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Saturday, September 20, 2008

One crore for a dance, 5 lakh for the martyr

Delhi saw an unprecedented crowd to give final farewell to a martyred Inspector M.C.Sharma who died while facing the terrorists in Jamia Nagar last friday. Its heard a few lakhs have been announced for the family of the martyr. Money is certainly not a significant factor before the great sacrifice that Sharma offered for his motherland. But the Neeyat- the heart of the politician who signs such an order is to be seen in its true colours. 

How much they spend on the renovation of their house every year? Have the rich and powerful any heart for the brave and dutiful?The Mumbai item girls who charge, sometimes a crore per dance, have you ever seen them helping a person who died for the cause of the nation ?

Who are those Indians  who keep  their daily schedule as if nothing has happenned, the great super stars who charge 75 crores for a film and who continue with their global tour-the Unforgettable, who are they? Which country do they belong to? Are they worth the blood of a martyr?

Those Indians who are on a unforgettable world tour and doing all the masti and mazaa, never felt even for a moment to  observe a minutes silence in memory of those who died in Delhi blasts or to remember and pay homage with a patriotic song to the policemen and soldiers who die so that their nation lives and their world tour continues unhindered. why ? because that will disturb their fun and frolic?

Whats their colour if not tricolour?

What's their relation with those who battle to keep tricolour fluttering?

The politician's nation is his bungalow, his yearly expense accounts, funds , commissions and vote bank. Nothing beyond that ever happens. Each politician, any mentionable one, is worth more than five hundred crores . Have you ever seen them coming to help the soldiers,policemen or any person's family who died for the cause of their ideology or policy or programme or movement? Pl cite one example.

Do you have any idea how much they spend or make the state spend on their vacations, political tours, hotel bookings, suits, food and public meetings? 

The way the state helicopters and planes are pressed into service , at public expense , to serve their whims, egos, holidays, with family, the per hour expenses reach an exorbitant level.

I bet, you cant even reach the vicinity of the real Kharcha.

And they swear to remove poverty, serve the party, love the disadvantaged, make every effort to provide help to the teeming millions. After a good speech , tired and fatigued having done a successful tour, they come back Delhi to live in stinkingly luxurious atmosphere .

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Anonymous said...

There are two types of patriots -

1. Those like Shri HV Seshadri and Shri Dattopant Tengadi who were not interested in complaining, blaming or quarrelling. They were more interested in solutions and their lives are beautiful examples of desireless action. They never got agitated. They confined themselves to what they can change and accepted what they cannot change without worrying too much.

2. The other type consists of the vast majority who are not interested in solutions. For them, the most attractive part is to react, to blame and to quarrell. They went through this routine day in and day out, every day of their lives. “Dharma, what Dharma!! We are under attack!!!” At the end of the day, they contributed very little because they focussed on things that are not in their hands.

It is important to take up a few issues where we can contribute something without getting agitated over daily attacks. Work will cleanse our intellect and hence our world.