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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The 2 a.m. call

Last week Nirupama Rao, our envoy in Beijing, was summoned by the Chinese foreign office at 2 am to protest against what they said was a breach into their territory by Tibetan protesters who hoisted a Tibetan flag in their embassy compound in New Delhi. At first it looks unbelievable that a foreign government could choose such an unearthly time just to hand over a protest letter and alert India to Tibetan plans to organize more protests in Delhi. Yet this is true and so is the feeble 'no protest' by the mandarins of Delhi's China policy. 

A peeved India cancelled Commerce Minister Kamal Nath's China trip as an invisible mark of discomfort which can't be interpreted as anger. That's what compromising and spineless states do when humiliated. It's not to suggest we must send our armed protesters to Beijing. The response of the strong has to be calm but firm. Simply calling off a minister's visit is not enough. India should have protested appropriately and formally against such unsavoury behaviour towards a woman envoy. 

Nirupama Rao is a suave diplomat and a poetess at heart. She was a cool reassuring face of patriotic diplomacy when she worked as the spokesperson for MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) in Delhi before taking up ambassadorial positions in Sri Lanka and China. As our envoy to Beijing she has done well so far to earn respect and appreciation from all quarters. China has been pushing its expansionist designs arrogantly and encircling Indian waters from Gwadar to Coco islands. It annexed Tibet, forcibly took possession of Aksai Chin and happily took an illegitimate 'gift' of Indian land by Pakistan, it claims the entire Arunachal Pradesh and refuses to issue visas to resident Indians of Arunachal; yet we try to ensure that nothing should be done to displease the mighty dragon. 

And this is happening when the Tatas have acquired Jaguar and Land Rover, the two greatest icons of the British Empire turning every Indian joyous and reaffirming the truth that if leaders have failed the nation, its people have led her to glory. 

Now speaking for a Tibetan cause is not exactly supporting independence for the Buddha Land. We have committed that Tibet belongs to China and even Dalai Lama has categorically accepted Chinese suzerainty. But we have an uninterrupted ancient relationship with Tibet, her culture and people and we just can't keep mum over their plight. It's dangerous to link Tibet with Kashmir since they are very different issues. We have not annexed Kashmir; the people of Kashmir have always been leaders in scholarship and national identity since ages, defining and interpreting the core of Indian-ness. In fact we are victims of foreign intervention and Islamic terrorism in the valley. We are not 'Indianising' Kashmir, it is India. The vidya that emerged from Kashmir's Shaiva sect and Sharada peeth, the highest seat of learning for Hindus, Indianises the rest of India. 

Tibet is different. The Chinese state power killed and maimed and brutalised the local people, the Indian government lost the Tibetan case out of sheer weakness and a lack of farsightedness. Now the inhuman Hanisation of the Tibet land continues with the blood of the devout while Beijing refuses any dialogue with Dalai Lama. This has to be squarely condemned. This doesn't mean China will wage war with us on this. They need a peaceful 20 years to emerge a superpower. But we need to show some spine and stand up for our own dreams and inner strength. If India doesn't want an enemy on the northern front, do we think that China would love to have soured relations with India, enhancing trade and relations with whom are top priority? 

Learn from Barack Obama. His speech on race and religion comes straight from his American heart without mincing a word or skirting issues. He spoke for American dreams and the American people. He stood for the unity and strength of the land and faced the most inconvenient factors governing American life in an honest and transparent manner. That won him laurels. Whether he wins is a different matter but the truth is that Americans love someone who speaks for the unity and oneness of their land. 

Nor did Obama deride or humiliate his guru, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr, over his controversial remarks. "As imperfect as he (Wright) may be, he has been like family to me... I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother," Obama told an audience at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. 

He stood for his family, proudly proclaiming his lineage and stoutly defending American unity. The media has unanimously described his speech as one that urges unity and applies a balm on social wounds. Even to an Indian his words inspire: "I have brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, uncles and cousins, of every race and every hue, scattered across three continents. And for as long as I live, I will never forget that in no other country on Earth is my story even possible... It is a story that has seared into my genetic make-up the idea that this nation is more than the sum of its parts — that out of many, we are truly one," he said. 

