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Monday, September 15, 2008

'Hindu hypocrisy'

RSS slams 'Hindu hypocrisy

Press Trust of India 
Posted online: Sunday, September 04, 2005 at 1423 hours IST 
Updated: Monday, September 05, 2005 at 0721 hours IST 

Expressindia, September 5, 2005 

New Delhi, September 4: In an unusually hard talk, the RSS has blamed 'Hindu hypocrisy and upper caste arrogance' for the recent arson in Gohana town of Haryana in which several (44) Dalit houses were set ablaze and even indirectly attacked BJP leaders for not applying the 'soothing balm' on the wounds of the victims. 

"Even if we try to view the incident in Gohana, removed from the political angle, it reflects the hypocrisy of the Hindu society and the cheapness and arrogance, which goes against national interests, of the so-called upper castes," Tarun Vijay, editor of RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya said in a write-up 
in the latest issue (Sept. 11, 2005). 

Maintaining that the incident was 'neither surprising nor new,' he said the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan were victims of 'deep rooted hatred and neglect'. 

"The so-called upper castes cover up all their misdeeds overtly and covertly through their fellow clansmen in the administration and media. Irrespective of parties and their colours, they are all alike when it comes to atrocities on the deprived sections," it said. 

Referring to the BJP's September 1 decision to send a 'fact-finding team' to Gohana, he said, "the incident took place on August 27. The houses were set on fire on August 31. The news dominated every newspaper and television channel but till now, we have not heard of a single important Hindu political or social leader having visited the area and applied balm on the 
wounds of the deprived sections". - "Panchjanya" - a Hindi weekly, dated September 11, 2005 

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