijay for expressing truth time and again
[21 Mar, 2008 1843hrs IST]

Achyut Shukla,Bangalore,says:Very Good article Tarun Vijay ji. Infact Communists have not spoken a word against China .They were the ones who celebrated with Pseudo Seculars when the world's only Hindu nation fell.Infact Hate Hinduism should be other name of Indian version Of Secularism.
[21 Mar, 2008 1731hrs IST]

Parvez khan,Saudi Arabia,says:It seems that you have gone overboard in justifying Taslima acts and her work which has least credential,her every book has nothing except her whimps and fancies.She has no authority on any of the islamic terms and out of nowhere her scripts are based just to get cheap publicity,and please don't compare her with Dalai lama ,a man of great knowledge and wisdom.
[21 Mar, 2008 1556hrs IST]

Bhaskar,India,says:A great article once again from Tarunji. One aspect I wud like you to elaborate on (which u have made a passing mention) is the sleepless night spent by our PM over the arrest of one Muslim in Austrailia, that too much before he was acquitted. This comes against a backdrop of so many atrocities perpetrated against many Hindus and othr Indians in Middle east and other countries. I am sure you would find the right words to highlight the extent of ethical vacuum present in the present polity in the name of secularism.
[21 Mar, 2008 1544hrs IST]

Manish,Delhi,says:A very right article indeed. But who listens who cares? Out of all the english speaking people who read Times of India on the net, how many of us go to vote ???? And even if go doesnt it is said that we get the government we deserve??? I am in Armed Forces but i can not vote because i am not staying in my home town where i am registered as a voter and postal ballet - whats that??? Anti Reservation movements and Ram janam Bhumi movements are now thing of bygone era God save this country!!!
[21 Mar, 2008 1351hrs IST]

Harikrishnan.J,Los Angeles,says:Gr8's time someone called a spade, a spade. Thanks for giving space for such articles which ask hard questions at our concepts of open thought & freedom of expression.
[21 Mar, 2008 1105hrs IST]

Shreerang Godbole,Pune,says:Sir,Tarun Vijay's anguish at the invisibility of people's participation in mass movements is timely. Tarun Vijay's columns are a breath of fresh air. He gives a new line of thinking to different issues.
[21 Mar, 2008 0914hrs IST]
K Sanjiv,Visakhapatnam,says:A good article on the true state of our secularism. Thank you.
[21 Mar, 2008 0812hrs IST]

Shanth,UK,says:Thanks once again Tarun. Time has come to talk straight and take on the Psuedo Secular Jihad. Enough of half measures.
[21 Mar, 2008 0005hrs IST]

Nigam Sahoo,Navi Mumbai,says:The positive energies emerging from the great soul of the land are pacifying any form of major negative impacts on our civilisation. We should propagate the glory of Hindu culture and make today's youth and children practice the same and feel proud to be part of a glorius way of living - Hinduism. The yoga movement by Patanjali, ISKON movement are doing commendable job. We should support such revolution and make it glow forever.
[20 Mar, 2008 2344hrs IST]

Khalid Siddiqui,India,says:I fully agree with Tarun Vijay, we have to get rid of these pseudo-secular politicians,they are only helping the cause of Islamic extremists and maoists.
[20 Mar, 2008 2233hrs IST]

indian,tn,says:Dear Tarun sir, How dare, you can write such an article against those commies? who gave you the right to do so? Dont you know that this lefts (devoid of ANY "RIGHTS") know only how to bark, and how to threaten.. they know how to blame others, and how to shut up the mount of those who question them.. How come you expect anything called justice with those "Who raped the people of Nandigram, and massacred the people of Nandigram".. The worst thing is that there is no inquiry, nor repentance.. rather, continuation of that suppression.. I wonder, how you missed mentioning this... Probably, incidents like nandigram are no big, for those who hail mao and stalin, who killed crores of their own people.. People inherit traits not only from their parents.. but from their icons. and no wonder, these rightless leftists display the same traits in kerala and westbengal..
[20 Mar, 2008 2202hrs IST]

