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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Assaulting an Indian dream

More than a hundred thousand civilians have been murdered in cold blood since 1986 in ideological hate attacks in India. Most of them invariably were Hindus. Though Hindus are there in every party and state machinery, there has been hardly a voice of reason, angst and pain raised effectively against assaults on Hindus during all these years, as if Hindus still feel they are living under an oppressive un-Hindu regime and hence it's better to suffer in silence and be thankful to the oppressors for small mercies. 

It's amazing. The sheer nature of compromise and an attitude of self-denial , the auto suggestion to keep mum if slapped, otherwise you will lose votes and power, has de-nationalised governors and polity to such an extent that a lady minister thinks it beneficial to visit the office of the assaulters on Hindus, sympathising with the attackers but chooses to remain silent over the gruesome murders of five Indian citizens in an Indian town Kannur, just because the governance depends on the support of the assaulters and victims do not figure in their voters list. Is this the government for only those who form the ruling coalition or for all Indians? 

So much humiliation and insults have gone deep into our blood that even to say, oh we were attacked not for any other reason but just because we wore saffron, we were Hindus, makes many of us feel embarrassed and declare oh, what's the use of remembering what happened to our ancestors, it will further create bad blood and hatred. But this is 'true' only when Hindus are victims. In every single other incident, its 'prudent', 'wise' and 'essentially readable a thousand times'. Movies on Hindu 'lumpens and aggressors' are facilitated to bag state awards and included in international film festivals. I have seen a couple of such aggressively secular 'missionary' documentaries. It is difficult to appreciate the tone and tenor of utterly hateful commentaries, which rely more on fabricated unsustainable allegations and communally surcharged picturisation. 

A precipitated hate against Hindus in an influential part of polity and media showed its first face, post- partition, immediately after the Tricolour was unfurled at the Red Fort. The Mirpur, Mujaffarbad, Pindi massacres of Hindus put even the Nazis to shame. It's difficult to re-count those incidents of blood and gore and unimaginable brutalities on Hindu women and children. It was so horrifying that Hindus dread even to remember that. But it figures nowhere in media, though they recount world war, Pol Pot ,Vietnam but not massacres of Hindus in the erstwhile East Pakistan and Kashmir. In North East, National Socialist Council of Nagaland (IM), which is fighting to crate a greater Nagaland for Christ, United Liberation Front of Assam and many such fronts in Tripura and Manipur, Maoists extremists active from Orissa to the states of UP, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand and Islamist Jihadis under various banners have been targetting Hindus under different pretexts like in Assam they call them as Hindi- speaking people and in Kashmir its just KPs(Kashmiri Pandits). 
And now, we have Kannur. 

What has changed in this sixty-one-year of progress, secular rule and increasingly impressive listings in Forbes list? 

Hindus being targeted just for their colour of faith and assertive Hindutwa is a matter of embarrassment. 

Two recent incidents have made me feel like re-visiting Godhra, where Hindus were victims and Hindus were blamed for having organised their death in a burning inferno! Everyone condemned Gujarat riots where Hindus and Muslims both were victims, but never even for once we have seen a secularist answering a question-why were Hindus burnt alive in Sabarmati express? 

Why not a single secular human rightist has taken up the case of Godhra victims?

Why Gujarat riots means only 'Muslims killed' and hundreds of Hindus killed are simply forgotten as if they were unmentionable dirt? Every single Indian facing injustice, no matter what the colour of his faith is, must get support from all patriots. Why colour of death decides the hues of support? 

In the killing fields of Kannur, five RSS-BJP workers were hacked to death in a matter of four days ( ). Those killed were low income group wage earners like auto rickshaw and truck drivers. Since CPM has come to power in Kerala in 2006, 20 RSS workers have been murdered for their saffron leanings. No animosity of any other count but just belonging to a different and growing ideology was their crime. In 2003, a teacher K.T. Jayakrishnana was hacked to death before the tiny tot children he was teaching. On 17th September 1996, two ABVP activists, Anu and Kim, were cornered in a college in Parumala and threatened to be killed for joining a saffron student's organisation. Fearing death too close, the students ran and tried to swim across the Pampa river, but the SFI goons stoned them so severely that they were forced drowned. Even the women washing near the river tried to throw their sarees to the drowning students, but were stopped by Communist student leaders. Both the dead youngsters were the only offspring of their families. The killings of RSS workers in Kannur have a background to it. It was here that the Communist Party was formed in Kerala in 1940 and the place is considered a stronghold of the Left in the state. Since early sixties, the RSS began its work here and soon workers from lower income group, especially the backward, dalit segment were attracted towards it. This angered the CPM cadre and leadership and to harass and instil a fear in the CPM workers who were joining RSS, the first murder of a saffron worker took place in 1967. His name was Ramakrishnan. I have received a letter describing why violence is not stopping in Kannur against Hindu workers from Sadananda master, a teacher in Kannur whose both legs were chopped off in 1994 because he was organising RSS work there. He is still a teacher, and continues to do RSS work. 
From Nandigram to Kannur, Communist terrorism has taken different shapes and shades. Their ideological cohort Maoists have emerged the largest single murderer-outfits responsible for killings and looting ( ). Yet they have captured the space for peace initiatives and candle light marches!! They don't know, a worker killed may have a red or a saffron colour, but the colour of the tears of their mothers remain the same. Ideological apartheid and a policy to annihilate the differing people is a legacy of the Communist and Islamic intolerant groups. This creates a chain reaction. Unfortunately media too takes a narrow sectarian view and sides with groups that thrive on a secular bias against anything saffron. 

The entire Europe and India's anti-fascists churn out tones of literature against Nazi barbarities and make it sure that the new generation is taught about how bad Hitler was. This is considered an essential exercise in secularising the society and building brain walls against recurrence of such dark periods. But if in the same spirit of building resistance to the barbarities of Dark Age represented by Aurangzeb, an exhibition is sought to be displayed, it is uprooted and closed by the secular state power. 

This happened in Chennai where police ordered forcible closure of an innocuously presented exhibition on Aurangzeb, according to Mogul documents. 

The exhibition was organised by a French journalist Francois Gautier, who is an ardent devotee of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, an apostle of universal brotherhood and peace. The purpose was to depict Aurangzeb as he was seen by Mogul chroniclers and his confidants. The secular politicians are afraid of two things -showing disrespect to Aurangzeb and showing respect to his blood brother Dara Shikoh, a noble hearted Muslim whom he got murdered. Its important to recollect that not only the dreaded terrorists active in Kashmir like to call their actions of brutality in the name of Islam as continuing the 'great legacy of Aurangzeb' but in Pakistan the craze amongst the anti-India leaders is to decorate themselves with the title of Aurangzeb in order to show their devotion and zeal to the cause of their religion. 

This situation says a lot about the dispossession of the Hindus and their severe loss of memory resulting in disinterestedness in resisting assaults on their soul. Every party has Hindus as leaders, but they feel to speak for Hindus is a matter of political loss. They shine individually but fail collectively. In spite of being the victims of hate and assaults since centuries, there is not a single museum of holocaust in this land depicting the long journey of Hindus through indescribable travails and their glorious history of resistance. There is not a single institution of excellence in India devoted to the study of Hindu resistance and assaults on their body and mind. Indian leaders, mostly Hindus, have earned hundreds of crores, amassed great amount of wealth, but most of it is spent in downsizing their colleagues, living in extravaganza, launching missiles against their rivals rather than using it, for once to reawaken the memories of their collective glorious past and struggles of their ancestors to inspire and lighten up a grand future. Its an intellectual war to be fought with warriors of wisdom rather than political gatekeepers and durbans. A community which forgets insults and doesn't make amends to put up a courageous resistance can't hope to weave a future of respect. It's not against any other people but on the contrary a Hindu solidarity alone is a guarantee of peaceful co-existence and equality testified by our long history. And it certainly means a society without any caste discriminations, asserting one single identity-the Indian Tricolour. A Hindu observing caste or region based discriminations and prejudice is less than a Hindu. Make him feel ashamed of his narrow-mindedness. Breaking the stranglehold of caste in politics and social mobility corridors is another Independence struggle to realise the Indian dream. 

There can't be an American dream deleting the memories of Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln and Martin Luther King and making Americans feel embarrassed about their Latin Christian character that defines the colour of the land. There can't be an Indian dream by targeting Hindus for their legitimate saffron assertions. 


Tarun Vijay said...

irbaak,USA,says:What a cheap article. This kinda column without any reasonings to support it shouldn't get any space in the editorial. I see the presence of few political mad minds out there at the moment with naked swords in their hands. And here is one of their extended arm, the pen soldier with a naked pen throwing venoms along with them to their mythical enemies. This guys MuST be removed from any position that he is serving that can corrupt many innocent mind.
[18 Mar, 2008 0225hrs IST]

Aditya,USA,says:I don't find any true sunbstance in this article. The writer has been emotionally motivated with ill sighted and ill informed mindset. First of all, he should have shown a statistics of those number by each incidents and the reason behind of all those happenings. You just don't write in public with your own sorts of ways and paint it as you wish. The worst of all human tragedis in the face of earth took place in the land of so called India It cannot be compared with anything else, it has been the worst of all crimes ever made to such a large number people for such a long period of time in our human history and which still going on in full pace and sometimes under the masks. What you see through your near blind eyes and what you think in your dark and narrow mind is nothing but the tiny bit of reactions to those piled up inhuman tragedies committed by the Hindus for thousands of years.
[18 Mar, 2008 0208hrs IST]

Uma,Mumbai,says:I am a student. Completely agree to the views of the respected sir who has written this article "Assaulting an Indian Dream".
[17 Mar, 2008 1642hrs IST]

sonappan,Kannur,says:There is no big shame than the Gujarat riots and the systematic killing happening in Gujarat. The funny thing happening in Kannur is Both sides are Hindus. SO the heading is concealing Tarun's and his mentors (RSS) agenda. SO your article is one sided. Ideology can be fought with ideological differences not with Sword or crude Bombs.
[17 Mar, 2008 1512hrs IST]

Sooraj,UK,says:Hat off to Mr.Tarun for a daring article which put the reality in right perspective and pseudo secularist to hang their head in shame.India is plundered ,Hindus are butchered and Culture is defaced and still our pseudo secularist are concerned with the assaulters .We have NGO like Setelvad et al who shed crocodile tears for the Gujarat victims and pretend that Hindu blood is of no consequences.If you look at the true colours of the so called civil liberation activists like Setalvad et al they are nothing but Communists wearing a lamb skin.Communists are the biggest threat to peace loving Hindus and the time has come to take them head on by RSS and BJP before it is too late.The counter attack at AKG centre in Delhi for the brutality in Kannur by the Marxists goons is the right answer .Let us not preach sermon tto these monstors who are bend upon destroying Hindus and Culture.As Vivekananda Said Awake Hindus from the slumber and take the bulls by their horn.
[17 Mar, 2008 1404hrs IST]

himanshu ,bombay,says:i think this is the first article i have come across after long time which shows the real plight of hindus in india(ironically a nation where hindus are in majority)...///tdays india there is reservation for almost everybody sc,st,obc and minorities muslim ,christians and double reservation for people who are sc's and st's and also got converted into muslim and christians//and no leader is there who can talk abt really brilliant upper class hindu who enjoys no such benefits //thanku sir for writing this article
[17 Mar, 2008 1350hrs IST]

