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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tarun Vijay: The Third Eye

Tarun Vijay: The Third Eye

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Anonymous said...

Rakesh Singh,Kansas City,says:It is really a eye opening article for Indians as well as India media. This type of article is rarely being published in Indian media, Indian media is too busy in Glamor and pseudo secular appeasement. Thanks a lot to Tarun jee for fine article & to TOI for publishing it.
[12 Mar, 2008 0339hrs IST]

Rahul,NJ,USA,says:Such a brilliant article by Tarunji. I have never seen any other columnist to have such a good insight and perception about India. TOI should better realise this fact. It looks so bad that TOI does not want to associate with the vviews so expressed by stating that "views expressed are personal". Why it does not hold true for other columnist. I doubt my email may not get public here as it might expose the biased TOI.But still someone from TOI will get my message.
[9 Mar, 2008 0552hrs IST]

Rakesh,Mumbai,says:Mr. Tarun Vijay pulls in too many present day issues. He should have written separate columns on these. In India those in power are not accountable to anyone, that is a basic problem. There is no fear of punishment. No answerability. That's why slums illegally occupy government land, that is why our custom officials have been indulging in rampant corruption and that is why our roads routinely crumble during every monsoon and nothing gets done about it.
[9 Mar, 2008 0015hrs IST]

Suresh,New Delhi,says:The article by Sh. Tarun Vijay is a very honest piece of writing by an Indian whose heart pains for all the ills he sees in the society. This article like many others he has penned is not controversial at all as this is true depiction of the state in which our state is. I would, after having been impressed by his clarity, like to conclude that this article should have also dwelled on the subject of possible solutions to the ills prevailing in our society. This is more so because we humans are obliged to behave like humans and a very scientific and systematic strategy to achieve this status is to lead a life based on DHARMA. Undoubtedly origin of these social ills is a disconnect between two generations the seniors and the youth. The bounden duty on the seniors of every society is to effectively lead their juniors,the youth. Why do we fail in leading them. This is question we need to discuss. We are enriching our youth with scientific temper and in turn reaping the benefits of the same as we see advances in all areas of technology i.e. better medical facilities, better taming of natural resources for human welfare and survival, exploring deeper the universe outside and inside from galaxies to sub atomic particles. But then we suddenly administer our innocent and dynamic youth with a dose of faith. Is it not diametrically opposite to what we have taught them in their teens, the science which in very clear terms says that believe in what you we see physically true and backed by experiments. Nowhere we teach them spirituality based on scientific reasoning. Now how come we expect our youth to believe what we call faith a total disconnect with science which we have been teaching them. It is this very reason that our youth does not find it worthwhile to accept faith in so called God and our rituals when they are expected to believe it. If our religious leaders can show the youth a definite link between faith and science then there is no reason that our youth shall ignore the most important aspect of human life i.e. religion or DHARMA. Now we should come to a very important point of our discussion which has the potential of clarifying our doubts and that is RELIGION. What is this. Some people think that religion is a subject matter of rituals performed in places of worship without even explaining the logic behind these rituals. In absolute terms DHARMA i.e. religion is a way of life with three pillars on which it rests and leads the whole humanity without any fear or favour. 1. Truth 2. Impartiality 3. Justice. If we want to check whether we are leading a Dharmic life or not then we have to ask three simple questions in any situation of life i.e are we truthful, are we impartial and are we doing justice with all whom we come in contact with. There is no question of only believing in Lord Shiva, Lord Christ or Allah to be religious. Moreover it is very simple to understand. A person does not need to be an expert in a religion to ensure that he/she is leading a life based on DHARMA. Every constitution of the world is for ensuring that no injustice should be done with any person, no partiality and no fraud, falsehood or cheating with any one. That means every constitution is an effort to protect its citizen while leading a life on DHARMA. These three constituents of Dharma has all the power of being accepted by any society. So let us think over it and ultimately diminish the possibility of prevalence of sufferings in any society. While we talk about guiding principles of life we should not forget unlimited reservoir of knowledge The VEDAS. The only book in universe which does not mention time, place or person while all other books mention at least one of these proving that these were written by humans while VEDAS are creation of Almighty God for the welfare of humanity. So the urgent need of the society is to make Religion relevant to all rational people who test every thing with reason and science. Such a religion shall be universally acceptable. Now if we look at religion as a solution to all evils present in any society then start applying tests of truth, impartiality and justice to any unthinkable problem you have the reasons causing that problem. I would like all of you to find some time out of your busy schedule to see this link . This site is managed by Dr. Harish Chandra who has been a Combustion Scientist and served in organisations like Wolkswagen of Germany and even Indian organisation in Pune on Automobiles research who has very explicitly explained many facets of spirituality vis-vis our body, mind, and soul. Satyarth Prakash is a text worth reading in the context of the subject of Sh. Tarun Vijay Ji.
[8 Mar, 2008 1845hrs IST]

anagha,pune,says:India needs MLAs, MPs, presidents, prime ministers like u..If the leaders who can motivate the masses has ur views India can change..when i read ur articles I start to hope..there is still hope maybe it will take some time.... its taking baby steps towards change...If common people can read each and every articles of you daily then it wud shake their attitude towards society..
[8 Mar, 2008 0933hrs IST]