Musing,NJ, USA,says:For some reason the muslims has been the most intolerant faith, mohammed cartoons in denmark have invited so much condemnation. Yet, nudes and adverse comments on other belief systems is a popular past time for most muslims. Taslima made the cardinal mistake of critisizing her own brethren. Which is why I agree with Mr. Vijay here, as Indians the way we treated her was duplicitous and hypocritical. All this for vote mongering and populism as opposed to adhering to our value systems of giving shelter and patronage to the deserving and being open minded and tolerant.
[20 Mar, 2008 2125hrs IST]

Taimuraz Kulayev,Karakol (Kyrghyzstan, USSR),says:Hi... Tarun... Really great article. I am genuinely concerned about the security of Taslima. I have read her book "Lajja". What happened to Hindus in Bangladesh was horrible. To tell the truth, I was born in Chechenya to Muslim parents. I was deeply offended by the Beslan massacre and I converted to Orthodox Christianity. But I had to flee my native place. I hope you will have the courage again to write about the plight of refugees like Taslima and other opressed people. I found this article from Google News (No way meant to offend you). Again thanks a lot for the article.
[20 Mar, 2008 2037hrs IST]

ashok,bangalore,says:This kind of article does irritate some Muslim and secular readers but I am afraid author is telling the truth and he is raising very valid points which we all need to cosider very seriously. Current Congress government backed by communists is seriously indulging in votebank politics and is increasing religious chasm in the country. An appointed rather than elected Prime Minister who hardly has any electoral base of any kind does not help. These people are palying with fire which will eventually engulf them but it will also harm the innocent millions. Secularism that these people are pretending to promote will also suffer irreversible damage by this gross abuse of votebank politics.
[20 Mar, 2008 2026hrs IST]

shivmani,mumbai,says:The ignorance shown by the current government towards Praja of India is certainly creating as silent storm. The country has virtually lost its freedom. Those in power are have no Indian soil smell in any of their deeds. The fact is they are even not interested as their mindset is purely western and they have never learnt or lived a life close to Indian soil.
[20 Mar, 2008 2007hrs IST]

ravi nambiar,U.S,says:Growing up in kerala in the sixties i had great respect for marxists for their principled stand. recent actions of theirs put me to shame. the treatment meted out to madame taslima is unbecoming of all that we stand for as a nation. i am ashamed. thank you tarun for putting into words what majority of indians feels deep in their heart and are helpless to vocalise.
[20 Mar, 2008 1947hrs IST]
vijay,bangalore,says:again a well thought out write up by Mr.Tarun Vijay. After years of oppresssion, hindus have become very cynical of everything. This needs to change and hindus must lead the way forward for not only india but also the whole world. One way to do this is by recognising what we truly hold dear to ourselves. It is our duty to ensure freedom rom oppression to our citizens and neighbours. It is in our culture to roll out the red carpet to tired visitors and give them safe haven. from the days of the jews, the parsis and many other religions and races found refuge in our great country. When taslima nasreen comes to india with the hope of been taken care of then it is really a disgrace to see our government hound her the way she was hounded and finallly sent out of the country. It is a disgrace and a shame for all that we stood for through the centuries. It is a shame on our democratic system that the voice of the majority is no longer heard in the parliment. If our political leaders are listening at all, they are answerable to the public and we deserve some answers.
[20 Mar, 2008 1920hrs IST]

ananth,UK,says:Indifference and callousness is hallmark of indians in general and Hindus in particular.We have become totally lethargic ,immune and moribund to issues wether it is Taslimas ,Kashmiri pandits or farmers suicide.We become more vociferous on non issues like cricket or human right issues related to Gujarat only.Our media particularly the one claiming 24 hrs coverage are silent when it come sensitive issues like Taslima because of their UPA bosses The Marxist who systematically carry the genocide of hindus in Kerala,Bengal or North eastern states are least bothered to support the cause of taslima out of their fear of loosing the minority votes.
[20 Mar, 2008 1912hrs IST]