M.Srinivasan,India,says:The article "assaulting Indian dream" in the Times of lIndia is well written. It depicts nicely the helplessness of the Hindu population, majority of which is frustrated but individuall acting as a minority! I am reminded of of my college days more than fifty years back. I used to be ashamed of myself being called a Hindus, much less a Braahmin. In fact a few of my college mates who were having "tuft" in their hair, used to be losing stock, One of them, a bright one at that was perseveilng in not removing his tuft. He woved to join the ranks of IAS. Rightly so, selected. But he was told that he would be selected for IAS if and only if he removed his tuft!. He refused. Accordingly he was not offered IAS, but instead he was selected for :central Servilces, which he promptly rejected. Without losing heart, next when he appeared for IAS again, he was selected. This he was persuaded to remove hils tuft for which he agreed on condition that he would do so only if he receillved the offer of appointment! Now the situation ;has slightly changed. Instead of being ashamed of being a Hindu, the Hindus are divided into two categories. One category of Hindus are proud of being a HINdu, while other category are proud of boating themselves secular despite being Hindus. They cooly forget that the Hinlduism is only secular religion win the world. ( Budddhism, Jainism, Sikhism are mainly derivatives of HInduism having similar views on religion) Mr. Tarun Vijay's ideas are good. But how do we united the dispirited Hindus to save our culture and Nation/ Doe he have a solution, I shall only be glad to have his views on this. I his solution is good, kudos to him!
[17 Mar, 2008 1010hrs IST]

subrata sarkar,edinburgh,says:i really enjoyed reading the article,thanks for writing about the topic which i used 2 discuss with my frnds and teachers,i made every1 read the article 2.
[17 Mar, 2008 0921hrs IST]

proudindian,Bangalore,says:RSS is the only rooted organisation commited to weed out casteism from Hindusism and restore the hindu pride.I have attende few of theie sessions and i have not seen even one speaker talking of to go and kill somebody or harm somebody. All they emphasize is that see what's happening to you and how your pride is being tattered into pieces.
[17 Mar, 2008 0847hrs IST]

prasanth,kochi,says:few interesting facts..... as for the ongoing crisis in kannur, my neutral friend said that every communist guy was getting police protection, the saffron guys were on all eyes to catch hold of some to extract revenge killings, but unfortunately 2 poor railway workers were they ones they got-he says there'll defenitely be killings in the times to come the communist party supported the chinese invasion of India not only do communists elate on killing hindus, they also love to destroy temples- following destruction of one such temple in early 1970's the then cpm home minister was asked to comment- he replied-one temple less is that much relief for India Various TV channels work hours to show how badly the minorities in Gujarat live, how many minutes of news have they shown kasmiri pundits 2 lakh pundits have been exterminated 2000 muslims have been killed- who attracts more attention the basic problem is we hate ourselves the most- that's why anything and everything western is loved here the biggest enemies of hindus r HINDUS themselves its neither christians or muslims we must learn our true past- so that we may FORGIVE BUT NEVER FORGET IT i think we must respect the saffron brigade for restricting their arms to swords- imagine if they had taken up guns once we begin to respect ourselves, identify and love our true heritage, AND KNOW WHERE TO DRAW THE LINE- THEN SUCH INCIDENTS WON'T OCCUR
[16 Mar, 2008 2350hrs IST]
Prasad,London,says:This article is nothing but attempt to divide India into two halves - hindus and non-hindus. This is similar to Raj Thackarey against Up-Bihari bhaiyas, Bengal Minister against Marwaris, Kannadigas against Tamilians and Tamilians against entire India which north of Tamil Nadu. Only difference is Tarun vijay divisive policies are based on religion while others was based on regions. It is shame to see that people who were attacking Raj and calling him anti-national are now praising Tarun Vijay. Times had headlines and editorial written against Raj but is carrying Tarun Vijay article in inner pages. What a hypocrisy.... ha..ha..ha.. To make it clear I am Hindu and Marathi but I am against Raj and all the others mentioned above.
[16 Mar, 2008 2241hrs IST]

Varsha ,Nagpur,says:Its disgusting Mr Tarun Vijay!U self-styled custodians of Hinduism have sunk to such low levels that in the name of Editorials u are spreding hatred based on religion;very contrary to what hinduism or any faith for that matter stands for.It only depends on the interpreter to interpret a religion in either way,good or bad.Unfortunately people like u will never understand that Hindustan is not a land for Hindus alone...its an idea... of different people living together in harmony,learning & sharing good things among themselves thereby enriching our Motherland as a single & strong entity.Shame on u!!!
[16 Mar, 2008 2215hrs IST]

[16 Mar, 2008 1641hrs IST]

Ashok,Paris,says:A very apt article on the status of Hindus in India who have become a non entity despite being the majority community. While the minorities are easily won over by politically motivated privileges and freebies, the majority community has become a victim to its own ambiguities,inaction and lack of a well defined and laid out practices of - dharma. The lame excuse of Hinduism being a "way of life" or a very tolerant and flexible religion is the root cause of its present day degradation. Hinduism went through a number of reforms in the past and got rid of evil practices like Sati. However if the religion has to influence and survive in the future generations it has to reform itself further and become more well defined,coherent and organised.
[16 Mar, 2008 1540hrs IST]

Nikki Nolan,NY,says:Thak you Mr. Tarun Vijay for voicing the unfasionable, the unpalatable and the oft-missed obvious by rest of the media. I wonder why more writers don't dare to call spade a spade? And no one has made a movie on the people burnt alive in the train leading Godhra riots, where as I know of atleast one feature production from so called "secular" camp which has won or nominated for various awards. Oh well! what can you expect from a country whose defacto "Queen" of foriegn origin rules the country by proxy and her only qualification is to have married into a dynasty of Nehru pariwar. Can you imagine more than 150 years old institution such as Congress party couldn't find a leader from within the party? And even if she were to be a competent leader, what does that say about "natives" as they used to call us Indians!!
[16 Mar, 2008 1250hrs IST]

MB,Canada,says:I am in strong support of any community to be recognized with respect and have freedom and safety of all of its family memebts, so is true for Hindus. Traditionally Hindus have been regarded as a religion of Tolerance, respect to others and that is probably the main cause of its long standings. But this community has to have a strong front line Protectors whose role should be to spread Hinduism and its teachings, networking and representations at all level. We should come forward to do some decisive discussions and not only confining to political and other objectionable issues.
[16 Mar, 2008 0848hrs IST]

Raynah Sivaraman,Maniila,says:Do we need Tarun Vijay's opinion on how many "Hindus" have been killed in India? Then, we probably need to remind him that India's institution of Law and Order and its institution of Justice are overwhelmingly peopled by Hindus. Why have these democratic institutions been run to the ground in the past 60 years? Who bears the responsibility for the fact that there's no faith in India's custodians of the Law or of Justice? Today we have politicians and journalists making various claims about Godhra that happened in 2002 -- we're in 2008, why hasn't there been a judicial decision on this issue, especially after the Banerjee Commission Report was trashed expeditiously by Narendra Modi's Govt? Fundamentalism begins when a community begins to play the "victim" and obscures facts -- with the Hindus, it began in the mid-1980s and picked up momentum with LK Advani's rath yatra in 1991, and the rath still rolls with the help of Tarun Vijays. The Hindus (or Pandits) in Kashmir have suffered precisely for the irresponsibilty and arrogance of Hindu fundamentalists in India -- their sad fate coincides with the rise of Hindu fundamentalism in India around 1989. Check it out Tarun Vijay -- and the next time you choose to write about Hindus being killed, do mention the dates also. Otherwise, you are merely whipping up hysteria, and we can certainly do without that.
[16 Mar, 2008 0816hrs IST]

G. Gururaj,camp: Hyderabad,says:If religion was supposed to be the opiate of the people in the last century,pseudo-secularism has become the opiate of almost all political parties today. The compulsions of vote bank politics are driving every party comprising mainly Hindus to jump on the bandwagon of Secularism and the result is there for all to see. The sad truth is that Hindus are the best friends of Hindus and they themselves are their own worst enemies.
[16 Mar, 2008 0718hrs IST]

Sangram Singh,Lucknow,says:The supreme and sublime nature of the indigenous Indian people who call themselves Hindus has been attacked repeatedly since the Mohammed of Ghazni. Its a sheer miracle that our indigenous Indians (aka Hindus) are still upholding that high dharma that they have carved out for themselves despite having repeated suffered unthinkable brutality. Its time now to propagate and show the others who have inflicted repeated violence upon the indigenous Indian people that we are still alive and we are still willing to prosper on our terms, governed by our dharmic philosophy. Jai Bharath Mata Ki.
[16 Mar, 2008 0338hrs IST]

Hannibal,Sanjose,says: I happened to visit Jammu ,Kashmir and Ladakh region of India in 2006.When I traveled in Ladakh region it was peaceful and I enjoyed it.I Happened to talk with a ladakhi common Man and he said something which disturbed me a lot"Its easy to beat somebody and the toughest this is to receive a beating, a weak person can start the hatred and only a strong person can stop the hatred(bear the beating),I felt the reason why the buddist region and muslim region was in Harmony. But when I saw visited Kashmir there was lot of Hatred between Hindus and muslims, Even I was denied to "buy" tea from a hindu shop in Kashmir(though I am hindu , they assumed me as muslim because I was carrying hookah pot. Do I want my next generation to see this hatred around our country, I would simply say NO, I strongly believe the author is provoking the innocent people of the mind in the wrong direction
[16 Mar, 2008 0313hrs IST]
arish sahani,usa,says:50 ruled by congress have made Hindus coward and poor . As its said JESA RAJA VESI PRAJA. Congress is coward so are most of hindus now.
[16 Mar, 2008 0240hrs IST]

pankaj soni,varanasi,says:grt article sir, telling something never even thought of before
[16 Mar, 2008 0148hrs IST]

sneha Ujjain,US,says:Ambedkar from Ranigunj, Bihar, why don't you get out of India if you have problem with Hindus in hidustan? There you have work hard as equals for college setas, jobs unlike in India where you enjoy quotas until retirement including job promotions. You shuld be happy tolerant Hindus letting this happen at their cost. Work hard like Hindu forward castes not free benfits and still whine about Hindus?
[15 Mar, 2008 2310hrs IST]

Gaurav,Milan, italy,says:this not the dream of RSS it is the dream of every single patriotic hindu , not power hungry greedy hindus , we will achieve this one day jai shri ram.
[15 Mar, 2008 2156hrs IST]

ritwik,delhi,says:they should punished the cpm and arrested to the court from ritwik
[15 Mar, 2008 1906hrs IST]

kanti,India,says:It's true and awesome that Communists like CPM and CPI,Congress party,Naxals and eastern region separitists support Christianity and Muslims saying India is secular country.Does secularism means supporting minorities for every reason.Even providing proper facilities from government to visit Israel and Mecca? As these parties cannot satisfy the needs of major population who are ofcourse Hindus from several centuries diverting the attention of Public to minorities welfare,to make them fools.
[15 Mar, 2008 1615hrs IST]

kanti,India,says:If Hindus in India continued to be mum and comprising nature on the assaulters who mainly are from other religions supported from few selfish hindus (mainly done to remain in power),India is certain to lose its cultural background and will be no less than western and arabic countries in future.
[15 Mar, 2008 1559hrs IST]

