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Monday, January 26, 2015

May our Dream of a new Tomorrow


Tarun said...

The price of aviation turbine fuel (jet fuel), is now less than diesel.

Tarun said...

Why is BJP opposing green initiatives?


The Legislative Assembly passed the Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority Bill, 2014 on Monday despite strong opposition from the BJP and JD(S).

It aims at creating habitat of wetland for aquatic biodiversity, water birds and aquatic plants, and controlling pollution of lakes.

Persons found discharging untreated sewage into the lake and dumping construction debris will get three years imprisonment

TV said...

Every time I visit your blog, I hope to see something more important than mere propaganda.. I go back disappointed every time.

Aren't you bothered about pollution, contaminated rivers, soil erosion, land erosion?

Can't you spend some time trying to learn how the developed nations protect their lakes and rivers and forests? And why they are moving away from coal usage?

Teji said...

Does the neglect of Healthcare sector by the Central govt bother you?

India spends about 1 per cent of its GDP on public health, compared with 3 per cent in China and 8.3 per cent in the US.

Swadeshi said...

Can you answer this?

"If the govt is so concerned about speed of projects, it should facilitate leasing of land instead of trying to acquire any."

G said...

Many cheerleaders in the party today, very few men of substance left:

PMO meeting changed NDA's stance to favour more dams in Uttarakhand

Business Promoter said...

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