Bijayv Singh,Jamshedpur,says:Sir, Democratic we may be , but liberal certainly not. These days only people whose freedom of expression state is willing protect are those who resort to vilence in the name of religion. The Indian government's ambivalent responce will embolden communal forces. The episode raises serious questions about artistic freedom, fundamental rights.Well it has been utterly, ridiculously unacceptable when we see we do not have the constitutional right to free speech.I think government has to protect freedom of speech and do everything that they can to prevent the loss of human life because here what is happening is that this kind of right to offend or 'my sentiments have been hurt' have become a business in democratic politics.Our so called secular parties have always maintained double standard regarding freedom of speech and secularism.They fight for artistic freedom of expression of MF Hussain,but these same people oppose Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie.They cant be good communalism and bad comminalism Bijay Singh, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.
[20 Mar, 2008 1843hrs IST]

Cancerian,Mumbai,says:Another of Tarun Vijay's hypocritical rants. More amazing is the gulibility of the readers who swallow such rubbish. The BJP's partner, the Shiv Sena, want Mumbai to be for the Marathi Manoos. The RSS would like to see only "Hindus" in India. T.Vijay is a member of both RSS and BJP, both of which are hell bent on dividing this already fractured nation.
[20 Mar, 2008 1831hrs IST]

hayat,mumbai,says:What else do you expect from Tarun Vijay , a member, pracharak of the RSS, except muslim bahsing.
[20 Mar, 2008 1757hrs IST]

Thammayya SS,Bengaluru,says:Than reading Tarun's column, it is very interesting to read comments that the readers here have given. Some one says that Muslims are threatened by Hindus??? A big joke. They have got to show some incidents where Hindus, without any triggers have attackeed on muslims. We can believe if such proofs are given. Whole world knows, which is the religion involved in terrorism today. Another person says that Times of India should not have allowed Tarun to write in its column. I feel, times have got a better respect by allowing him to do so. Good article Tarun, keep up!
[20 Mar, 2008 1725hrs IST]

Vivek Iyer,Chennai,says:Its heartening to note that Writers like you still exist. Our whole media community seems to have been carried away by so called "Modernism" and blind anti-Hindu mentality. However, i am extremely glad that what you have written is totally unbiased unlike others. Commies are ruinign the nation slowly but surely along with the able support of Christian Missionaries and Muslim Zealots. Its high time we spoke against the discrimination and marginalisation of Hindus. We need more people like you. I would suggest that you train a large number of youngsters who can carry this ideology forward. Because what we lack today are people who can defend Hinduism.
[20 Mar, 2008 1724hrs IST]

Vikas Pandey,gorakhpur,says:Dear Editor, Thanks for having an esteemed edotor like Tarun Vijay ji in your team. His editorials are always 'must read' for me. Regards Vikas
[20 Mar, 2008 1723hrs IST]

T. Murthy,Chennai,says:Sad, indeed, is the tale of Taslima Nazreen. The silence is deafening of our women activists like Teesta Setalvad, Brinda Karat, Shabana Azmi and writers like Arundhati Roy over the appalling treatment of a fellow-woman - so alone in this silly-minded Indian sub-continent. The attitude of the WB government towards a Bengali writer, who says, "Kolkatta is my home", can never be forgiven. It seems even sympathy has to be "politically correct". Humanity is dying a slow-death in India, as Tarun Vijay says, sacrificed to devious labels and slogans meant to win the next election. It is a pity that behind the 9% growth, the country is losing its Dharma and its identity. The political and Babu classes will, no doubt, disagree with this view.
[20 Mar, 2008 1717hrs IST]

Gaurav,MILANO,says:GREAT PEICE OF KNOWLEDGE, WHAT AN ARTICLE.......... this article is damn good , TOI congratulations to you as well for something exclusive to us , we need to know what has been not told to people or been hidden from people till know, you are doing a great work , Mr Tarun vijay is fantastic , hey man each n every indian is with you carry on your good work
[20 Mar, 2008 1712hrs IST]
Vikas S,Bangalore,says:Excellent article by Tarun Vijay. Yet another masterpiece. Thanks, Vikas
[20 Mar, 2008 1700hrs IST]