Gurcharan Kalra,Delhi,says:Writing articles is good but only action will get some results in Gujrat.RSS has no right to complaint as it has never taken any action to retalliate against atrocities against Hindus.RSS should have hit the commies hard outside their citadels of Kerala & W.B.
[15 Mar, 2008 1458hrs IST]

amakant,sydney,says:India will grow prosperous once more. And it will be conquered by foreigners or different religion once more. Hinduism is unfortunately a loser religion and all dispassionate Hindus are losers.
[15 Mar, 2008 1341hrs IST]

AM,Dubai,says:I read this article in full. And now i am in state of surprise, complete shock and astonishment that how a newspaper of such great repute like TOI allowed this provocative and biased article to be published.. Mr. tarun vijay, get a life man. And kindly get your facts straight, especially before ptyalizing venom into the minds of unknowing fellow indians.
[15 Mar, 2008 1226hrs IST]
Alfred Edwards,Salem,says:What utter hypocricy! Does Tarun Vijay have tears only for Hindus who die at the hands of Communists? (incidentally, these Communists may also be Hindus!)Why does he not protest when the ABVP and RSS assault and on occasion kill teachers, artists and low caste persons, who happen to be Hindu's.
[15 Mar, 2008 1152hrs IST]

paul,india,says:I disagrees with Mr Tarun,which hindu's is he talking about.Is it the bihari hindu's kicked out by marathi hindu raj thakare in mumbai or rss hindu's killed by cpm hindu's in south?.Killing of any human being by another human being is the most henious crime you can ever inflict wheather you are a hindu or muslims.Somebody has rightly said that"you can't justify one wrong with another wrong".The godhra incidence could be easily avoidable if the administration are attentive enough.But what happened after that is even more deplorable when revenge takes over your concious and you kill thousand of innocent people of other religion.Its is the same thing if after 9-11 people would say since you have killed our 3000 people we will wipe out the whole muslim community from america.The main aspect of democracy is the "right of minorities" no matter how hard it is for the majority religion.The main problem with india is that people take law into their hands b,coz our justice system is not strong enough to give justice quickly and decisevely.Remember the incidence where bajrang dal activist "dara singh" burnt alive australian missionary grahm stein and his kids in the name of religion.We have to stop addresing victims and criminals by the name of hindu's and muslims but start addresing them as "criminals".Also majority hindu's(which one rajputs,punjabi's,gujjars,sc,st,cpm,or brahmans)are marred by thousand years of oppresion by outsiders and now they are openly venting out.The problem is now we are living in a secular and democratic society not the dictatorial regimes in the past where they were forced to live in fear at that time:Divided and Afraid to fight and still are).
[15 Mar, 2008 1116hrs IST]

Bhumiputra,Bharat,says:Who killed the 10 year boy and who burnt him? who raped the infant? Today's news. Are they Hindus? Are they Inidans? What a shame!!! You brag about the past. Live in the present, live in the real India. Feel the shame,find out and write more about above deaths. That would be the core of India Niti and Dhrma
[15 Mar, 2008 1041hrs IST]

Himanshu,USA,says:Excellent article kudos. very good keep up the good work. thanks for the article
[15 Mar, 2008 0953hrs IST]

Iqbal Abdullah,Kannur (Kerala),says:Tarun Vijay can go to hell.... CPM is the best party in India. Industrialists and Capitalists should be kicked out of India.
[15 Mar, 2008 0937hrs IST]

Vijeyan,Malaysia,says:We Hindus are oppressed and suppressed by our own kings. Denial of information to the massess and the lack of uniformity in the dissemination religious knowledge had divided us, which was well used by the non Hindu invaders. History cannot be changed but can we be united and stand with one thought as Hindus?
[15 Mar, 2008 0747hrs IST]

Vijeyan,Malaysia,says:We Hindus are oppressed and suppressed by our own kings. Denial of information to the massess and the lack of uniformity in the dissemination religious knowledge had divided us, which was well used by the non Hindu invaders. History cannot be changed but can we be united and stand with one thought as Hindus?
[15 Mar, 2008 0747hrs IST]

Raj,India,says:Good article.After Soniaji came to power many of the banned NGOs involved in conversion were reissued permission to operate.Also in a section of foreign media as well as the leftist one,there have been planted articles/news items to paint "caste descrimination" as part of Hinduism.Its time that the educated people take the lead to remove Sonia from the post of congress president.
[15 Mar, 2008 0442hrs IST]

DR VK BANSAL,LONDON,says:HINDUS- SELF RIGHTEOUS -mostly haraamkhores- religiously ritualistic- eyes deep in superstitions- hum sab barati culture- murdered raped trampled upon-
[15 Mar, 2008 0252hrs IST]

Bijish,Dubai,says:TOI ....... please I beg and plead ........ no more of this enough of dividing this country into pieces .................. please stop such columist ........ revenge will lead us ........ only towards darkness ........ ooooooohhhh and am damn scared of darkness (tryin to joke) ........ no seriously stop this bullshit ........ everyone has been through enough ......stop spreading hatretism thru your news paper ............ I look up to TOI and do not expect to see nething that goes against my country and its unity .......... India is a free nation everyone has every right to breathe and live his/her religion ....... be a human 1st ..... then an Indian and then if you still find time .......... start all over again and be a human being ......... our fight shudnt be agianst each other ........its against time ..... survival against time ............
[15 Mar, 2008 0216hrs IST]
Rmomesh,New York,says:Remember, most numbers of animals eaten are chicken. If they do not resist the killers, nothing will change.
[15 Mar, 2008 0008hrs IST]

Jayanthi,India,says:Sir, I often wonder why the communal riots are inexistent in Kerala and often ooccur in Gujarat. It is interesting the letters from these places also reflect the feelings of secularism and anti respectively. It is also interesrting to note that while Gujarathis are essentially business people and independent, the keralites are job seekers and look for the government for help. In education Kerala is very important in that all people are educated and feel education is important for livelhood while the Gujarat people donot worry of it as they know how to make their living. Gujarat was ransacked by Afghan hordes time and again, Kerala did not had this problem. Or the independent spirit of Gujarat has got do with these invasions? The muslim population is less in Gujarat and nearly twice in Kerala. It is an interesting comparasion.
[15 Mar, 2008 0007hrs IST]

sanatas,New York,says:Hindus in India and specifically India, are like a malnourished,sick cow chased by wild dogs and cats, at the verge of giving up and the same time the owner of the cow trying to milk that cow not admitting the danger. RSS, VHP, Shiv Sena, Bajarang Dal, and all those swamis,sadhus,maharajs, sants,are only using Hindus for their personal interests without forseeing the danger. A wish of goodluck won't do anything.
[14 Mar, 2008 2351hrs IST]

Jay Narain Nunkoo,Mauritius,says:I sicerely congratulate Tarunji for this article which clearly indicates that how the secularists are cheating the public. The secularists have only one item in their political agenda, that is to defend and chapron the minorities at all cost, despite those minorites are overprotected by the constitution of India and the law of the land. Evidence abound in this country where the minority persecute the majority and no word is said simply because they belong to the minority. I have never seen any nation in the world, the more so their national leaders praising and glorifying their oppressors as Indians. For example the Muslims tyrants who destroyed thousands of Indian temples, universities, libraries and other famous institutions, leave alone the atrocities committed on the native indians.(example they praise the Khudabux Library in Bihar as a treasure of knowledge but it is taboo to say a single word about how the Nalanda University was destroyed by the barbarous invaders) It is a matter of regret to note that Hindu leaders are ashamed or they become spineless to defend the interest and the rights of the Hindus. The sad part of the story is that they are the first to condemn and even insult us when we the common people try to defend ourselves.
[14 Mar, 2008 2330hrs IST]

Jay Narain Nunkoo,Mauritius,says:I sicerely congratulate Tarunji for this article which clearly indicates that how the secularists are cheating the public. The secularists have only one item in their political agenda, that is to defend and chapron the minorities at all cost, despite those minorites are overprotected by the constitution of India and the law of the land. Evidence abound in this country where the minority persecute the majority and no word is said simply because of they belong to the minority. I have never seen any nation in the world, the more so their national leaders praising and glorifying their oppressors as Indians. For example the Muslims tyrants who destroyed thousands of Indian temples, universities, libraries and other famous institutions, leave alone the atrocities committed on the native indians.(example they praise the Khudabux Library in Bihar as a treasure of knowledge but it is taboo to say a single word about how the Nalanda University was destroyed by the barbarous invaders) It is a matter of regret to note that Hindu leaders are ashamed or they become spineless to defend the interest and the rights of the Hindus. The sad part of the story is that they are the first to condemn and even insult us when we the common people try to defend ourselves.
[14 Mar, 2008 2328hrs IST]

Shivmani Tripathi,USA,says:The Hindus are not majority in India as each associates himself with State, Language and Caste. All have used this to defeat so called Hindus all the times. The need of the hour is to idetify unifying threads of hinduism, making them strong and spreading them. Thres are plenty of such threads but over period of time the invaders have destroyed and banished them. However few that are still. Yoga, Rivers, Temples, Mountains, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Crerations of Tulsi, Kalidas, Sankskrit, Hindi, dances, festivals, dressing styles, way of living life, All great heros who established empires and fought against envadors, The present entreprenuers, scientists, players, saints,.....the list goes on. Only when we create more unifying threads and link people with that, defeating evils will be easier. We don't need blood or hatred. The need is CREATING AWARENESS and this is easiest in todays world. The article is one such effort and the so called dream is never impossible to achieve. AWARENESS...AWARENESS...AWARENESS as early as possible to avoid becoming dead religion...
[14 Mar, 2008 2320hrs IST]

Jay,Baroda,says:This is a paragraph from Timurlane's biography regarding his exploits on Indian land. TAIMUR LANE: His invasion of Hindustan: His Tuzk-i-Taimuri records: "In a short space of time all the people in the fort were put to the sword, and in the course of one hour the heads of 10,000 infidels were cut off. The sword of Islam was washed in the blood of the infidels, and all the goods and effects, the treasure and the grain which for many a long year had been stored in the fort became the spoil of my soldiers. They set fire to the houses and reduced them to ashes, and they razed the buildings and the fort to the ground.... All these infidel Hindus were slain, their women and children ,and their property and goods became the spoil of the victors " ..".I proclaimed throughout the camp that every man who had infidel prisoners should put them to death, and whoever neglected to do so should himself be executed and his property given to the informer. When this order became known to the ghazis of Islam, they drew their swords and put their prisoners to death. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND 100,000 infidels, impious idolators, were on that day slain. Maulana Nasiruddin Umar, a counselor and man of learning, who, in all his life, had never killed a sparrow, now, in execution of my order, slew with his sword fifteen idolatrous Hindus, who were his captives." Fatte of Hindu women captured alive by Muslims was worse than death. Even as their fathers, husbands and children lay killed they had to dance and sing before Muslims and would then be given in slavery to the Muslim kings, generals, soldiers and of course Maulvis. Here is a gleeful Muslim recording of this inhuman barbaric events: "First of all daughters of Hindu kings captured during the course of the year come and sing and dance. Thereafter they are bestowed upon Amirs and important foreigners. After this daughters of other Hindus dance and sing...Sultan then distributes s them to brothers, sons of high officials ,generals and his relatives."
[14 Mar, 2008 2319hrs IST]

