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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BJP asks China to probe incident involving Indian diplomat S Balachandran

The Economic Times

4 January, 2012

NEW DELHI: The BJP today condemned the treatment meted out to Indian diplomat S Balachandran in China and demanded that authorities there conduct a thorough inquiry into the incident and ensure that it is not repeated as several Indian businessmen visit the neighbouring country.

"The Chinese Government must conduct a detailed enquiry into the deplorable incident and take appropriate action against those responsible for ensuring that the Indian diplomat was provided adequate security and other facilities while he was on duty," BJP spokesperson Tarun Vijay said.

He pointed out that though it was known that Balachandran is diabetic, he was not provided any food for six hours. Moreover, he was reportedly heckled while he was leaving.

"A lot of Chinese goods come to India and our traders go there often. They are provided documents only in Chinese without any interpreters, and not given appropriate legal assistance or food. In some instances family members were also reportedly harassed," Vijay alleged, demanding that such grievances be addressed.

He said 30 Indians are in Chinese jails and government should make efforts to free them.

"Such incidents do not contribute to the stated Chinese intention to strengthen bilateral ties particularly people-to-people ties and are completely contrary to the declared desire for friendship," Vijay said.

The BJP also demanded that India should increase its consulates in China from three to ten, insisting that even smaller countries like Indonesia and Malaysia have eight and six missions respectively.

Presence of Indian media in China should also be enhanced, he said.

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