G P Santhi,Bhimavaram,AP,says:Time and time again Mr Tarun presents grim picture about Hindu identity, which infact is not seing any hope in future.It is very distressing to see so called seculars and even Hindu saviours are not realizing the ill effects of loosing ones own identity and culture. While conversions are one side eating into this ,on the other hand Hindu god men and women are spreading a distorted versions of Hinduisms in pockets of India damaging already fragile Hindu structure. One can see followers of certain god men follling his birthdays more than Ramnavami or Krishnasthami.Unless Hindu liberals raise and fight,there is no hope and in near future we may see Hindu culture and heritage in books and musiams.
[20 Mar, 2008 1430hrs IST]

Prashant K,Mumbai,says:A good article by Mr. Tarun Vijay. I agree with him that we are becoming insensitive. Possibly our system produces leaders whom nobody likes to follow. The values which are in demand have changed. Taking care of oneself ( being selfish ); Getting what one wants even by trampling on others ( will do anything for money ) and such things are the order of the day. Nothing will take us out of slumber as of now. Other issue which has been mentioned is the Muslim issue.Yes these days it has become fashionable to denounce anybody speaking for Hindus, but now the tide is turning otherside. I can see this happening all over including the Internet. Hindus are getting vocal and organised. That is what is required to protect ourselves and our values.
[20 Mar, 2008 1429hrs IST]

Puneet Chitkara,HK,says:Those who criticise Tarun here would do a better service by giving counter examples. Those who write against him here merely abuse... that is of no use... Now the fact is that when the truth shakes the very fundamentals of our existence, most individuals abuse... only a few introspect... so to those who criticise Tarun ji, please introspect... Because what he has written about Taslima Nasreen is what she has said herself and what has happened to her (This government (Indian) is like Islamic Fundamentalists.) About the CPM Walas... well they criticise when US invades Iraq / Afganistan, and applaud MF Hussain... But they donot say anything when Osama-Bin-Laden issues statements saying the EU will now face the heat for those cartoons on Islam... and they say nothing when the muslim terrorists issue threat to the Vaishno devi Shrine... and as pointed out in the article they have never said anything against AFzal Guru, who is a proclaimed terrorist and by the Order of Supreme Court should have been hanged (Now is the SC of India fundamentalist??? --- JUST ASK THE CPM OR CONG OR THE READERS HERE WHO WRITE AGINST TARUN JI)
[20 Mar, 2008 1236hrs IST]

bobby,india,says: Indian leftists are virtually destroying itself and its own ideologies like seperation of state and religion,equality of men and women,equlity of people irrespective of religion,race or caste and progress of the nation by supporting islamists.Even a layman can understand that in muslim majority countries there are no human rights for people of other religions while in non muslim countries,islamists try to impose their own values by manipulating the civilized law and constiution of these countries.Only if civilized people all over the world understood this silent invasion can the world have a better future.Otherwise we may fall back to middle age darkness.
[20 Mar, 2008 1230hrs IST]

Praveen,Punjab,says:We have our lives to carry on, well every one has. If we donot fight for ourselves NO ONE WILL. And we have to fight that with every other thing life brings on us. Whatever, Tarun has pointed is the fact. Everyone fights for there rights. Some fight for others rights, that is INDIA and because of HINDU. Some fight against there rights, that is HINDU again. There are too many Jai Chands to count. Most fight for there rights. Some fight to suppress rights of others. Thats the enemy of the society, humanity and Nation. Wherever these people have power any and every right cease to exist. Growup people. Fight for yourself and your society to make it a better place. Donot find faults with the people who show you mirror to look into.
[20 Mar, 2008 1202hrs IST]