Jay,Baroda,says:Fantastic article Mr Vijay. I hope it is forwarded to your peers and other media persons. The problem with Hindus is that they have not been tought the true history and only are aware of the 'British divide and rule' theory. All British did was take over from Medievel India (Under Islamic rule). Hindus need to research figures such as Mohammad Bin Qasim, Mohammad Ghor, Mohammad Ghazni, Tamerlane (Timur), Babar(Babur), Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Aurangzeb, Alauddin Khilji and Tipu Sultan ET AL. The list can go one, you just need to read their personal historians diary for 'quotes' just to know the massacres they committed in their own words and what they thought of Hindus.
[14 Mar, 2008 2317hrs IST]

Proud Hindu,Canada,says:Thank you, Sir, for this eye opening article. The truth is that fanatic non-Hindus & so-called "secularists" have one common goal - to destroy Hinduism. There are scores of anti-Hindu organizations operating all over Bharat. Ironically, money collected from the Hindus is often used for anti-Hindu activities! It's time for the sleeping Hindus to wake up or else they'll be suffering the same fate as that of Kashmiri Hindu Pundits. BTW, Sanathan Dharma is TRUTH. My family and I are proud to return to the glorious religion followed by our ancestors. Satyameva Jayate! Jai Hind!
[14 Mar, 2008 2227hrs IST]

aditya,london,says:no one say no one fight, no one even fight.... hindu is weak coward religion basically my suggestion dont cribbb. mix with the system abuse hindu and fill your coffer because u will waste your time. no one will listen and as usual they will preach greatness... till that something like kashmir (pandit) will happen.
[14 Mar, 2008 2155hrs IST]
avi,pune,india,says:well written..albeit a little lengthy sir. the minority appeasement has taken new lows in the present should keep writing , a lot of people share your emotions and point of view.
[14 Mar, 2008 2051hrs IST]

ram singh,gurgaon,says:sir, it was a week back i was cursing rss that they have stopped producing nationalists like dr hedgewar ..but i guess i was wrong
[14 Mar, 2008 2046hrs IST]

Indian- The Real One,malaysia,says:mr INDIAN dis ones for u..y is tht its the hindus that r being tortured always. Communists think dey r kings but apparently r kings of zilch. He doesnt have an all hindu audience but an All Indian audience
[14 Mar, 2008 2044hrs IST]

Shashank,Noida,says:The writer has rightly voiced the concerns of a common hindu over growing attacks on its dignity in its own country. Its a matter of pity and shame that vote bank politics has made political parties fall to such levels. Hindus are feeling helpless and insecure as if they were being ruled under mughals or britishers. Hindus are a highly tolerant and regimented lot. But it has been misinterpreted as their weakness. What hindus need is to get united and send a strong signal to everyone(political parties in particular) that they can and they will fight to protect what is rightfully theirs.
[14 Mar, 2008 2039hrs IST]

gopal,india,says:when i first read his column in toi i was satisfied now he has immpressed me very much. i have become an ardent fan of tarun vijay. vijai bhavah
[14 Mar, 2008 2037hrs IST]

ekta,worli, mumbai,says:We r proud of u
[14 Mar, 2008 2035hrs IST]

praveen ,Bhuj,says:Hindus are proud of u. The Next Narendra Modi for India is here now..
[14 Mar, 2008 2034hrs IST]

shiva,pune,says:beautifully penned by tarun. He writes like hell mann
[14 Mar, 2008 2033hrs IST]

sumedha,ddn,says:excellent Article a worth read for all religion ppl, secularists and communists
[14 Mar, 2008 2032hrs IST]

Sushmi,Hyderabad,says:I started reading Tarun artilces recently and i really respect and agree with them. But as one of the guys specefied we read them, get inspired and carry on with our daily lifes. To be honest I am only aware of few things about what Tarun wrote in this article but you can see many discriminations and dominations if you live in Hyderabad. We can come across many incidents with different people at different levels. We can see the exact difference how cowards and how loosers Hindus are sometimes. Everytime it cant be people and religion with patience. I think another manger issue is we dont have unity among ourselves. I appreciate Tarun that he highligts some toipics with his articles where it makes people to atleast think. Jai Hind.
[14 Mar, 2008 1923hrs IST]
NDIAN,INDIA,says:I Think the writer is more concerned about the recent killings by the leftist of RSS-BJP workers (which every indian should protest) . But I would like to know whether CPM or SFI are NON- HINDU organisations .It seems that the writer is worried that there are Indians who oppose the extremist form of Hindutva that RSS is propogating
[14 Mar, 2008 1859hrs IST]

Ramesh Raina,Delhi,says:We in kashmir before 1989 used to think that we are safe in this so called secular country. Let the commmon iNDIAN hINDUS ponder. We didnt kill anyone in Kshmir, but still we were killed for 2 reasons. 1, We were Hindus. 2. We were Indians. I hope and pray to God that what happened to us in Kashmir shouldnt happen to Indian Hindus, because the way we were blinded by false secularirm In Kashmir, Indian Hindus are blind to see the reality in their own country. I hope Indian Hindus will arise , awake and see to it that their Future Generations are safe in this Country called "secular India".
[14 Mar, 2008 1819hrs IST]

Mahesh Gupta,Bangalore,says:That's true that lot of bad thing happened in the past ,but country need 80% population which is Hindu to act sensibly. Hindus are very emotional person,its possible that in emotion we do something so bad (Because we are largest in the country)which will challenge the idea of India as a strong secular country .so we should feel very much responsible about our every action.hindu is most tollerative religion in the world and this is our is only one religion which has no problem with the coexistance of other religion,which doesnt believe in converting some one's religion.We have one country to make and we have only one country to destroy,think about it.act sensible because our one wrong step(Gujrat Riots) will not only change the Image of peace loving hindus ,but also give chance to the enemy to destroy this country(Just look what kind of neighbouring country we have).
[14 Mar, 2008 1753hrs IST]

Ashi Kumar,USA,says:Tarun Vijay is no different than those he blames. He just happens to be an " Hindu" only that his acts are with a Pen and not with physical violence. Some times Pen is mightier than sword!
[14 Mar, 2008 1727hrs IST]

anand,UK,says:Tarun vijay, all this is fine and we know all these things. why are you blaming the present indian media, which we already know is blatantly anti hindu. Even this TOI in which you are writting these articles has proved time & time again that they will not raise hindu issues. answer to this is to START OUR OWN MEDIA which will highlight the plight of hindus. why can't RSS come up with media like IBN, NDTV etc?. is it impossible?. you have money, intelligent people. you couldn't even increase the circulation of panchajanya beyond few thousand. if jaylalitha can start her own TV channel why can't BJP?. stop wasting your & our time.
[14 Mar, 2008 1656hrs IST]

Indian,Hyderabad,says:This is a RSS dream which will never be fullfilled.
[14 Mar, 2008 1641hrs IST]

jack ass,India,says:The Times of India is owned by Hindu fanatics. Hindus go all over the world take up jobs in Christian and Muslim countries (read where most of your comments are from) and then preach that India is for Hindus only. Sick Sick Sick
[14 Mar, 2008 1635hrs IST]

Gaurav Bhargava,Jaipur,says:of course its a great article but DOES TOI DESERVE TARUNJI'S ARTICLES. only Tarunji's articles are not published in the newspaper in spite and despite of all the support he gets online. TOI- just another pseudo-secular group. Anything with the word Hindu in it is tagged to communal.
[14 Mar, 2008 1603hrs IST]

Saurabh,Mumbai,says:A superb article...I wish Times of India lets more articles to be published. If only Hindus could take up the sword for their cause and this was permitted in their religion then today Hindus would Rule Hindustan and there would have been no persecutions of Hindus anywhere...but as destiny may have it, such a violent approach it not prescribed in Hindu scriptures and the majority of Hindus prefer suffering over revolt and killing the enemies.
[14 Mar, 2008 1559hrs IST]

Anurag,Mumbai,says:The trouble is not that there is any discrimination against Hindus in India - I think Hindus are doing very well in India and abroad . Thank you . The trouble is certain parties like the Communists and Samajvadi Party which have become apologists for Islamic fundamentalism in order to get their votes. Tarun Vijay is singing a song which is quite meaningless - partition happened because the elites of Muslims and Hindus realised that they cannot stay in the same country. The muslims wanted their moghul empire and pre-emminence of Islam back . Hindus got India and Muslims got Pakistan. Indians/Hindus chose the path of progress ; Pakistanis chose the path of destruction. What is Tarun Vijay worried about ?
[14 Mar, 2008 1525hrs IST]
Aditya Boddupalli,Hyderabad,says:Very good, that is the truth. I appreciate your will to bring the article alive. Hope the politicians are reading this as well. And may be if am correct then thats why Mr. Modi had won the recent elections at Gujarat.! What say !?
[14 Mar, 2008 1521hrs IST]

Raji,India,says:Dear Brothers, Now I understand why my great grandparents changed their religion and chose the religion which talks only about peace ! A religion which always talks about the past is a dead Religion. One should know how to move on and live in the present with peace of mind and understanding !!
[14 Mar, 2008 1520hrs IST]

Indian,Hyderabad,says:This is an RSS dream and it will remain as dream only.
[14 Mar, 2008 1518hrs IST]

Dipak,Melbourne,says:Unbelivable, this is Excellent.Hundreds of years Hindu suffered a lot and stil situation is same. Hindu must learn something from this article.I don't reckon this article is against anybody but this article proves that why Hindu suffered for hundreds of years.The best example how Hindu is great is being 80% population of the country and stil support the Italian lady as party president of ruling party, respected muslim President,an honourable Prime minister as Sikh.This is only possible in India.People stil consider Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan as great actor and majority are Hindu supporters.But stil Non-Hindu can not understand Hindu but one day world has to recognise Hindu as holy religion. Hindu has highest digestive power with poor memory in the world as religion.
[14 Mar, 2008 1517hrs IST]

prabhath,uae,says:To kesava and anil nair : Yes, you need to be tolerent. you need to give space to other religions. But tolerence should be based on knowledge, not on cowardice or ignorance. Hindus are not seeking revenge on their past atrocities, nor Tarun's article is a clarion call for that. It simply reminds you of your own identity, and never to martgage it to the bullying of politicians or other religious caucuses. Hindus are the most tolerent of all religions and will remain so.
[14 Mar, 2008 1458hrs IST]

S Raghavan,Singapore,says:I fail to understand why some readers are in a hurry to write their comments without reading it. If they dont want to read it why shouyld they waste time to write this and also aste others' time? There is a clear line that Tarun has written-Every one of us should have just one colour-the colour of Indian Tricolour. Dont you read this Mr hateful secular of the illogical order? I offer that we must visit Tarun's blog and try to form a true Indian solidarity forum with him
[14 Mar, 2008 1455hrs IST]

Ameya Joshi,Mumbai,says:this is exactly what i've been telling my friends... We never get angry and reciprocate.... Had the govt paid attention to KP's when they were being targeted, the situation would have been different today ... EveryOne points to BJP,RSS and ShivSena when they advocate hinduism.. what about the xtrimists who have murdered hindus in name for JIHAD and advocated ISLAM. I also agree to one of the reader's comments that hinduism itself is diverse..and that hindus should come together.. The Godhra incident that the writer has mentioned is a perfect example of what happens when hinduism is supported in a Hindu dominated nation..!! Good work Tarun Vijay.. will mail this one and many like these to spread the message...
[14 Mar, 2008 1440hrs IST]

secularist,Kerala,says:This article is misleading.It projects some communal/political violence as assault against hindus.The fact in Kerala is that anybody who wants to oppose communist has to join RSS as it is the only organisation capable of retaliating the communist in terms of violence.The people in Kerala are not religious fanatics or hardcore communists.There are in a social setup where the non communal(or secular) and non communist person do not have any organisation. The article creates a feeling that hindus are assaulted often in Kerala which is not the case.Infact the article spreads hatred and create a insecure and oppressed feeling for any Hindu
[14 Mar, 2008 1435hrs IST]

ameya joshi,Mumbai,says:A very good article..was looking for some things like these... This should reach maximum people... Check out
[14 Mar, 2008 1417hrs IST]

jsequeira,UK,says:Please stop dividing India or else neither will India last nor will your newspaper which will eventually be printed in Chinese - Thanks to the balakanisation of India by Tarun Vijay and his Nazis
[14 Mar, 2008 1409hrs IST]
[14 Mar, 2008 1406hrs IST]

