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Sunday, January 8, 2012

PM should scrap military delegation's visit to China: BJP

Press : BJP National Spokesperson and MP, Shri Tarun Vijay
Sunday, 08 January 2012

Press Release
Chinese denial of visa to Indian officer and govt sending delegation dropping officer from Arunachal insulting to the nation and armed forces - Tarun Vijay

Its shocking to know that the govt is sending a military delegation to China after dropping an officer who hails from Arunachal Pradesh. This is conceding Chinese claim on Arunachal through backdoor and demoralizing the Indian armed forces, whose delegation is forced to leave for China without their brother soldier Group Captain M Panging, because China doesn't want' him as an Indian. Group Captain M. Panging is being humiliated and insulted for belonging to India and hailing from India's patriotic Jai Hind state Arunachal Pradesh. We condemn this attitude of the govt and demand that the delegation's China trip be cancelled immediately protesting the Chinese refusal to give visa to our military officer.

I have spoken to the Defence Minister Shri A.K. Antony in this regard, and he seems to be collecting information about the delegation's visit and said, 'he can't tell me details off hand, and would meet me tomorrow about it.' While I am thankful to him and would meet him tomorrow, I tried to contact External Affairs Minister but he was in Dubai, on his way to Israel and his officers put me in contact with his OSD in Delhi. He informed that because govt of India doesn't accept stapled visas to Indians, hence the said officer is not being sent to China. The govt wants the talks with China to continue therefore the military delegation is being sent without the officer who belongs to Arunachal Pradesh and was denied a proper visa by Chinese govt.

This is an outrageous position of the govt. Suppose we have a Prime Minister who belongs to Arunachal Pradesh, should the govt drop him from a China bound delegation because of Chinese objection and continue to send the rest of the delegation members? How the prestige of an Indian soldier is less than the honour of a Prime Minister?

Previously when the Chinese denied a visa to another army officer, who was posted in J&K, we had cancelled the delegation trip to China. One delegation less won't make a sea change in our relations, and we must be strongly protesting the Chinese arrogance, safeguarding the honour of Indian citizens belonging to all provinces.

We demand Prime Minister should intervene and call back the military delegation immediately till the Chinese rectify their undiplomatic and unfriendly act.

Headquarter Incharge

PM should scrap military delegation's visit to China: BJP
PTI | 03:01 PM,Jan 08,2012

New Delhi, Jan 8 (PTI) Demanding Prime Minister's intervention to cancel military delegation's visit to China, BJP today alleged that the decision to go ahead with it after Beijing denied visa to a senior IAF officer from Arunachal Pradesh was an "insult" to Indian soldiers. Terming the government's decision as "shocking", party spokesperson Tarun Vijay wondered if "China will now decide India's foreign policy. "Will China now influence our policy towards our armed forces?...It is humiliating for Indian soldiers from Arunachal Pradesh. It will be demoralising for other officers from the region," he said. The BJP spokesperson also chose to attack the government over the age row involving the Army chief V K Singh. "Government insults and humiliates not only the army chief but army soldiers. Indian soldiers are being humiliated under this government. We want that the Prime Minister should rectify it. "Why should we send the delegation to China, when that country does not allow visa to an officer from Arunachal Pradesh? Tomorrow if our Prime Minister is from Arunachal Pradesh and China refuses to give a visa to him, will we send a delegation to that country minus the Prime Minister. A soldier's honour is not less than that of the PM," he said. The BJP leader said that he spoke to Defence Minister AK Antony this morning who told him to meet him tomorrow. "Possibly, the Defence Minister does not have full information about it," he said. Vijay said the officers on Special Duty of Minister of External Affairs S M Krishna explained to him that the officer was dropped because China issues stapled visas to residents of Arunachal Pradesh, which India does not accept.


rhn said...

Yes we agree with you. Good work BJP. Please don't let Congress make a pussy cat out of India!

A Contrarian said...

In the contemporary Indian politics, even basic nationalist thinking is treated as ultra-nationalism and an extremist viewpoint. The so called liberal opinion has been high jacked by a few and is being blindly followed by many. The opinion makers, who somehow have succeeded in prevailing over the consensus, have either meekly surrendered in front of the ultra-left or are being guided by the electoral diktats of the Gandhi Family. It is unfortunate that foreign relations issues are seldom governed by national interests and national pride. There are ideological leanings, stop gap arrangements and a tendency to shy away from strong decisions (more so with under the current weak PM).
There has been a systemic campaign to degrade the basic symbols of Indian nationalism e.g. controversies over singing of Vande Matram, hoisting of national flag at Idgah/lal chowk etc. This has confused the sense of nationalism and diminished the sense of national pride among the common people.
Therefore, nobody seems to be outraged at the actions of a frail government. So, it is the right time to start a revivalist campaign to rejuvenate the nationalist feeling. It is indeed challenging to come up with a campaign which is modern in its outlook and is capable of connecting with today’s youth. However, I am hopeful and you and your party will surely succed in this endevour.