SB,India,says:Those who oppose Taslima have not even read her writing. Taslima Nasreen is a liberal bengali who doesn't shy away from stating facts. People like M F Hussain on the other hand use cheap means of publicity to arouse controversy.
[20 Mar, 2008 1106hrs IST]

biplabi,West Bengal,says:I think its right to send Taslima back bacause she dared to write against Islam and that is not acceptable in 'secular'India. Had she written against Hindu religion or painted nude Hindu goddesses she would have received state protection and even been considered for awards.
[20 Mar, 2008 1007hrs IST]

Pravin,USA,says:Kudos to you Tarun Vijay for speaking out ! and Kudos to The Times of India for propagating independent thought ! This article should serve as an eye opener for every Indian who is in the deep slumber of pseudo-secularism. It is the inability of our leaders to stand up against wrongdoing which has landed us in this mess. Once you start acting against terror you will automatically gather the inertia for future struggles. Rightfulness becomes a way of life after that point. One thing you missed Tarun was the spinelessness of the BJP/NDA government when they released terrorists in exchange for the hijacked plane. The Indian intelligence could have tactically rescued the hostages hostages while bombing Kandahar back to the stone age. This would have sent a clear message to these Jihadi forces - Don't mess with Hindustan. We should be ashamed of calling ourselves the largest democracy in the world when we can't ask a communist totalitarian regime (China) to respect human rights ? Let alone China, we are even scared of Bangladesh and Pakistan whose jehadi forces are terrorizing us everyday!!
[20 Mar, 2008 0739hrs IST]

Imran,Hyderabad,says:Tarun Vijay could have talked a bit more about another artist .. M.F.Hussain. Personally I dislike him, but would definitely like to hear Tarun's comments. Taslima vs Hussain. Netizens cannot be always fooled.
[20 Mar, 2008 0730hrs IST]
A,Bangalore, Noida,says:Very good piece Mr. Vijay. I hope this inspires the youth (like me) to come forward and take charge, before its too late.
[20 Mar, 2008 0644hrs IST]

Dr.G.Srinivasan,India,says:Instead of writing bits and pieces of opinions irregularly almost all of which have valid points why can't we put all of them together and tell Taslima "We want to be projected as a democratic country with values on human rights and civil liberties.Unfortunately we are not in a position to give you any security because all available security has been lapped up by congress goons.We are sorry that we will not be able to assure you your security.We are not even doing this for our citizens.Then how can we.We still cherish the dream of making India a developed country with people urinating on the streets like animals and spitting.We are uncultured and uncivilized yet we go under the name of human beings"
[20 Mar, 2008 0552hrs IST]

micky singh,cj=hina,says:what happens when some body paints similar pictures of other religions' deities? Will so called secualrists support such artistic freedom?
[20 Mar, 2008 0544hrs IST]

mikcy singh,china,says:Can we invoke RTI to know which minister or political leaders talk what and what they plan in cabinet meetings for deciding on so called secualrism, Sachhar's reports etc...
[20 Mar, 2008 0537hrs IST]

mikcy singh,china,says:India is really threatened as it has long planted Pope's agents in powerful positions. The non hindu religions consider Hinduism as pagan culture and ar ehell bent on to help us in the name of our wellbeing.
[20 Mar, 2008 0535hrs IST]

Rajiv,Mumbai,says:This Tarun guy always see the world with Hindu lenses. He resembles the same Pak attitude of encouraging the fundamentalism and spread the hate around. People should not get carried away by this. This all start with agitating the peoples opinion by proving how one community is attacked by other. This way is already tested by mullahs in Pakistan and created the terrorists. The Sangh and Tarun are there counterparts in India.
[20 Mar, 2008 0457hrs IST]

anil,India,says:As long as left wing politicians keep on dividing hindus on caste,region and language there is no hope for hindus,India is doomed because of such politicians.
[20 Mar, 2008 0245hrs IST]

yazz,belgium,says:only in the times of hitler in germany was such rabid supporter of majority fascism such as Tarun Vijay have found regular writing space in a mainstream newspaper..his bigotry and hatred for muslims shines through every article of his...whatever be the subject he starts writing on, in the end he brings it down to the same muslim bashing theme..his sangh parivar ideology committed the same crimes a hundred times more in india (gujarat,bombay,ayodhya, bhagalpur, bhiwandi, etc etc etc)than the bangladeshi jihadists have...
[20 Mar, 2008 0224hrs IST]