Santhi gp,Bhimavaram,says:Hindus are ntot in great number in every party and offices in India as pointe dout by Tarun. At least 20 % of Indians are Christians and they show Hindu as religion in records to save their reservation boon.Even among so called Hindus many follow people like Satyasaibaba and other cult gods and these people put these "gods" above Rama and Krishna. There is severe cultural divide among Hindus of today.If only all People like Tarun can sum up courage and fight within theHindu society to finish unfinished renaisanance movement started by Sri Vivekananda,there is no future for Hindu identity in Hindustan.
[14 Mar, 2008 1326hrs IST]

Srikar,Chennai,says:It is very good article..which every one should read...
[14 Mar, 2008 1254hrs IST]

UMESH,CHANDIGARH,says:I have been reading Tarun`s articles, and responses too, regularly. Tarun`s articles generate a kind of heat among all the readers. The responses, mostly in favour of the writer, including mine too, are great in nos. BUT, the REAL problem with ALL OF US is that yes, we all feel pained and cheated, We respond quickly and angrily. But, thats it. We simply feel that after writing back to Tarun over his , most of the times, thought provoking articles, our job is done. This is where the ACTUAL, the REAL problem lies. We simply write back and forget about it. Just ask your selves, how many of us ALL can claim that all those thoughts that STIRRED our Minds & Souls, were discussed among colleagues, friends or the society around us ? SO..Don`t just feel pained &/or cheated, but what is required is to ACT accordingly. A word of caution too, we have to act to strengthen the Nation and NOT to weaken it...JAI HIND...
[14 Mar, 2008 1157hrs IST]

Wg Cdr Thomas Walker,Bangalore,says:I won't want to read his article and waste my time. I have heard him talking on issues and I know he is totally illogical and his idealogies are false and baseless. I will just say : Indian Dream is not a Hindu Dream or Muslim Dream or Sikh Dream or Christian Dream or Budhist Dream. It is a dream of Indian People. Neither it is an Aryan Dream or Dravidian Dream etc. if we all need to progress as a Nation ! Neither it is a Maharastrian Dream or North or South Indian Dream !! India does not wholly belong to any particular narrow minded view/sect so let's not claim so !!
[14 Mar, 2008 1139hrs IST]

Chaitanya Pendse,Ernakulam,says:I disagree with Anil Nair, by remaining mute witness to the atrocities committed against Hindus, neither is Hinduism setting an example of being a tolerant religion nor are Hindus being thought of as perpetrators of peace. Rather it reflects on our lackadaisical attitude and lack of a strong feeling towards our religion and our people. Shameless vote-hungry politicans further contribute to this problem. The solution may not necessarily lie in retaliating with violence, but we surely need to ensure that such incidents are not forgotten or swept under the carpet. Every massacre, be it that of a Hindu or a Maoist or a Communist or Muslim should be given widespread and unbiased coverage showcasing the attackers and their motives so that common people can judge for themselves. No religion, community or people have ever been so tolerant of the atrocities commited in their country against their people. This has to stop and the time is now.
[14 Mar, 2008 1138hrs IST]

appa,Vizag,says:It is a bad predicament of hindus that the country is ruled by roman like Sonia giving a new definition of secularism. What a shame. Anyway this article is good eye opener. Hope every hindu reads and learns from it
[14 Mar, 2008 1134hrs IST]

Puneet Chitkara,HK,says:What is written here is at the core of Hindu way of life. We are taught by the Vedas "Om Sangachachhadhvam, Sam vadadhvam, sam vo manansi Janatam. Deva Bhagam Yatha Purve Sam Janana Upasate" But this is only possible in a society free of discrimination and that is at the core of RSS philosophy also... Very rightly, no one opposes justice being given to victims of post-Godhra riots... but what about the victims of Goghra Tragedy itself? How much concern has Lalu Prasad shown towards them? And these CPM walas... they are actually dual characters... they start indoctrinating young minds in the states ruled by them... West Bengal and Kerala and support Madarsa education... But oppose Schools run by RSS, which follow CBSE/ICSE patterns and Gurukuls... How can we walk together (as said in the Mantra) and think alike?
[14 Mar, 2008 1122hrs IST]

Balaji,Bangalore,says:Read the column. It is good and well drafted. As a hindu myself, I want to read an inspiring article rather than listening to "whines" of an individual of what has happened in the past. Let us be present and future oriented rather than past oriented. I would encourage you to write articles to inspire hindus; we can only wake up hindus through inspiration and not through "whines". please write more articles to inspire hindus
[14 Mar, 2008 1113hrs IST]

anil chopra,delhi,says:Read the article "Assaulting an Indian Dream". Why are Hindus being sensitised (reactive) to their Hindu identity? Would it not be better if other communities (relgious or political) were made to give up their identity and mingle, merge, dissolve into one ocean of universal brotherhood and work for everybody's betterment?
[14 Mar, 2008 1110hrs IST]
Gautam Kumar,USA,says:Excellent job. Keep it up.
[14 Mar, 2008 1104hrs IST]

shashi Holla,Gaborone , Botswana,says:Just wait for 200 yers , Hinduism will be considered as endangered culture by UN. Then dont blame islam or christians. We Hindus ourselves are ignorent and stupid for our own destruction. The way in which Hindus embracing Western culture should be also discussed since it has a negetive effect on society.
[14 Mar, 2008 1051hrs IST]

Hindu,USA,says:Great Article, complete support
[14 Mar, 2008 1023hrs IST]

,Toronto,says:Excellent article. We (Hindus)should do our duty, unite and fight for Dharma with the proper understanding that the ultimate result is not in our hands. Lord Krishna has said the following in the Bhagavad Geeta (Chapter 2 text 3): "Do not become a coward, O Arjuna, because it does not befit you. Shake off this weakness of your heart and get up (for the battle), O Arjuna." Hindus must unite and fight the pseudo-secular forces that are destroying and denigrating our unique culture and heritage. Victory to Shri Krishna!
[14 Mar, 2008 1018hrs IST]

Anil Nair,Thailand,says:The article brings out genuine concerns. But the Hindus must take pride in the fact that it is precisely this inherent tolerence that has made our country prosper, make other religions pick the essense of tolerence, prevent disintegration, and slowly but surely, lead us towards Super Power Status.As Mr Kesava, Singapore mentions, 'neither saffron pride nor minority-appeasement, but a truly SECULAR ideology is what our nation needs and who else can propogate this better, but the HINDUS? You will then find all anti-Hindu sentiments melting away.
[14 Mar, 2008 0927hrs IST]

Anonymous,Canada,says:Tarun ji, thanks a million for this great article. It's a real eye opener. Hope it serves as a catalyst to unite all Hindus. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!
[14 Mar, 2008 0926hrs IST]

Suresh Chandra Mehta,Udaipur,says:Tarun Vijaya has been writing with courage and candour about our follies and has been reminding us to rise and awake so that Hindus could live with pride and self respect but vote vote and vote shall never allow us to listen anything sensible.
[14 Mar, 2008 0824hrs IST]

[14 Mar, 2008 0816hrs IST]

Kesava,Singapore,says:A great piece of propaganda. I agree Hindus have suffered great atrocities but if we go on seeking revenge instead of justice, you will only witness another Gujarat riot. Instead of bringing the perpetrators of Godhra to justice, Hindu mobs go on a vengeful rampage! Result: thousand dead, both hindus and muslims. The need of the hour is not Hindu solidarity but INDIAN solidarity. Not revenge but JUSTICE. Not saffron pride or minority-appeasement but a truly SECULAR nation. That is the true INDIAN dream. What Tarun has pointed out is a Saffron, Hindu fundamentalist dream, one that might just turn into a nightmare!
[14 Mar, 2008 0723hrs IST]

Nikhil,Singapore,says:One can not right a wrong by committing another. For those Hindu's who have been victimized... it is right to seek justice. A modern society has to be able to dispense justice. Justice is not served by responding to hate with hate... And sadly that is what the RSS/VHP and the like are propagating. It is right for Hindu's for feel proud of their heritage - following an RSS/VHP ideology will only drag that heritage into the gutter!
[14 Mar, 2008 0717hrs IST]

Saurabh Misra,Sydney,says:Good article !! If other communities are to live in India they need to blend into our way of life. If hindus are being killed in india its time we need another Mangal Pandey of the 21st century. Jai Hind, Jai Hindustan.
[14 Mar, 2008 0649hrs IST]

Debdeep,corona,US,says:Looks like nobody reads and bother to comment on the articles by other columnist. I guess Tarun's article are always appreciated in large. No wonder as he speaks out the truth and does not care about the pseudo-secularist. Soon TOI will stop publishing the articles from Tarun to promote its biased views on secularism.
[14 Mar, 2008 0630hrs IST]

kris,USA,says:rss are also terrorist groups. writer acts as if they don't preach violence. true hindutva preaches tolerance, but rss and bjp are criminals who try to get vote by fooling that they are protectors of hindu religion which they are not. isn't it same as jehadi's claiming to be protectors of muslims and preaching violence at the same time. wake up. rss is a terrorist organisation, not hindu organization which preaches opposite of what rss does.
[14 Mar, 2008 0616hrs IST]

Concerned Hindu,Canada,says: Very good article, Sir. Thank you. I would like to share the following thoughts with you. The problem is that Hindu society is highly fragmented. Hinduism is a diverse culture containing several schools of thought. Unless the Hindus become united/organized, there is no hope. Anti-Hindu elements are well aware of this fact and they capitalize on this weakness. The Hindus are themselves responsible for their plight. It's a crying shame, but how many Hindus spend time imparting the wonderful tenets of Sanathan Dharma to their children? How many have read the stupendous Gita and the Vedas? They are highly lax and indifferent about it. The problem is that most Hindus do NOT have proper knowledge about Sanathan Dharma. I'd like to know what the Swamijis are doing in this context! They must all unite (ie forget their petty ideological differences, use the Bhagvad Gita as a common, unifying base)and reach out to the people in villages, towns and cities. Bhagvad Gita contains universal messages for all people, regardless of their socio-economic status or religious affiliation. Everyone should make a sincere effort to treat and respect others with grace and dignity, lend a helping hand to a fellow brother/sister, and fight social evils by empowering themselves and the ones they know through proper knowledge (reading and understanding the Gita would be extremely beneficial in this respect). Unless everyone is willing to do his/her bit, the future looks pretty bleak for the Hindus. Hindus need to give this a serious thought
[14 Mar, 2008 0615hrs IST]

