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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chinese ambassador assures to provide adequate safety to Indians in China, traders may get back home soon

Picture caption-Mr Tarun Vijay with the Chinese ambassador Mr Zhang Yan

Chinese ambassador assures to provide adequate safety to Indians in China, traders may get back home soon

4th Jan 2012-Ne Delhi—The Chinese ambassador in India Mr Zhang Yan has assured that incidents like Yiwu will not be allowed to influence age old friendly ties between China and India and he will try his best to send back traders home soon. Shri Tarun Vijay, MP and National Spokesperson, BJP, met the Chinese ambassador Mr. Zhang Yan today and conveyed party’s concern about the safety of Indian citizens and diplomats in China. Requesting to send back two Indian traders as soon as possible.
Mr Tarun Vijay, while thanking the ambassador for acting swiftly to have the Indian traders released and sent to Shanghai in safety, said that such incidents vitiate the atmosphere and discourage Indians to visit China. The ambassador conveyed his thanks to BJP President Mr Nitin Gadkari for working to strengthen bilateral relations and assured that the Chinese govt is very keen not to let such incidents happen again.

‘We are working to improve relations. India and China are engines to the world economy and our horizons of cooperation are too big. We will not allow such incidents to influence our age-old civilisational ties’, said the ambassador. He also expressed hope that more and more Indians will continue visiting China. Mr Vijay suggested that the Chinese govt should think to have special India China Friendship Help Centers in major Chinese cities to facilitate Indian in distress in China, where they can get information and help in English or Hindi. To this suggestion the ambassador said this is a very constructive suggestion and he will send it to the govt for consideration. Mr Vijay conveyed that the BJP hopes the Chinese will be more cautious on such sensitive issues encouraging more people to people contact and hoped that India China friendship will further strengthened.

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