Smit,Delhi,says:The storm is really accumulating silently & the outbreak will be sudden & violent. The govt of the day & congress party & all commies are fools who are not seeing it for their short term gains & for their own peril.
[20 Mar, 2008 0218hrs IST]

anand,singapore,says:India had a tradition of providing shelter to every needy and poor .The Indian government could not say anything in support of Tibetens .. they could not provide shelter to an open minded lady ...we were never that weak ... wake up Hindus .. throw these UPA and communist out of power before they create a situation which forces Hindus to leave thier motherland just like Kashmiri Pandits
Varsha,Nagpur,says:Well why we all have become so indifferent is very clear- Life has become a real challenge in India for the common folks.Just earning enough to sustain oneself(& family if possible) takes a tremendous effort.And u expect people to stand for others when they cannot stand on their own.As for people like u who are fortunate enough to escape hardships,are too busy Partitoning our Country again & again...stop all this nonsense & use ur common sense if u have one!I am a hindu but i am deeply offended by all ur articles which are full of anti-muslim,incomplete & distorted facts.Just ask urself whether what u are doing is morally correct...
[20 Mar, 2008 0028hrs IST]

Shahid,Lucknow,says:This author says things very correctly. He is a historian, an anthropologist, a reformer, a social scientist--he seems to be an all-rounder. Those who are so used to "violent jihad" to get their way through are stung by such articles. But, that's allright. Such people need to be told that ----"yeh aurangzeb ka zamana nahi raha".
[20 Mar, 2008 0006hrs IST]

the count,glasgow,says:Well written, spine less PM, imported ruler and commies running a proxy govt., what else can you expect? but this is more than a bargain isn't it?
[19 Mar, 2008 2356hrs IST]

Vikram,US,says:Mr. Vijay, where was your concern for freedom of speech when senior RSS leader Ram Vedanti issued a fatwa against TN chief minister Karunanidhi ? What about the freedom of speech of MF Hussian ? Arent these Indian citizens, shouldnt their protection get priority? Or do you value the protection of non Indian citizens who subscribe to your ideology more than Indian citizens lives?
[19 Mar, 2008 2308hrs IST]

raghav,ghaziabad,says:this is an amazing article by Mr. tarun vijay , he is actually only honest columnist who talking about the issues that affects and give directions of thought on the issues of common man. (not talking about masala n cricket) n after reading some of the comments i have realized that ppl have taken him wrongly , all he is talking is that we as the common ppl. are not concerned about the issues that are affecting our society, taslima, hussain, bangladesh etc are the issues on which society should participate as a whole rather than taking out processions for some film stars and sports persons. these issues are merely left on media and vote hungry politicians
[19 Mar, 2008 2241hrs IST]

Amulya Chandra,Kolkata,says:What can you do? I feel pity for the Bengalis !!!
[19 Mar, 2008 2213hrs IST]

Srini,Tokyo,says:Seeing such amazing articles I am very happy that a fresh new Indian Renaissance is currently underway and the best is yet to come. God bless the author's heart. Thank You.
[19 Mar, 2008 2143hrs IST]

Raj,India,says:Another brilliant article by Tarun Vijay.The points raised are very much valid.The Tasmila episode is indeed shameful for us where a lack of right leadership and improper remote control has resulted in the nation being held to ransom and given in to threats.Interestingly one of the dominant national TV media channel ,owned by half Bengali/half Irish person ,hasnt bothered to give this event the same importance as they had been giving to alleged incidents where "right wing Hindu goons" have been involved.
[19 Mar, 2008 2040hrs IST]