DK,Delhi,says:Tarunji, we need to make understand to the people around us of all what is written in the article.Great approach.
[8 Mar, 2008 0638hrs IST]

Raj,India,says:I eagerly await articles from Tarunji every week.I am sure people especially the educated have realised the disadvantage of not having the right leadership at the seat of power.However most feel voiceless in view of the dirty and worryingly populist political culture in the country. In Tarunji ,I find an expression of the India of my dreams.I could see in Tarunji,a legendary, visionary,perhaps like father of our nation who single handedly inpired our nation to win freedom. I wish Tarunji good luck for all his endeavours.
[8 Mar, 2008 0151hrs IST]

Achin,India,says:Respected Sir, Apropos to your article "Third Eye". I agree with your views on sleazy politics, bollywood , media and India's govt. and people. But expecting politicians and babus to correct themselves is a mistake. Our so called education is unable to imbibe values like integrity, courage, truth, honesty, concern for poor. Our system of jurisdiction, policing has made sure that every parent to teach his\her child to settle any matter through shortcut. Sir I am not aged person. I am in final year of my Electronics Engineering in premier private Institute of India. Even the sate of affairs here is to help and hear rich and influential people. All this injustice and inequality has made us more weak. The condition is so bad that after living in my Institute for 4 years my courage to fight so called rich and political people has ceased. This is like situation that is engulfing youth and we are now used to say that " In logon ka Kuch nai ho sakta, agar jina hai to dab kar hi rehna padega" Hope you will reply
[7 Mar, 2008 2250hrs IST]

Ktej,USA,says:Great column. Thought provoking. Enjoyed reading. Thanks.
[7 Mar, 2008 2136hrs IST]

Raynah Sivaraman,Manila,says:All the problems of India(at schools, airports, courts, hospitals, etc.) as mentioned by Tarun Vijay in his article, stem from a lack of integrity in Indians. These problems are ethical. The power of rhetoric is merely to deaden an already deadened conscience -- especially when it mixes up issues, throws in disconnected bits of information, often devoid of truth, and reaps a popularity whirlwind. We see it happening weekly in these columns.
[7 Mar, 2008 1427hrs IST]
Anon,USA,says:Tarunji isn't it interesting tht you do not even try to verify FACTS before you spew venom.... FACTS just as readily available in this same news paper.... but of course the Hindu agenda cares more for votes than facts.
[7 Mar, 2008 0937hrs IST]

Ramkishin Samat,Philadelphia,says:We need to see and read more of Dr. Mookerjee. My question is -- how do we change this political system of corruption and chaos?
[7 Mar, 2008 0657hrs IST]

sanjay vaidya,Qatar,says:Very good article,Tarunji.keep on writting like this.I am always eagerly waiting for ur article. Our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are spoiling the show. Take example of Mumbai Municipal Corporation. It has 1.2lakh employees out of which 25 thousands are sweepers. But still it is most dirty city in world. London municipality has no more than 8 thousand workforce but they manage city 10 times better than Mumbai. The office space in Mumbai is more costly than London which is beyond imagination. Take example of Dubai. Today it is no less than London or New York. Who is working in Dubai? All Indians. When we can work for Dubai, why not for our own city? The reason is simple our politicians will not allow it. The first job we should do is to get rid of these corrupt politicians. But again where is the choice Tarunji? We have still not forgotten as how very dedicated bureaucrat Mr.Khairnar was harassed by all party politicians. Where is the choice Tarunji?
[7 Mar, 2008 0143hrs IST]

Shubhojit Purkait,California, US,says:Dear Tarun Ji, I have been reading your articles for the last 3 months' every week and have been impressed with each one of them. Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed you transform from being the mouthpiece of RSS to being the brain behind the BJP. That is obviously because of change in your roles. W.r.t that I hope you will agree with me that for India to improve every paara/gali/community in India needs to have a leader willing and capable to implement your views. Making your guiding light L.K.Advani the PM or BJP the party in power will not achieve that because over the years leadership has not flown from top to bottom in our society. Leadership has been left to a different class of people always, earlier to the Rajas, now to the MPs, as if they were a separate breed. I hope you will also agree that there are lakhs (if not crores) of Indians who want to change their surroundings (locally as well as nationally) for the better but do not have the guts. Do you have a brainwave or idea how to develop a method to use the ability of these poeple for the betterment of society (such that these people can become the leaders of their community and inspire their neighbours the way you try to)? A method as good as to what is used to control the economics of a society i.e., if you increase deposit rates people will start saving and if you lower it people will start spending.
[7 Mar, 2008 0108hrs IST]