Power and confidence flowed through his words. He has a mixed racial background, a Muslim history too and is up against a charismatic rival. Yet his candour and faith in America has won hearts. He has lived up to the Latin Christian roots of his land and tried to prove worthier than many natural born whites. 

How many Indian leaders have that faith in their nation's great destiny? They are ashamed of their nation's cultural and civilisational heritage and do everything to belittle the country. 

One can face the world only on the strong foundations of ancient legacy. China has a great civilisational history and a heritage that is has touched pinnacles of glory and achievement. The Communist government doesn't feel shy about it. In every official book on China, the glorious imperial past, its civilisational contours, the cultural and religious glory is presented with pride.. Patriotism is not a dirty word as is the case with Indian Communists. We can face and stand before such a nation equipped with the strength that comes from pride in our civilisational heritage alone. The poverty of pride in Indian roots and a sense of embarrassment about the Hindu heritage which is common to every faithful of Indian origin worshipping any god or religion create a paucity of confidence. India is facing the same black hole of self-denying secularism which makes policymakers distance themselves from faiths having any resemblance or affinity to Hinduism. The lack of Bhakti (devotion) in the nation's life mechanism deprive it of the essential Shakti, the ultimate power to deal with enemies within and without. Often, friends and foes are confused. 

That China should be engaged in a friendly manner is a different proposition. But to say we must ensure China remains friendly at any cost is a dangerously self-defeating idea which needs correction. The basic premise should be to keep our interest intact. If we need China as a friend, China needs our friendship too. If we are expected to act cautiously to strengthen friendly ties and increase levels of CBMs (Confidence Building Measures), China too is expected to do the same. 


TOI readers said...

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SDG , Munich , says: Excellent to read and to see that there are still some people out there who feel responsible for the country!
[27 Mar, 2008 | 2056 hrs IST]

sanjeev sharma , Delhi , says: Dear Editor, In day to day talks with persons from different societies, I observed that the concern shown by Mr. Tarun is in the hearts of all. But unfortunately, leaders of UPA government are unable to give a vision to the society due to their personal interests. Media is also not playing ve role. Any actress or even a dog can have 1/2 an hour slot in the prime time but death of an army man in kashmir or somewhere else gets only a single line just next to advertisement line.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 2036 hrs IST]

Ax Nair , Noida , says: Dear Tarun... Do you remember the Indo-China war? India lost the war because Communist traitors leaked important defence details to China and gave China tactical support. As a result we lost 38,000 Sq.Kms of Ladakh... which is approximately the size of Kerala.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 2035 hrs IST]

varun , guwahati , says: it was overwhelming to read this article from shri Tarun Vijay ji.It was simply the best article on the issue and also his best one so far. This exactly what can be summed of our current foreign policy under this spineless UPA government especially due to the so called Indian left or rather to say Chinese parties.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 2026 hrs IST]

Dehesh Patel , United States , says: It was excellent piece of dossier on China policy which must be adopted as to how to deal with China. China is very arrogant and does not believe & understand what is civility. We must protest at every stage if they cross the line. I can say that all political parties ( save all the communist party) must evolve some uncompromising firm policy on China. China is that country that if you do not strike back will it think that India is meek & they roll all over us.I hope this type of articles appears more frequently so as to mold public opinion that political party must address if India has find it's place in sun.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 2023 hrs IST]

yogesh k singla , punjab , says: we agree with author
[27 Mar, 2008 | 2023 hrs IST]

Kumar Changavar , Chicago, USA , says: Great! This is an article that has to be reached out to the entire diaspora within and outside of the US. An excellent point to ponder.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 2013 hrs IST]

