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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Can Rajya Sabha show some heart to discuss Nido Tania and NE issue tomarrow? - Tarun Vijay

Don't play with Northeast anger.
Shri Tarun Vijay, MP at NE Protest march, Jantar Mantar, New Delhi today
Can Rajya Sabha show some heart to discuss Nido Tania and NE issue tomarrow? - Tarun Vijay MP (Rajya Sabha) and President Solidarity with Youth of Northeast (SYNE).
6th Feb.2014, New Delhi - Mr. Tarun Vijay, MP (Rajya Sabha and President Solidarity with Youth of Northeast (SYNE) joined the NE students protest march at Jantar Mantar today and warned government not to play with snowballing anger in Northeast region over delay in justice on NIDO TANIA's tragic  death. 
He has appealed to all party leaders in Rajya Sabha to keep House in order to facilitate a discussion on Nido Tania's tragic death and the resultant NE anger. He said all issues raised by Members might be important, but can they stop disruption for a one hour discussion for the sake of our Northeast? 'I hope the hon'ble Members will show some heart and they will give a positive signal to NE by allowing a discussion on this important and sensitive issue.
He condemned efforts to spread rumours that Nido Tania might have died due to drug overdose.  He said that this is like rubbing salt on the wounds of Northeast youth and should be nipped in the bud otherwise antisocial and antinational elements may use this and hamper justice for Nido Tania.  Mr. Tarun Vijay wondered why police has not acted so far against such rumour mongers. 
He also appealed to media not to make this issue as an isolated matter of our NE fellow citizens.  It concerns the entire nation and every party and organisation leader joining the fight of NE should be welcomed.  He asked   if Northeast fight for justice is left only to the northeast people will that situation be good for national unity and   feelings of oneness? 


Yoga Kshaemam said...

Please ensure Andhra Pradesh stays united. Unity is the essence of the Upanishads.

Anonymous said...

Tavleen Singh is perhaps referring to LK Advani here:

BJP’s senior leaders are very good at stalling Parliament with a lot of sound and fury for a day or so and then quietly letting pass every new piece of dodgy legislation that Sonia Gandhi puts before them.

Yoga Kshaemam said...

Nationalists? My left foot

How the Congress and BJP played a dangerous game on Telangana