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Saturday, February 1, 2014

RIP Nido Tania. Its not an Arunachal or Northeast issue, it affects us all Indians

The Times of India .com

Nido Tania, 19, was a student from Arunachal Pradesh, which I always call as our precious Jai Hind province as almost in every village there Hindi is spoken and the tricolour flutters with a pride that inspires us north Indians, who arrogantly remain ignorant about our NE frontiers. 

He was a sweet boy filled with life and verve, had his hair coloured and innocently asked a New Delhi's Lajpat Nagar market shopkeeper the directions to an address. He was mocked at instead, they didn't help but made fun of him. He must have felt humiliated so much that like an angry, loveable son, the pride in him turned into a rage and he broke the glass of the shop.  

Anyone in his place would have expressed anger maybe more bitterly, but the kid was angry, more at himself. The shopkeepers, who first made fun of him were monsters now. A lil sweet sparrow, was mercilessly beaten up collectively by those traders, almost to a pulp till some policemen came and tried to have a compromise. 

In fact those policemen were trying to shield the shopkeepers, they were not sympathetic to the boy, who was hardly able to speak and was under severe pain. They also made the boy  write a note: I do not need medical assistance.

What brutality we show to our sons and daughters in the national capital. 

           [Nido Tania]

Instead of showing sympathies with the victim and taking him to the nearest doctor or hospital, the policemen were trying to have him say — nothing happened; I am ok.

Delhi is unfair and savage to those who try to find a home here from other parts of the nation. In fact, nobody belongs to Delhi, it's a city of political staircases and scheming experts. If you don't have a job or a work assignment, you won't be here rather be in your home town. This is not a home town to those who live here. 

Massacred eighteen times, devastated and burnt and looted  by invaders, this city gave shelter to seekers of a better fortune from everywhere.

There is hardly any sense of belongingness or a principal flow of culture or the  civilisational shade that would point to a common, collective root. Caste driven moneybags and street- smart vagabonds drive it. A city of 'contacts', 'acquaintances' 'sir jees' and 'saheb-yessir wallahs' can make anyone feel friendless in a  vast crowd. A crowd that consists of political agents, job seekers, tense, stressed and hurriedly trying to meet the deadly deadlines, jealous, merciless competitors, who want to make a quick buck, as soon as possible, as much as possible. 

[The author with the student leaders of Arunachal Pradesh (Arunachal Students Union, Delhi-ASUD) after having a meeting with Delhi Police chief at police headquarters]

The politicians of various hues and shades mark the mainstream of go-getters that are ruthlessly professional and work with a killing instinct. Nothing is sacrilegious, nothing is unthinkable, nothing remains impossible too. 

Nido Tania and many others like him fall victim to such an insensitive heartless city. You have to be politically correct, connected and well versed in prevalent mannerism marked by sarcasm, duplicity and drama-bazi to stay afloat, keep surviving.

Pray for Nido Tania and pray for a more humane and caring society. We have good, nice, sensitive people too. They must speak out, reach out to these students who are mourning for their buddy.

Let everyone stand with his parents, friends and fraternity. Its not, and I repeat not a northeastern issue, nor a matter pertaining to just Arunachal. It involves us all Indians. It's an India cause.

RIP Nido Tania.

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Massive Metal India said...

Thank you so Much Sir for the beautiful Article. I'm Happy to know that we are not alone and we have people like you to keep us smiling.
God Bless you and God Bless my Country India!!

RIP Nido Tania