Devki Nandan Dhar , United kingdom , says: I never knew that there are people like you who know the originality of kashmir. It Is Fantastic.....I congratulate you on writing such a wonderful piece... included all the problems india is facing... at least one indian had courage to raise his voice. MY hand folded Namaskar to you Tarun Vijay...
[27 Mar, 2008 | 2008 hrs IST]

sunil , orissa , says: I donot know why the UPA govt is so much interested in appeasing the Chinise counterparts.the govt should show it's protest in a stronger way.The Chinise are time and again disrespecting us and unfurtunately the UPA and the LEFT are just trying to appease them. The LEFT parties are traitors, they are forgetting that they are too indians.Of course the LEFT will get an appropriate reply from people in the coming elections.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 2007 hrs IST]

Harish Kapoor , Canada , says: Chinese are one of the most unreasonable and tenacious people on earth. To deal with them, one has to speak in their language (not Mandarian or Cantonese, but the language of firmness!).
[27 Mar, 2008 | 2005 hrs IST]

Jason Gill , Holland (Netherlands) , says: Great, great, the words which can wake up the all age Indians and not only Indians but all over the wolrd it can create an example how to develop strong and freindly relations between Nations and how to fight back and defend your motherland. India is an one of the greatest Nations on earth, and right now India also needs to make stand and defend and fight back if required against its enimies and those who have bad eyes toward its land and peacefull thoughts.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 2001 hrs IST]

Ratnapriya Chakraborty , Kentucky, USA , says: It is wonderful reading this article. There are many occasions when our politicians need to be enlightened. We hope more intelligent, self-respectful and patriotic young men to join Indian politics in future. India is no bad than any other country of the world. We need to move the national in the right direction.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1949 hrs IST]

Nishant , UK , says: One of the best article.I think our government should learn from this article and and framed the policy accordingly.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1948 hrs IST]

Dinker Dave , London , says: An outstanding and praiseworthy comment. These sentiments deserve to be imbibed by all Indians in addition to the Members of Parliament and Government Departments; Ministerial policy should take due account of them.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1944 hrs IST]

B.K.Sharma , U.S.A. , says: I have been very impressed with your article. I wish more people in India and the Indian political leaders see your point and learn from it. Your article came from your heart and mind. It reflects depth of your intellect and understanding of the sitution at hand with China. Thank you very much!
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1935 hrs IST]

AJ , Chicago , says: After a long time I enjoyed a truly inspiring article in ANY Indian Newspaper. Yes, Indian politicians have NO SPINE. I am glad that journalists like you do exist. Indian politicians should stand and side for TRUTH and not just some lame act of DIPLOMACY. Our politicians had no issues sending troops to Bangaladesh but have issues helping the Tibetans! In one word "Cowards" accounts for what our current politicians are.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1934 hrs IST]

Radha , UK , says: YES is India afraid of China. If they do a mistake we have to reprimand and show no mercy. China lacks basic courtesy by calling a woman envoy at midnight. NDA govt is the only govt. with guts.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1933 hrs IST]

Radha , UK , says: Simply Excellent. All Indians stand up against China.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1931 hrs IST]

Nanasaheb , Patil , says: Awesome...Many Many thanks to Tarun Vijay for such a wonderful article....But unfortunately Now a days many of our leaders think that, supression of our great culture,heritage,faiths (belongs to more than 80 crore people) as secularism.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1922 hrs IST]

Puneet Chitkara , HK , says: Chandan hai is desh kee matee, Tapobhumi har gram hai... Har Bala devi kee pratima, bacha bacha Ram hai... Every Indian must internalize this. Every leader should always bear this in mind when dealing with any outsider and such thoughts should guide our foreign policy too. India should not take this insult lying down... and if UPA does not act... BJP should make sure that they Act...
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1917 hrs IST]

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Amit , Sydney , says: Excellent Article. Bhartiyas are recently starting to assert themselves as individuals but most Congress leaders are still trying to accept that we are a free nation and should stand up for ourselves. BJP at least proclaims one Bharat, a secular Bharat and a strong Bharat. Interesting to see how CPI / CPM react to this insult from China. We need to assert where our boundaries are and also take back our land but in a cooperative way.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1908 hrs IST]