Shiva IYER,Australia,says:The first step towards restoring Hindu dignity and this I have been maintaining for very long..RENAME INDIA OFFICIALLY AS BHARAT. It has always been Bharat since time immemorial as our shastras say. India has only been a western coinage...To get our self respect back, let's rename our country officially as BHARAT.Tarun Vijay is on the dot regarding affluent Hindus. Most of them are only content in enriching their coffers and do not give a damn for their faith, do not even dare to raise an eyebrow whenever atrocities are commited against Hindus in the name of psuedo-secularism. Yes these rich men are 100% Hindus as they would swear by the regular temple visits and their huge donations and their adrent prayers...ONLY TO PLEAD DIVINE WILL TO FURTHER ADD TO THEIR TREASURY..
[14 Mar, 2008 0412hrs IST]

Nitin,Dallas,says:We Hindus deserve what we suffer from. Veer Savarkar was categorically sidelined. Mr.Gandhi was promoted to heroism & now we have for last 60 yrs, the congress which does not belong to any one but Sonia Gandhi.
[14 Mar, 2008 0402hrs IST]

Facts of life,mumbai,says:This is very true. Everybody made so much of noise on the gujarat riots, but what about the killings of shikhs? What about Abu Azmi why is he not implicated for all the crap he is doing from behind the scenes. Media too is to be blamed for this. Infact the news have become garbage and the journalists like flies hovering over the garbage. Government and implementors of the law should be more responsible and law abiding. if there are ministers in the party who are known law breakers they should be publically banned. There files reopened and they brought to book.
[14 Mar, 2008 0319hrs IST]

shanth,UK,says:Thanks for another thought provoking article. There are many problems confronting Hindus today. I firmly believe we have to unite to survey. People hardly realise what happened to Jews all over the world. They were,just like, Hindus too confident about themselves or completely unconcerned about themselves. Today we see them hold a very small portion of land and fight for their survival. I sincerely hope Hindus learn lessons and start feeling the need to unite and work for our betterment. In today's world one's identity is important and hence Communists and Sickularist will eventually disappear. Hindu awakening is imminent only if we realise the need.
[14 Mar, 2008 0304hrs IST]

mickysingh,china,says:Like Pervez Musharraf, Obama will face the same dilemna to face islamic terrorism and act against it. He is going to ride the tiger. it is in his interest to get out of race because if he falters later then American establishments are too strong and will act against him.
[14 Mar, 2008 0254hrs IST]

Jay,Baroda,says:Fantastic article Mr Vijay. I hope it is forwarded to your peers and other media persons. The problem with Hindus is that they have not been tought the true history and only are aware of the 'British divide and rule' theory. All British did was take over from Medievel India (Under Islamic rule). Hindus need to research figures such as Mohammad Bin Qasim, Mohammad Ghor, Mohammad Ghazni, Tamerlane (Timur), Babar(Babur), Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Aurangzeb, Alauddin Khilji and Tipu Sultan ET AL. The list can go one, you just need to read their personal historians diary for 'quotes' just to know the massacres they committed in their own words and what they thought of Hindus.
[14 Mar, 2008 0225hrs IST]
SH,Wayne, PA,says:Good article, but not your best Tarun. We Hindu's have always found a way of coming out of dire situations and always come on top. Tolerance is what our religion is based out of and it has been surviving for hundred's and thousand's of years not fanatism. I agree that we need organizations like RSS or VHP to be a force but has to be more tolerant than violent. Parties like Shiv Sena and people like the Thackerey's should deal more which Hinduism than all the regional politics just for publicity. And ",,says"...reagrding your comment look at the state of women in all the so called Islam republics, in a country like India people irrespective of their relegion have been able live in harmony for so many years. Of course there have been incidents but far and few compared to what has happened in other countries which have such a big relegious divide. And why because the Hindu has always been tolerant and adaptive.
[14 Mar, 2008 0147hrs IST]

True Indian,Bombay,says:Great article Tarun sahib..but to think of it you could have used your pen to unify India more using this article but unfortunately that has not been the case.Your article is a good read so the straight assumption is that you have good education and that education has given you a rich mind!!But when even people like you think in a manner like this then how can you expect less fortunate brethren to think better.Instead they end up supporting naive politicians like Laloo and Raj.So the problem is not hinduism, its the culture which defines our thinking.Were it not the case you would have thought better and written better.Here we are poised for growth with talks of becoming a super power in a while and there you are, an educated Indian, still thinking like an old man in a cave.No matter what happens,800 million Hindus are still going to marry in their own castes,wear their own culture,eat their own kind of food,sing praises of their own community.No matter what happens millions of Muslims,Catholics and Sikhs are still going to do all of the above which Hindus are doing so where is the question of religion.WHAT WE HAVE TO DO IS TO STOP BEING NAIVE AND SO CULTURALLY BOUND.Marriage between Indian citizans should be allowed irrespective of caste creed or religion.There should be a uniform code of existence.Americans wear Americanism on their sleeve where as Indians wear regionalism and religionalism on their sleeve.THATS the difference.And if we realise that we are INDIANS first and anything later we will also realise that the world is watching us and its upto us to stand up as one and not becoming a laughing stock and be called stinky bloody Indians.As the article suggests if everything is so great with us why are our cities called shit pots of the world,why is the gender ration so skewed, why are we a super duper economy with shoddy infrastructure, why cant north and south indians look eye to eye, why do we have caste wars within the same religion where human beings are treated like animals,why do we have marathis who think Bombay is what India is, why do we have so much ignorant illiterate people around and why do builders keep hiking the prices day on day when nothing has changed in the locations, where they are building apartments,for eons.AND why do we still have 1970's premier padminis and 30 years old rusty old rakes running in our cities...WHY!!!!! Indians have to change BIG matter which religion.
[14 Mar, 2008 0129hrs IST]

vikrant,missouri,says:nice one from tarun again..wake up hindus..
[14 Mar, 2008 0029hrs IST]

Pravin G Desai,Umarsadi, Pardi,Gujarat.,says:You have done a great service to our nation, Mr Tarun Vijay by writing such an eye opener. Please keep it up.I am sure one day the Hindus will wake up and irridicate this injustice being done in their own country, despite the fact they have a huge majority.
[14 Mar, 2008 0023hrs IST]

George Raj,London,says:This 'Assaulting an Indian dream' is not a news but someone's opinion. First India has a majority of hindus (I think more than 80%). So is it any surprise if majority of casualties in India are hindus. Do you expect more mnuslims or christians to die than hindus when minority % is less than 15%)? But % of hindus dying is less than % of the hindu population. Did the writer forget that fact? Its like saying imagine there are 800 hindus and 200 minorities. So if 3 hindus die compared to 1 minority, then does that hindus are vulnerable? in The Godhra incident consequent riots, compare the number of hindus killed to compared to no. of muslims killed!! then complain why hindus being killed is not a issue compared to the muslims being killed in Godhra incident.
[14 Mar, 2008 0000hrs IST]

Harish,Mumbai,says:we are grateful for u to show courage in getting forward all the facts, its a shame tht being a majority is a crime in our country.
[13 Mar, 2008 2347hrs IST]

Raghav Garg,ghaziabad,says:Shri Tarun Vijay is surely a HINDU TIGER. i believe this is not an article but a straight dialogue to every person who calls himself hindu. This article should be published by TOI so that the blinded pseudo secular media can see these photographs . This is a boiling question that seeks its answer not only from the common people but by the leaders of all the political parties. SAFFRON SURGE is still a long awaited dream as the response to this situation so bleak and feeble .This should have caused a stir in the nation, Sir accepting the fact that media at this point of time is completely anti-national but there has to be some way to change this. please guide us sir, as youth how can we counter this anti-national media hellbent on making Hindu's as sordid and mucky race on this earth At last this is the most honest and one of the best articles i have read . Please continue this ideological crusade with increased valor and wisdom. May god give you all the strength
[13 Mar, 2008 2343hrs IST]

shalini,delhi,says:Dear Friends, Please dont compare M.F Hussain , Tasleema Nasreen and Danish Kartoons. Muslims never favoured M.F Hussain in his insulting art work. Only he was supported by social workers which also supported Taslima Nasreen. Kannur was never communal but communists.
[13 Mar, 2008 2332hrs IST]

Shadab,US,says:What are you doing Tarun Vijay? You are provoking people to violence. You know how easy it is to incite hatred among our fellow Indians, you are doing exactly that. You are no better than a Mulla giving his friday sermon or a Raj Thackerey defending his "marathi manoos". I understand that you are pro-Hindu and I respect that, but don't paint such a sad picture of Hindus in India, don't say that there is no action taken by them if someone wrongs them - it takes two to tango. And after conducting so much "research" for your article(which by the way is incomplete meaning it does not say why the killings happened - by just saying that they wore saffron and they were killed does not quite explain it, there has to be a deeper reason), surely you must have realised that this is all power play, our politicians don't care who's house burns as long as their pockets are warm. They have always exploited the diversity in our country and it will never stop, it may reduce with the coming generations but such articles will not help. TOI please exercise some control.
[13 Mar, 2008 2158hrs IST]

Anon,USA,says:I renounce my connection from the Hindu society if political fear mongers like Tarun Vijay are "espousing the cause". They are doing it because they are political opportunists and think that by saying "Hindu" they can garner support. Do they care? Doe sit really matter? Hindu, or Muslim or whatever.. why the heck is religion used to obfuscate real issues like food and basics, education.... what use will being Hindus be if we do not get the basics.. Perspnally if abandoning Hinuism would get me better facilities I would do it in a flash. Anyhow I refuse to lat these BJP-RSS types tell me how to think and incite me, the res tof the people supporting MR Vijay are dumb cattle anyhow.
[13 Mar, 2008 2109hrs IST]
Sumit,USA,says:Great thought and work My Tarun. But Hindus are like this and they will keep suffering from the hand of so called Secular people in India. Simply you can say that Hindus does not have guts to protect their own esteem. Hindus are way too divided to support other Hindus. It's like 800 Million Hindus but all standing for their own family/friends only. Until Hindus unite and fight for their rights they will not get anything out in Hindustan.
[13 Mar, 2008 2039hrs IST]

Sunil,Dublin,says:Whatever the issues elsewhere, the issue in Kannur is political. There is no saffron or any other colour to it. The writer seem to paint it with a relegious colour. Kannur was always been a communist strong hold and they dont like any one else taking up their militia activities from them. Anyone trying to take up their strong hold, they like to suppress them with their activists. When RSS tries to question this the same way as them, they are targeted.
[13 Mar, 2008 2009hrs IST]

Hindu Singh,Chandigarh,says:Hindus are just too tolerant and too nice. God Bless India.
[13 Mar, 2008 1909hrs IST]

,,says: dear Indian writer You are always good in inciting fire. Why don't you say indian instead of muslim, hindu or sikh. Do you know about the victims in kashmir(crimes by military), bhagalpur, Mumbai riots (sri krishna report),babri masjid riots ,godhra victims. Just look at the hindu society, Dowry has been a major problem than others. Daughters are killed or harmed for more dowry.
[13 Mar, 2008 1642hrs IST]

sushma,london,says:Excellent article.
[13 Mar, 2008 1559hrs IST]

Varun,Bangalore,says:We were ruled by Moghuls and British and now Madam Sonia...Wake up INDIANS..............
[13 Mar, 2008 1533hrs IST]

Rohit,Mumbai,says:Dear Sir, I ask you, what is the solution to this? Why are we Hindus our own greatest enemy? Whatever the answer, I am afraid nothing can be done about it since the sand has already slipped out of our hands. Our own politicians many of whom are Hindus themselves, have no sense of remorse at this. So what do we do? Uniting Hindus is nearly impossible - most are just bothered about making money.
[13 Mar, 2008 1531hrs IST]