Ashim Dutta,21/i middle road ,kolkata-75,says:The third eye means that 6th sense of human body i.e.,brain which exists over our eyes.
[7 Mar, 2008 0032hrs IST]

Gaurav Bhargava,Jaipur,says:Why is TOI so afraid of agreeing with Tarunji's articles and ideas? None of the other columnist's articles end with a note from TOI as "The views expressed are his personal". YOu Wash your hands off right there.
[6 Mar, 2008 2351hrs IST]

Jaswant Singh,Canada,says:Tarunji, I agree with some of your articles and this is one of those. But I do read all of them. As Capt Ajay said, any religion or religious place should be accessible to everyone. Only transparency can help people shed fear and appreciate other religions.
[6 Mar, 2008 2103hrs IST]

P S Shrimali,Mumbai,says:Dear Tarun ji , You have rightly mentioned all the problems our unelitist brothers & sisters are facing.I agree with you 100% that in india mighty & powerful people are enjoying everything & our govt is throwing money on to our cricketers in billions.Those cricketers are already a wealthy lot.For players like Sachin 1 crore ruppees is a pea nut.Why can't we utilise this money for our deprived people.I think we need a drastic change of mental set & look at things from unprivileged lot.Pls keep writing such articles.
[6 Mar, 2008 2043hrs IST]

Ramachandra Reddy,Hyderabad,says:I like Tarun's views. I wish to write to him. Can I have his email id?
[6 Mar, 2008 1719hrs IST]

Rohit,Mumbai,says:Merely voting is not going to achieve anything. More people need to be able to read these articles online - i.e., have access to the internet and all that is pre-required for that. That would be development which would empower people to see the picture more clearly and make decisions based on things other than election promises.
[6 Mar, 2008 1434hrs IST]
Panchanan Agrawalla, Journalist.,MA-1,Badagada Brit colony, Bhubaneswar-751018,says:Dear Sir, When Shiv opens his third eye,he destroys all the evil.Tarunji explaining the Mahatmya' of Shiva .He is very powerful God.In his article he has emphasising that all Hindus allowed to worship in the temple without any discrimination.He has criticising the present rail-budget,how poor people suffering from journey in dirty ordinary Boggy. The writer is very hopeful that world is changing,Obama is on a wining trek.Russia has got a new president.Iran and Iraq were keeping good relation .
[6 Mar, 2008 1407hrs IST]

UMESH,CHANDIGARH,says:TARUN JI...JUST KEEP IT UP..We all know that its NOT going to wake up all those to whom you are trying to , but as i always maintain, it will keep shaking atleast some minds. And as they say, "Boond Boond se Saagar bhar sakta hai", i hope even if some of us started thinking in the positive directions, things will start to change gradually...because, for most of the ills that you have mentioned, we the citizen of India as a whole, are equally to be blamed.
[6 Mar, 2008 1401hrs IST]

Anonymous,USA,says:Very good! Yes, we have to dissolve this stagnated and un-caring system to create a new one. (NOTE: As usual ToI remains distanced from your views as opposed to their other columnists!! even though yours are more popular than many others)
[6 Mar, 2008 1323hrs IST]

Arun,Dubai,says:Wonderful article that every one should go through. I started reading your article's late and now a days really looking forward to your article's as first priority on every day.Keep going!
[6 Mar, 2008 0948hrs IST]

Capt. Ajay Tripathi,Tokyo,says:Dear Tarun, Yet another article from you with chilling facts no politician wants to act upon! In Tokyo I went to renew my daughter's Passport and had to communicate with a FILIPINO emplyee in the embassy. Few weeks later I took AI flight to visit Delhi and the pilot was INODONESIAN! Is this is how economy of a country grow when people are dying of hunger and committing sucide due to unemployment! Yes it is time for self-awakening for sure! While un-shackling, I differ with you on one point - Opening third eye means unshackling our temples from such a castiest stranglehold and making them a centres of cultural and civilisational rejuvenation open to not only all Hindus but to ALL RELIGIONs without any discriminations. Capt. Ajay Tripathi Tokyo
[6 Mar, 2008 0906hrs IST]

Arun B.,Chennai,says:Great article, Tarunji. Once again, you have proved that you know not just religion and politics, but also know Science, Nature, etc. You should continue to write much more articles like this in ToI. Keep up Tarunji. BTW, mail me at
[6 Mar, 2008 0812hrs IST]