Chandru , UK , says: Tarun, You've put words to my scrabled thoughts of similar lines. Many things that we feel at times are not expressable in written.. But you are one such writer who has the ability to put thoughts in paper in such a nice manner.Coming to point, I think congress will not rest until it has sold india piece by piece to neighbouring nations (do I need to name them).Days are not far ahead when Bangladesh claims calcutta, Sreelanka claims Tamil Naadu and so forth. Congressman, please awake from your deep snoring and do something about our motherland.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1908 hrs IST]

Mahe , Japan , says: Author has analyzed the situation very well. This is a failure of the govt to protect the national pride. I think we need a few strong leaders who can think a little more than how to protect their seats in parliament. We should raise our voices so that incompetent leaders should vacate their positions or take some action to protect the national pride.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1905 hrs IST]

Suresh mehta , Udaipur Rajasthan , says: Tarun Vijay is a great analyst and speaks his mind without mincing words. I congratulate him. Does he write in Hindi also? Where can we get the collection of his columns?What is the email address of Tarun Vijaya?
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1842 hrs IST]

Hindu Singh , New Delhi , says: China has borrowed from India in the past. Buddhism made a huge impact in China. In other words, India-China relationship is a very historic one. We need astute diplomats, politicians to work on this historic relationship. China needs India and India needs China, at a crucial time when the global powers are re-organizing themselves. So, India should handle this very carefully, at the same time exercise smart diplomacy. Hindu-Chini Bhai Bhai.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1842 hrs IST]

Chanchal Sinha , France , says: Excellent analysis of the whole situation, which came directly from the heart. We actually forgot to believe in ourselves. We need to stand and express our views and we can not consider ourselves weak any more. The politicians in India should think as one team when comes to face the external pressure. Pls. do not get into the trap of Divide & rule. We have been used by others because of this policy. We need to put it up to China that no more of this behavior to our dignitaries is acceptable.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1842 hrs IST]

Well Wisher , Chandigarh , says: Diplomacy and Good Politics are the only strategies for China. India should not be over-confident about anything.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1836 hrs IST]

Murugesh , Chennai , says: Nice Article. But, India should rather approach this cautiously. All said and done, China is an emerging economic and military power. They have the Brahmastras (Nuclear missiles). So, one needs to careful. Canceling a diplomat/minister's visit will only cause more confusion. India should talk to China and if possible talk about tibet and also talk about obtaining the Kailash-Manas-Sarovar area into the India territory. All this is possible if one has the diplomatic ability like the our own CHANAKYA! But, Alas! our politicians are so dumb, they know nothing!
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1834 hrs IST]

Raj , India , says: Well written article.Unfortunately media nowadays carries very few things to instill confidence and positive attitude in the minds of people.In many cases the effect is mostly negative.For example,I was watching a new TV serial called "Dharam Veer" on one of the leftist meida houses channel and found it unbelievable that as part of depiction of "ancient India" , "common Indian people" were being shown in arabian attire complaining about the discrimination being done on them by "Aryans" who "did not allow them to enter temples". To sum up,the patriotic media also needs to be alert to the psychological challenges to nation's ethos as well.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1832 hrs IST]

shankar mantha , Dubai , says: Excellent piece. Tarun Vijay, has put it very eloquently, and should be circulated to every member of parliament and make it compulsary reading .
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1757 hrs IST]
Pradeep , U.A.E , says: Tarun sir, could you Train more people in jounarlism so instead of reading communist filth, we can read and learn about India through Genunine Indian perspective.justlike now many people reading & coming to know through your all excellent articles. Keep pouring your thoughts & great service sir, some day all mud will wash and a true Indian Rashtra will wake up.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1700 hrs IST]

Vikram Singh , delhi , says: The author has done wonderfully well in analysing China. India must judge China by its actions and not words. It is a hostile neighbour that has treated India with contempt and occupies our territory and has shown repeated tendency to distort history and truth. The spinelessness of the Congress govt. is truly shameful.
[27 Mar, 2008 | 1646 hrs IST]

Bharata said...

always have followed u sir.


Rakesh said...

Tarun is one of the rare true nationalist Journalist who pen always show patriotism to country India.

Dhanyawad Tarun jee.