Rajeev Ampalakat,Sharjah,says:Dear Tarun, Please read and understand the intellectually mature reply of Mr Dilip Kumar Roy from Mumbai. You should also write a whole series of articles on why we are the way we are. Self introspection is the first step to correcting ourselves. You can start with the innumerable atrocities committed by upper caste Hindus against their own lower cast brethren for centuries. How, for instance, the caste Brahmins killed the beautiful language of Sanskrit by not allowing other castes to speak or even listen to it. Not to mention the fact that they themselves never let it grow. That we were always a divided lot is not so lost on us, is it? Please explain the ease with which we were always plundered by outsiders time and again with such ease. Explain the killings of lovers belonging to different castes which are still so rampant all over our country. Explain the caste based vote banks and how we can rectify it. We have done enough of chest thumping lamenting. Now lets hear some solutions.
[13 Mar, 2008 1523hrs IST]

Nand Sharma,Delhi,says:Thank you very much for yet another eye opener and thought provocative article, Sir!
[13 Mar, 2008 1439hrs IST]

rohan,Delhi,says:Again eye opening article from Tarun Vijay, I salute you sir.
[13 Mar, 2008 1437hrs IST]

dharmesh,canada,says:I salute you mr tarun for that hindu wake up article and expose those India's enemy politician
[13 Mar, 2008 1227hrs IST]

Arunesh Dixit,Gurgaon,says:We can not leave our human values of non-violence and love. We are happy to be killed rather than do injustice in the name of Ram. We are the sons and daughters of God and we can not create Hate. So, be patient and have faith on Ram.
[13 Mar, 2008 1225hrs IST]

Ax Nair,NOIDA,says:Nice article. This is the time to end the discrimination against Hindus by madam Sonia and her anti-hindu stooges.
[13 Mar, 2008 1157hrs IST]

Dharmesh,canada,says:I salute mr tarun for this articles but i don't when hindu people will wake up so pl keep it continue to write to expose nonsecular selfish politician and i am sure one day ram rajya will esatablish in india
[13 Mar, 2008 1153hrs IST]

guddu,mumbai,says:Dear readers, At least learn to appreciate one man who is willing to write the truth. He has the guts to call a spade a spade. How many of us so called educated citizens of Hinduism do even debate on the same when our Muslim colleagues are present.
[13 Mar, 2008 0946hrs IST]

S. Keerthy,Chennai,says:Those who are trying to put their words and prejudices into Tarun Vijay's column may please read these lines too-1. Why not a single secular human rightist has taken up the case of Godhra victims? 2.don't know, a worker killed may have a red or a saffron colour, but the colour of the tears of their mothers remain the same. 3.And it certainly means a society without any caste discriminations, asserting one single identity-the Indian Tricolour. A Hindu observing caste or region based discriminations and prejudice is less than a Hindu. Make him feel ashamed of his narrow-mindedness. Breaking the stranglehold of caste in politics and social mobility corridors is another Independence struggle to realise the Indian dream. Is there anything more logical that the secular Taliban want to know?
[13 Mar, 2008 0902hrs IST]

Prateek,delhi,says:Awesome article. Bravo! What an eye-opener. In India being secular is equal to anything anti-Hindu and bash Hindus. Tarun ji thank you for such an editorial.
[13 Mar, 2008 0803hrs IST]

Priyank,USA,says:Thanks, Tarun ji for bringing out the incidents in light about assault on Hindus. It is just that Hindus have a different philosophy of life compared to others. And it comes from our tradition. We are not community religion. We belong to individualistic religion. It doesn't hurt us when someone dies as fasr as he/she is not ourselves or someone from our own family. Call it cowardice or non-violence. This is how we have been trained by our Hindu culture for ages. If anything can change that it is going to be training the young minds and children the lesson of assertiveness or the in-tolerance. But then question is where will the world or to be specific India go? How many days of riots or civil wars can India sustain? India is moving towards prosperity because of its large progressive majority. If they are going to divert their energy in discrimination and intolerance? Where will the march to properity lead? I don't know. Is it the question of choice between prosperity versus self-respect? Or is it just emotion based anger where only hatred can defeat the hatred or only iron can cut the iron. I think Hindu as a community needs direction on this issue. Is there any such community as Hindus first of all? Regions, languages, castes, traditions the diversity we proud of is it actually the cause of plight of so called Hindu majority? Does Hindu community/majority really exist? Jai Hind!
[13 Mar, 2008 0646hrs IST]

ssmoorthy,carmel, usa,says:Mr. Tarun Vijay has again contributed an excellent article.Hindus have forgotten their rights after 800 years of Islamic and nearly 300 years of British rule.We have forgotten our history,pride and self-respect.The Governments in the name of democracy appease the minorities and forget the majority,Hindus.It is high time new leaderships come to save the majority.Otherwise there will be self destruction. I hope Hindus will reassert themselves and preserve the country.
[13 Mar, 2008 0541hrs IST]

Nirmal Kumar,Deharadun,says:To hide the truth about atrocities against the Hindus has been a policy of a millennium old foreign rule of India. The Governments of India after independence have not shown the courage to face the truth. The curbing of truth prevents a people from ensuring that inhumanity does not perpetuate against any people. India is an unhappy country to live in for anybody who knows that apart from the abstract truth there is the practical truth too. If the practical truth of the life of the majority community is ignored by the government, the majority becomes otherworldly, and governance becomes easier. Besides,spiritual self-denial degenerates into death wish.
[13 Mar, 2008 0507hrs IST]
Musing,NJ, USA,says:I usually am a big fan of Tarun Vijay's writings. But just this once I see a lot of rhetoric and incitement. Call it naivette but I still happen to believe in tolerance and peace as opposed to hate mongering. Two wrongs can never make a right. Within the system we need to find ways to allow Hindus(actually there is no religion called Hinduism..) to pursue their belief system while making sure that the rest of the faiths also join and create the noble vision of unity in diversity...These kind of articles will not help us on the unity path.
[13 Mar, 2008 0406hrs IST]

anand,Singapore,says:painfull but nothing to worry .. we have survived thousand years of slavery and oppression .. today hindus are growing and shining again .. as more and more hindus become educated ..they will see the true color of media and political parties..and the day is not very far when the whole India will be like Gujrat (most affluent, developed and safe state of India) ..offcourse the more Narendra Modi's we have ..faster will that day come.
[13 Mar, 2008 0245hrs IST]

Madhavi,U.S.A,says:Hindus have always been of docile nature. With their broad-mindedness they have always welcomed Muslims,Christians into their fold lovingly and willingly for which they have paid a huge price. Hinduism teaches tolerance where as other religions are rigid in nature and tend to incite their followers who in turn create havoc in the name of religion. It is time politicians intervened and tried to sort out a solution for this problem.
[13 Mar, 2008 0108hrs IST]

kris,Canada,says:Hindus strength remains in their survival instict. Hindus were there when people in the rest of the world were climbing up on the tree with goat skin wrapped around them. We kill people by our kindness and non-voilence. Hindus will have last laugh
[13 Mar, 2008 0012hrs IST]

TRK,INDIA,says:Dear Writer, I support you completely. But don't worry their is someone up their who is on our side and he will do the justice one day, and that is the day when Hindus will get their revenge. And yes guys it is true, THE SYSTEMATIC KILLING OF HINDUS IS THE BIGGEST GENOCIDE IN THE WORLD. ITS WORST THAT NUCLEAR BOMBING OF JAPANESE CITIES OR EVEN THE HOLOCAUST......
[12 Mar, 2008 2352hrs IST]

Jaswant,Canada,says:You will hear same thing from hardliners in any religion. In fact sometimes I feel, they just replace the world 'Hindu' with Muslim, Sikh or some other religion, rest of the story remains the same. People in South Asia are very easy to manuplate.
[12 Mar, 2008 2343hrs IST]

shabad rajput,usa,says:great mr tarun, its nice to see the way you potray stories and figure. may i ask you a question why were you talking about 100 thousand hindus killed after 1986, not missing out 30 thousand sikhs being butchered in different parts of country in state planned, state sponsered and state executed genocide including children, youths, women.
[12 Mar, 2008 2338hrs IST]

Vikram Chandrasekar,Austin, Texas, USA,says:It is high time that the mainstream media gave coverage to the killings of the RSS men in Kerala. Thanks to Mr. Tarun Vijay and TOI for that. Just because the victims were hindus and belonged to the RSS our mainstream media has completely ignored these killings.
[12 Mar, 2008 2259hrs IST]

Anonymous,Canada,says:Tarunji, thanks for speaking the truth.
[12 Mar, 2008 2227hrs IST]

vijay,bangalore,says:beautiful article. tarun vijay takes a high level view of everything that the readers are forced to think and open their eyes to the prejudices against the hindus in our own country. we have to do have an organised resistance to the communists.
[12 Mar, 2008 2157hrs IST]
ktej,USA,says:I might add that this is a column about a nation of over a billion people with over 800million Hindus! I am sure, for some deep rooted reasons, there will be Hindus who will resent the facts in the column, because Hindus are their own worst enemies. And by the way, who speaks for Hindus anyway? Great column.
[12 Mar, 2008 2142hrs IST]

Proud Hindu,Canada,says:Hats off to you, Tarunji, for this excellent article.It's 100% TRUTH. Wake up, dear Hindu brothers and sisters! We must unite and fight the evil forces that are hell bent on destroying our glorious heritage.
[12 Mar, 2008 2059hrs IST]

Anon_J,New Delhi,says:Agree with you, Mr Ambedkar. Why is the plight of Hindus singled out and magnified by this particular writer? Doesn't the rest of India qualify for his sympathies? And what about the atrocities that right wing Hindu groups commit? Does that escape his notice or does he believe that it is not worth bothering about?Mr Vijay, Indians are more than just Hindus and the fact that you are equating Hindi speakers with Hindus is a reflection of your myopia. You speak for a coterie of troublemongers that are usually seen idling at streetcorners with nothing to do. Talk about good governance for all, why don't you. That might do you and your ideological partners some good.
[12 Mar, 2008 2055hrs IST]

XYZ,Canada,says: I could not agree with you more, Mr. Tarun. I am living in Canada and have seen DVD's for kids being circulated among a certain community which debases the Hindu Community for all their historic miseries. Kids in this community, who were born in Canada, have been brought up to refer to Hindu's as Hindi (Probably it is too difficult for them to say "Hindu" in their foreign accents). Imagine my shock when one such kid, visiting my home, refused to eat "Kheer", saying that he did not like the "Hindi Kheer." As you have pointed out, these communities never let an opportunity go by without advertising the "atrocities" committed by Hindus on their community. In contrast, there never is a mention of victimization of Hindus because of their own actions. The case of Hindus in Kashmir, Punjab etc is stark example of deep rooted prejudice against them in their own motherland. To twist a famous quote by Karl Marx-Hindus in the world unite. You have nothing to loose but your .... (I leave the rest for Hindus to think about).
[12 Mar, 2008 2051hrs IST]

shailu,washington dc,says:as usual tarun's articles are the best ... you depict things as they are ..
[12 Mar, 2008 2014hrs IST]

kk,San Francisco,says:I see your point but I think we hindus are ourselves to blame for our predicament. We are very very selfish people and like to dig our head in past glories instead of thinking of future. We hate to fight even in self defence, we hate to travel and explore. Jews are extreme opposite, they are very touchy about self defence. They have mastered the art of controlling media. Europe transformed itself because there were philosophers who thought analyzed social issues and were able to take countries away from clutches of bigotry. Look at muslim societies, they are killing themselves too, there is no central planner who thinks for good of society. Same in africa, africa is ruled by selfish dictators. I think it will take another 200 years before masses learn to how to be less selfish and judge their leaders accordingly
[12 Mar, 2008 2013hrs IST]

shailesh,india,says:it is people like ambedkar above because of which we are forced to support people like raj thackeray - both are dispensable items of the society.
[12 Mar, 2008 2013hrs IST]