Mohammad ,Delhi,says:Congratulations Tarun, you slyly narrow down to your agenda, and selectively raise the issues of jihadi, Taslima Nasrin, MF Hussein; and claim that you are not anti-Muslim. I have a simple question, I appreciate your concerns for the protection of Taslima Nasreen, great, any human soul should be protected for that matter; will you show the same conviction or passion for the protection of Muslims who are threatened by hindutva brigades?
[19 Mar, 2008 2031hrs IST]

Noir,Canada,says:"Faith must be en element to enhance love and tolerance. But if it becomes a principal instrument to hate and divide, there must be something fundamentally wrong with it. Try to revisit it with an inquiring mind." - How about applying that piece of wisdom to yourself once in a while. Your article is full of contradictions and selective reading of events to paint a distorted picture where you repeatedly target Muslims as an entire community and prepare the grounds for nothing short of genocide. This is nothing but preparation of the majority mind for mass genocide of the kind witnessed in Rwanda in recent history- that is what you seem to be working on.
[19 Mar, 2008 1908hrs IST]

Ghulam Y Faruki,New York USA,says:The Times of India has done a great disservice to its eclectic and secular readership by appointing Tarun Vijay as a columnist. He is a dyed-in-wool sanghi who advances the divisive agenda of the Parivar. Having a Hindutva ideologue as a regular writer in your esteemed newspaper will adversely affect the tone of our national discourse.
[19 Mar, 2008 1858hrs IST]

Rohit,Mumbai,says:Well written!! But expose a person enough to a certain bad thing and s/he will develop a tolerance for it. The human condition is such that is adapts or adjusts and becomes desensitised. That is what has happened to us. We have been exposed to bad governance long enough to have become desensitised to it. We have learnt to live with it. No one can garner enough energy to get up and shout. Every one is snug in his or her mundane lives and routines. Money has overridden everything. If there is one thing that spurs us, it is money...never mind how we get it. And those who have money choose to use it to their advantage: Make more money, twist the system to suit them and so on.
[19 Mar, 2008 1854hrs IST]

Sangram Singh,Chandigarh,says:Secular Jihad Islamic Jihad v/s Hindu Jihad. Let's see who wins. Bring it on.
[19 Mar, 2008 1853hrs IST]

Panchanan Agrawalla,Journalist.,MA-1,Badagada Brit Colony,Bhubaneswar-751018,says:Dear Sir,Columnist Tarun Vijay has directly attacked the Present Government for not giving justice to the Bangaladesh writer Taslima Nasrin.In her Lajjya'novel she narrating about the plight of Hindus at Bangaladesh.she recived Ananda Puraskar from the WestBengal,recived Sakharov award from European Parliament.Our Govt.not allowing to honour Taslima by French President at our soil,it is only for fearing to loose Muslim votes.I have got a chance to gossiping with Famous writer Taslima at Bhubaneswar.She was invited to Bhubaneswar Book Fair.We both took a photograph.Realy she is very open minded.Tarun Vijay 's argument is very clear.Taslima should be given the award Padmashree ,for communal harmony. This article is giving naked truth of Government How he is fearing Muslim vote Bank?
[19 Mar, 2008 1846hrs IST]

Ax Nair,Noida,says:Great article. Tasleema is a brave woman... Marxists are cowards and thats why they are afraid of her.
[19 Mar, 2008 1842hrs IST]

Indian,India,says:Mr. Tarun, Why dont you do something to help your Taslima and help her out?
[19 Mar, 2008 1835hrs IST]

Jayant,USA,says:Thanks Mr. Tarun Vijay for again bringing some critical observations in the forefront. It continuously amazes me that our society lives in a constant state of self denial. Our folks especially wealthy Hindus in cities just do not want to accept that there is a cancerous growth inside which is not being treated. With all the English education, degrees in management and sciences, we have forgotten common sense and feeling of ownership towards our society. Selfishness prevails and we don't feel the pain for otehrs. That is why no one is concerned. Our conciousness is limited to me and my family. We are a selfish lot.
[19 Mar, 2008 1834hrs IST]

Ashutosh said...

