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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Meet the Emperor. Samrat Vikramaditya, who began Vikrami Samvat 2072 years ago.

Emperor Vikramaditya statue in the Captain's chamber on 
INS Vikramaditya
Vikram Samvat (Vikram SamwatVikram SambtBikram SamvatBikram SamwatBikram Sambat or Vikram's Era) विक्रम सम्वत्)  is the calendar established by emperor Vikramaditya. It uses lunar months and solar sidereal year. It is the official calendar of Nepal, also termed Bikram Sambat, but is computed using the tropical year.
The Vikrama Samvat is said to have been founded by the emperor Vikramaditya of Ujjain  following his victory over the Sakas in 56 BC, Indian Navy's proud warship, with a 12 acre deck, is named after the great emperor
The statue of Emperor Vikramaditya in the Captains Chamber on INS Vikramaditya

The crest of INS Vikramaditya

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Chief of Naval Staff Admiral RK Dhowan on the deck of INS Vikramaditya on June 14, 2014

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday June 14th, 2014, dedicated India's largest warship INS Vikramaditya to the nation.
He also sought to make the country self-reliant in manufacturing defence equipment, shedding dependence on imports.
In his first outing after taking charge as Prime Minister, he addressed the naval personnel onboard the ship off the Goa coast, calling the addition of the warship to the force as a "historic" step, reported PTI.
"It is an important day for our nation. It is a golden day in Indian Navy's history. For me, it is a matter of pride and happiness that INS Vikramaditya is joining the Navy. It is a historic step," he said.

Stressing on the need for self-reliance in defence equipment manufacturing, he said, "We need to give immense importance to latest technology. This will help the nation.
Why should we import defence equipment? We must be self sufficient. Why can't we send our defence equipment to other nations."
The Prime Minister also promised to set up a War Memorial for those who sacrificed their lives for the country.
He said this government has come with a determination and was committed to implement the "One Rank, One pension" scheme for defence personnel.

"Our government has the potential to match anyone in the world and the reason for this is the capability of our soldiers who give us the strength to do so," he said in his address, adding that the country intends to move forward in the same manner, without lowering its eyes.

The Majestic King Emperor of the seas- VIKRAMADITYA 

Tarun Vijay with the statue of Emperor Vikramaditya on INS Vikramaditya

The statue of Emperor Vikramaditya has this explanation on the brass plate which says The Name-Vikramaditya meaning "Sun of Prowess" was a title assumed by various ancient Indian Kings. King Chandragupta II , the third Gupta emperor is widely believed to have had the best credentials and is considered as the original King Vikramaditya.


Vijay said...

Unfortunate that those who use Hindutva to come to power see western style development and destruction of the environment as the only way out.


Facing all round flak, Maharashtra drops Mumbai Development Plan

Vijay said...

Modiji understands politics better than he understands Dharma.

Tarunji understands propaganda better than he understands Dharma.

Yogi said...

Do you think Mother Nature will ever be protected under BJP? I seriously doubt it.

Vyas said...

Make your parents proud. Please take up relevant issues like this:

Chemical Fertilisers Cause Health Issues, Rob Land's Fertility

AGRA: Steps should be taken to develop more grazing grounds for cattle and excessive use of chemical fertilisers need to be avoided, Agra Divisional Commissioner Pradeep Bhatnagar said here.

Bhatnagar said excessive use of chemical fertilisers was causing a lot of health problems and robbing the farm land of its fertility.

Use of cow dung manure, compost or vermi-compost could help promote organic farming in a big way, he said at a conference held here yesterday.

"The identity of Braj is forests and cows and both were under threat," said spiritual leader of Vrindavan Goswami Sri Vats.

"Organic farming is the way to look ahead and to sustain it we need cattle wealth. The Braj area has many gaushalas and the number of cows exceed a lakh. The cow dung collected can enrich soil and reduce dependence on chemical fertilisers. We are therefore looking at various options to make Mathura district a model in the country in the promotion of cattle wealth," he added.

Vyas said...

The movement for Aviral (undisrupted) Ganga was started by Swami Nigamanada of Matri Sadan ashram in Haridwar. The 34-year-old monk, referred to as Gangaputra, died in 2011, after fasting for 115 days to protest illegal mining of riverbeds. Later, many monks joined the movement, seeking protection of rivers.

The movement's efforts to apprise the “highest authority” about the situation in Uttarakhand have gone in vain so far. “Since Narendra Modi took office in May last year, we have been trying to meet him. But he has not agreed to meet us,” says Samvidanand.

The movement leaders, however, were able to meet BJP president Amit Shah. When told about the BJP's lack of support and the government's U-turn on the hydel projects, Shah reportedly quipped: “Hum dono ek hi hai (We both are the same)!”


Sadanand said...

Real courage, sir, requires that we don't escape from such issues:

We gradually learned that Delhi’s true menace came from its air, water, food and flies. These perils sicken, disable and kill millions in India annually, making for one of the worst public health disasters in the world. Delhi, we discovered, is quietly suffering from a dire pediatric respiratory crisis, with a recent study showing that nearly half of the city’s 4.4 million schoolchildren have irreversible lung damage from the poisonous air.

The city’s air is more than twice as polluted as Beijing’s, according to the World Health Organization.

Tarun said...

Here is a chance to show the world that Tarun Vijay has real courage -- please go talk to Arun Jaitley. Tell him to stop favoring Chinese while robbing Indian farmers:

In 2011, Indian government cut import duty on silk, which made importing Chinese silk cheaper. But the further 5% reduction in import duty by the Finance Ministry this year irked farmers enough to bring them to the streets. Farmers dumped cocoons on the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway on May 17 to protest the decline in the prices.

Vijay said...

At least some nationalists have not turned into cheerleaders:

Sangh affiliates oppose land Bill

OROP said...

How about One Rank One Pension?