Anon,USA,says:THe majority Hindus are in trouble, flee the land, pogroms are being unleashed on poor peaceful Hindus and the messiahs of the Hindus are the power hungry BJP_RSS who are also being victimized. Mr Vijay aren't you a huge JOKE? What nonsense is this and why are this religious nut tolerated on the TOI? What the heck is the Hindu religions, anyway? THere are a few hundrred versions of the Ramayan and it si a weird one that the BJP ABVP would like to impose on everyone... with idealogies like this, these people of course see themselves being persecuted as indeed any bigots should be.
[12 Mar, 2008 2002hrs IST]

Vikram Srivastava,Chicago,says:This guy is using his articles to express his contempt against other religions and non-RSS based parites. TOI should just remove him, it doesn't go along with the logic-based articles of other columnists.
[12 Mar, 2008 1932hrs IST]

Vijay,Bhubaneswar,says:Hey Tarun, Can't we start a news channel? Just like the current media is filled with communists, can't we have very good channel, with charming and committed people working to raise an awareness among the people. A channel which makes us feel proud about our rich history, rather than sorry picture painted by the communists. Let's present the other side of the story too! Not one, may be a couple of news channels. Asatoma Sadgamaya. Let us show some light to these psuedo-secularists. Let the that light shine so brightly and intensely, that even they close their eyes, it can still penetrate throught! Vande Mataram!!
[12 Mar, 2008 1921hrs IST]
Noir,Canada,says:It is sad to read Tarun Vijay's selective rendering of issues and events and give them a twist so as to promote the fascist-insprised ideology of RSS. When the TOI starts carrying such columns on a regular basis, that are totally non-objective and biased, India has indeed reached a critical point. One is reminded of similar propaganda that led to slaughter of minorities sooner or later - e.g. the helpless tutsis slaughtered as minorities (see the movie Hotel Rwanda).
[12 Mar, 2008 1905hrs IST]

jayanthi,india,says:Well when the PM is ready to help Muslims at the cost of poor hindu indians, what do you expect sir? If you are a muslim you can visit Haj at the cost of government. Is equal percentage of hindus or muslims get same privelage even to visit their pilgrim centres in India itself? hardly. Why not the newspaper Hindu publish this item till now? Or its name is to get sales with Hindu name only?
[12 Mar, 2008 1838hrs IST]

NEELKANTH,CHANDIGARH,says:I would like to add a little to whatever Mr Tarun has written. When MF Hussain painted Hindu Godesses nude, it was called "Cultural independance". While when the "Mohammed Cartoons" and "Satanic Verses" were released, those were opposed world over. When Taslima Nasreen says something about her own community, she is hounded like dogs by the State Govt and even asked by a Cabinet Minister to apologize but when Karunanidhi says "there was never a RAM", he is simply ignored by the same "intelligentsia". I do not understand this worst kind of hypocracy. The worst thing about this is that its the same , the same "secularists" who defend the likes of MF Hussain and Karunanidhi while preaching Salman Rushdi and Taslima. While i absolutly do not appreciate the acts like "Satanic Verses" and that of Danish Cartoonists, i do also expect from others to keep my feelings in mind.
[12 Mar, 2008 1803hrs IST]

Satyajit,Chennai,says:This is the best article i have ever read in times of India since the articles written by Francis gouitier years ago..It is 100% true that now it's became a fashion to bash hindus..even using the word Hindu is termed as communal..I am amused that the Media is also silent on these things..This way the aggression is building up with in a common hindu like me...
[12 Mar, 2008 1756hrs IST]

Ram Singh Dalit,India,says:Very good article.I completely agree.
[12 Mar, 2008 1711hrs IST]

Arun,Dubai,says:Mr. Tarun Vijay is absolutely right in his article yet again. I come from kerala and I know how marxist controls the whole state by thier physical power. They don't even allow congress supporters to go out and vote in kannur by intimidating them. I think its high time the national media should focus on this killings at kannur. The communist's knew that the Muslims and christian majority vote for only congress and the remaining vote group is Hindus. Majority of the Hindus used to vote for communist marxist party. if RSS/BJP comes up in the state, it will grow from the Hindu community only. The marxists knew this well and this is the basic reason of these killings
[12 Mar, 2008 1708hrs IST]

B. Arun,Chennai, INDIA,says:I wholeheartedly appreciate the Times of INDIA for publishing this article! Let Mr. Tarun Vijay and the TOI keep this going for ever and ever!!!
[12 Mar, 2008 1644hrs IST]

munish,oman,says:Perfectly written. Reason for all this is votes. Congress party and their communist freinds have mastered this art of so called secularism. I dont know how and why communist still win elections in three states while they are far behind in progress acheived by the country at large. Will any journalist expose the truth behind such democracy.
[12 Mar, 2008 1641hrs IST]

Prashant k,Mumbai,says:I would just like to point out that today 12th March is the anniversary of Mumbai Blasts in which 800 people mostly hindus lost there lives and look nobody remembers it. No news anywhere on this. The points brought out by Mr. Vijay are very valid.
[12 Mar, 2008 1621hrs IST]

narendra kale,india,says:it is necessary to work towards creating hindu vote bank which will compel politicians of all parties to safeguard the interest of the majority community and then no prime minister would dare to utter that muslims have got the priority and prime right on the exchequer. Hindues are not united.they do not vote en block. they are scattered in all political parties which have perverted idea of secularism.this is the crux of the problem.whatever is anti-hindu is considered as secular.strong movement for awakening and uniting hindues on one common platform is the need of the hour. the words as socialism, secularism,and democracy have the meaning untill india remains hindu majority country. therefore it is in the interest of these principles also india must remain hindustan,
[12 Mar, 2008 1606hrs IST]
Ram Bharose,India,says:Great article..but we all are becoming deaf ear. But RSS and BJP had a golden chance of proving their nationality at the time when New age Maan Singh or Jay Chand were dividing nation on the basis of regionalism. And along with some good media tactics vote were divided and diverted mind of people by providing lolypops in rail and financial budget. N-E election are example of the same. BJP should have come out strongly against and they could have gain power in other pockets if not Maharashtra. Tough time ahead for India and as usual we will not wake up, continous to get fall in strategically made issues along with some good media support BJP will not get benefit. We all have become helpless and ready to accept any thing wrong despite our consince says its wrong. Money is speaking although purchasing power are going down. Jiski lathi uski bhais. Ram Bharose India. Every one is running behind money, may be we will wake up one day.......
[12 Mar, 2008 1547hrs IST]

Vinu V Kurup,Pathanamthitta,says:namasthe Tarunjii, In ur column abt Kannur,thr was some mistakes..actually there were 3 students killed in Parumala college,Kim Karunakar,Sujith and Anu.The Jayakrishnan Master was killed in the year 1999 Dec 1th..
[12 Mar, 2008 1510hrs IST]

Raj Kiran Singh,Hardoi, U.P.,says:It seems words are from the writer and he poured in my heart in this article. Sadly thats the state of hindu's in hindustan.
[12 Mar, 2008 1505hrs IST]

Kumar,UAE,says:makes me think hard?
[12 Mar, 2008 1454hrs IST]

indian,india,says:Dharmo rakshanti rakshitah...and vice versa..we hindus are looked down upon by others because of our own insensitivity towards our own religion...its perishing..and we are to blame for it...its just matter of time when we will be in the endangered list like tigers in India.
[12 Mar, 2008 1445hrs IST]

Panchanan Agrawalla, Journalist. ,MA-1,Badagada Brit Colony,Bhubaneswar-751018,says:Dear Sir,The article" Assaulting an Indian Dream" written by Tarun Vijay is is very true thatwhen CPM has come to power in Keral since 2006, 20 RSS workers have been murdered.The writer narrating the true story of the incident two ABVP activist were killed by SFI Goons.From Nandigram to Kannur communist terrorism taked "Narasanhar Leela".Now Left Parties has failed to win the heart of voters.They only belive in violance.I am very happy Tarun Vijay has opened masked of those leadears creating the all troubles in the country.
[12 Mar, 2008 1418hrs IST]

srinidhi,bangalore,says:the bjp should project arun shourie as its pm candidate.
[12 Mar, 2008 1414hrs IST]

Dilip Kumar Roy,Mumbai,says:Am a Hindu, am BJP supporter, but I find Tarun Vijay's writings unbalanced, excessively biased and counter-productive. It ia a copy-cat version of the Muslim mind-set of endless grievances. Any Mullah in a Pakistani or Afghan Mosque could have copied Tarun Vijay's column and converted it into a Friday Sermon by altering a few words here and there. Quite clearly, Mr Vijay is imitating the Islamists. This is not to deny the depredations of the Jehadis or the Eyes-Wide-Shut attitude of the Indian Secularists. The point is that Mr Vijay is no less clueless on how to respond to it than the man on the street. His response is plebian and commonplace, unfit of a member of a think-tank of a major political party. The political goal as an Indian is to work for a society that is inclusive, plural and accepts heterogeneity. This cannot happen if Secularists turn a blind eye to the aggressive self-assertion of minorities, nor can it happen if the majority starts immitating the minority mind-set - and its ideologues like Tarun Vijay starts articulating them. Hindus have to be strong, for the Muslim mind-set respects strength and is contemptuous of weakness. While acquiring strength, we need to affirm again and again that we are for plurality and inclusiveness, not intolerance. We shall affirm too that the Muslim has a permanent place in the heart of MotherIndia, he is no less a child of her than I am. We shall be aware that in injuring any innocent Muslim, we cause hurt to our brother, but in our words and actions we shall make it clear that those Muslim elements who believe in disruption and intolerance shall face the collective strength of Hindu society. The question before Tarun Vijay and other thoughtful Hindus is who to awaken the inherent strength of Hindu Society and mobilize it without making it a vehicle of hate. That is a far more complex task than just spouting grievances of Hindus.
[12 Mar, 2008 1327hrs IST]

charulata,aurangabad,says:Is it possible to have a solution for this..can't we, hindus live with dignity and be proud to be the followers of the oldest of any major religion of the world?..reading the article one only feels helpless and sad and ashamed of our pseudo-secular leaders..
[12 Mar, 2008 1148hrs IST]

Ambedkar,Ranigunj,Bihar,says:Complete BS.
[12 Mar, 2008 1045hrs IST]

Bhavya Ketan said...

Good work, Mr Tarun Vijay!
There is a saying, "A thing is not said if it isn't said a thousand times". We Arya writers should write as many articles as we can. We need to show the world the truth. And we have to prove it too, generation after generation.
Let the pseudo-secularists, Muslim apologists, Marxist liars, and ignorant Hindus say whatever they want to say. We will not stop expressing ourselves. We shall never stop disseminating the facts. Let them call us fanatics, fundamentalists, or what so ever. But we know what we truly are. We are Hindu nationalists.
It our duty to expose all the evil forces of Islamism, Communism, and minority appeasement that are destroying Bharatvarsh from within.