Before starting, let me mention i m a hindu]
Boss, you are *absolutely* right, that hindus were massacred, killed brutally in history , and blah blah... But given the fact, that such a visionary you are, you havent mentioned the plight of muslims or christians anywhere. No mention of Godhara or Staines murder anywhere!!
Summarily, you have not been objective in your opinions at all. Sanatana dharma teaches us to be moderate, and love other humans, not inundate and create hatred, either by actions, speech or vision. Even Krishna says, see god in all. If you dont feel qualified so much, retract your statements, since they can impact the mindsets of majority of people, since you are highly regarded by people who need an iota of reason to ignite their dormant hatred towards minority communities.

Lets stop thinking about past, and who did what, and move on to make a great future for generations to come, collectively.

Best regards,
ashutosh kumar tripathy

Anonymous said...

Tarunji, you need to raise awareness of relatively decreasing Hindu population in India and the need for Hindus to have more children.

Bhavya Ketan said...

Communists believe in fortifications. In politics, they have their "Red Forts" in West Bengal, Keral, and Tripura. But they are not the real power of the Reds. Their real strength lie in the intelligentsia that supports Marxism. In Delhi, Jawarharlal Nehru Univerty and Jamia Millia Islamia are their bastions.

The rightist scholars have no stronghold in the capital. We have to destroy the Leftist brains before eliminating the Communist menace in Bharatvarsh.

Kesava said...

Hi Tarun
I regularly read your columns in TOI and would like to say your articles are highly thought provoking, probably the only reason I go into the columnist section.

You write about things that really matter to the Nation, and such serious journalism is hard to find these days. Your views and the way you express them are very straight forward and convincing. You do not mince words, and I like that writing style. And though I do not agree with you on quite a few points (I am not a Right person), the Journalist world needs people like you to shake the masses up a bit and make them sit up. You lend a certain credibility to the arguments of the Right wing with your sensible articles.

Bottom line, my deep appreciation for your knowledge and indepth analysis from the Right wing perspective of the most pressing issues today.


Anonymous said...

Most Islamits assert "We Are Victims", every day. They have very little interest in growing or in knowing or in improving.

Hindus are not like that. If we copy the Islamists and repeatedly say "We are victims", it will weaken our society. Without partition, appeasement would have been a lot worse. Look at the positive side.

GlobalCitizen said...

The UPA Govt. can give freedom to M.F. Hussain so he can paint nude Hindu Gods. Other have no rights.

Where’re Human Rights Advocates? @

Anonymous said...

You are seeking to put Hindus into eternal mourning. Is this intentional or unintentional?

Should we not focus on what we can change instead of crying over things that are not in our control?

Ashutosh said...

Hi GlobalCitizen,
Dont you have a day jo? or are you not satisifed with it. How else can you get time to think about such topics like MF Hussin, UPA and all. If you really want to be a contributor, think about something which will make India grow as a whole, not any particular region or religion.
Enough yaar, its *HIGH* time, we stop creating issues over such non-issues like MF hussain, nude gods and all, and really do something. See the eurpoeans or americans, they progress bcos they have no such things as in india, they learn how to be happy and let others be happy.

Miracles said...

its always nice reading your thoughts.

y dont u visit bhopal and spread some awareness in the fraternity.

Adi said...

I agree with you that kicking Taslima Nasreen out of India is a blot on India. But I disagree with you on M F Husain. India will be a true Hindu nationalist country only when both Taslima Nasreen and M F Husain can safely pursue their artistic endeavours without any fear in India. If I don't like their works I can ignore them. Our society's true open hindu mind understood and conceived the message of khajuraho. A true hindu mind can also understand and worship a nude goddess. So don't try to define hinduism and indian-ness in your terms. M F Husains exile is a blot on hinduism the most open minded, humanist religion in the world.

civilian commando said...

Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe against the world and all of us against the infidel. – Leon Uris

Anonymous said...

it the spots you very nice

Hrithik Roshan