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Monday, August 17, 2015

Its now or never moment for India

 |  6-minute read |   16-08-2015
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Narendra Modi has arrived. He has arrived as the messenger of the second freedom struggle for India. His speech, the second one from the ramparts of the Red Fort, was a speech of a national rejuvenator and a "Baahubali", who loves his nation and her people. And can do anything to see a powerful nation re-emerging out of despondency.
Today, which also happens to be the birthday of the great seer Sri Aurobindo, looks like the beginning of a new era for a bruised and battered nation.
It's a "now or never" moment for India. Suddenly the dreams have returned to our eyes and the path to freedom from poverty and backwardness looks aglow with the sweat of our leader who has the guts to lead us from the front. The uneducated, corruption-ridden, lethargic and hopeless India, a "gift" of the continuous rule by the Congress has found a safaiwala who will create a new and vibrant nation with a glory that had always been the hallmark of our land and our people.
The history of a nation looted, burnt, massacred and subjugated must find a closing chapter. And for ever. Delhi was massacred 18 times. And our people, who handwrote three million books on science, arts, philosophy, metallurgy, chemistry, physics, astronomy and dharma were made to witness the burning of their libraries, in Taksh Shila (Taxila) and in Nalanda. One of the most beautiful and well architectured city we had built - Hampi - was hammered down to lie in ruins. Our freedom was forced to be truncated and a million people lost their lives and a majority of those who survived lost their homes and families.
This is how we arrived to see the dawn of August 15.
It's a story of us, a story woven with the sacrifices of our brave forefathers, a story that tells the spine-chilling cruelty of mlecchha invaders who buried alive our beloved sahibzadas, Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh in the walls of Sirhind fort - brick-by-brick. Think about the pains and tears of their grandmother, Mata Gujari, who had to find her way through thick forests protecting her two other grandsons from wild animals and wilder hounds of the enemy. Ask your own conscience why Guru Tegh Bahadur was called "Hind Ki Chadar" and not "Punjab Ki Chadar".
Those 400 great Tamil freedom fighters who were hanged in a single day by the British for demanding independence and those like Velu Nachiyar, Rani Gaidinliu, who fought to free India from the foreign yoke may find little or no mention in the highly prejudiced and Left-tainted history books. Yet their sacrifices make the colours of the tricolour brighter and honourable.
This is how we have arrived at a moment where celebrating Independence Day became possible.
It's possible to yell with all your strength a great and thrilling Vande Mataram because our soldiers, as a tradition, and as a faith, protect our motherland, standing guard at Siachen and Jaisalmer.
And look, those who can't even remember the names of five freedom fighters or sing a patriotic song, and those who have discarded the language of the people of the nation whose name appears on the first page of their passports, still want to rule us.
After all those turbulent years this nation has gone through, a bunch of mavericks are wasting a nation. They are wasting the collective strength of a billion-plus people. Should they be ignored or pardoned, or allowed to put hurdles in the path of a nation that is moving pretty fast? Should we take lightly how these people tried to insult and humiliate a lady speaker of the Parliament and demonstrated in a brazenly cave-age manner before her residence?
Efforts to paralyse a nation is a sin and a crime worse than the ones perpetrated by those who came and invaded us. They were foreigners. But these power hungry arrogant road-blockers are hurting their motherland from within.
Look back at how these very types of leaders yielded to the British and wasted the sacrifices of our freedom fighters by accepting a partition of the nation.
Look back how in the very initial days, immediately after we had unfurled the tricolour from the ramparts of the Red Fort, we lost a two-thirds of Kashmir and later the entire Aksai Chin to Pakistan and China. The very first step into freedom was marred by the jeep scandal, affecting the security and morale of our soldiers. The first 15 years saw one lakh twenty five thousand sq kms of India's land being occupied by aliens and then came the blow of 1962, when we lost a war with China.
The economy was shackled with permit-quota raj, politics was sliding deep into corruption, the administration was clueless about the new regime; it simply followed the colonial legacies.
Bharatvarsha, that is India, became a poorly translated copy of the British India of the Nehruvian order. The Constitution was a "copy and paste" work of the Government of India Act of 1935. The Indian Civil Service (ICS) became Indian Administrative Service (IAS). And above all, the people of this land who were born with the culture and civilisation that created the fabric of our national life were suspected and contemptuously discarded. All doors to mainstream intellectual dialogues, centres of knowledges and political interactions were closed for them, even invitations to the Rashtrapati Bhawan and Governors' "high tea parties" and banquets were never meant for a huge section of our people who stood firmly for an ideology that reflected the core values of our nation. This was an era of ideological apartheid at its worst.
Every dark age has an end and this too was ended with a massive mandate by the people of India for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in general election 2014. The hateful elite was overthrown in a democratic revolution and this led to pain for those who couldn't stomach the defeat. It was a normal phenomenon with totalitarian, stinking rich rulers who become blind with their money and long stint in power, being involved.
Let patriotic people rise against these elements, who are worse than the British. Let's not allow them to waste the nation. Villages, cities and towns, our distant regions in the northeast and Ladakh and pavement dwellers in Mumbai and Chennai and Kolkata, our fresh new generation gleaming with hope and aspirations are waiting for electricity and potable water and good schools and health centres. Enemies on the borders are waiting to be silenced and housewives waiting for a happier times. Let the nation rise again. And frivolous, de-Indianised elements be junked. Once and for ever. 
That will mean a freedom genuinely achieved for India. That will be the second freedom struggle for us all. Vande Mataram.


Tarun said...

Try to look inside, find the Atman and then find that Atmam in all. There is Divinity in all -- even in those opposed to Namo. Too much politics has clouded your view. You have very little interest in common man's issues.

Vijay said...

So, after all this hot air, will Tarunji take up the cause of vernacular medium in new education policy? .... or will he just dance like a cheerleader in Modiji's court?

TV said...

I want all Indians to believe that there is a bright future for Indian languages -- in education, in science, in technology, in business, in governance, in law and in all walks of life. I will strive to make this into reality.

No child will be forced to believe that the only way to gain knowledge and stature is through a colonial tongue.

Priya Darshini said...

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Tarun said...

For Modi to succeed, he needs talent. Not cheer leaders.

Modi government's talent deficit may be the biggest roadblock to delivery on ambitious vision

sarmila sri said...

InformativeOnline Tamil News blog

sarmila sri said...

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Saparna said...

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Tarun said...

Hindu nationalists never invested in Saraswati -- they rather produced cheer leaders, says Koenraad Elst:

As the only nationally organized Hindu force, they claim to be the vanguard of Hindu society. If so, they should not be proud of their achievements in this field, where Hinduism has only been losing ground. They have never invested in scholarship.

Amit Shah said...

If I cannot afford Tur Dal today, it is a never moment for India