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Friday, April 29, 2011

Media Clippings- Shri Tarun Vijay in Nagpur, 27 April, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pawar is super Kalmadi, says BJP

28 April 2011

NAGPUR: Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) national spokesperson Tarun Vijay launched a scathing attack on NCP supremo Sharad Pawar, whom he described as the most corrupt person in the country.

"Pawar is 'super Kalmadi'. There is no scam in this country in which he is not involved. Still UPA is not initiating any action against him. The people of the country want to know the reason behind this," Vijay told the media on Wednesday.

Vijay slammed the Congress for targetting anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, "Congress leaders are behaving like villains. Instead of curbing corruption they are, though unsuccessfully, trying to defame a man who is trying to fight out corrupt practices."

On protests by opposition parties that not a single opposition member had been included in the committee, Vijay said, "We have full faith in Anna Hazare and we leave it to him. We will support the bill in Parliament."

When asked about Mayawati's objection to Lokpal Bill committee on the grounds that no Dalit had been included in it, Vijay said that she should first answer the queries regarding corruption in Uttar Pradesh mentioned in a booklet by BJP.

On Shanti Bhushan controversy, the BJP leader said that the CD had proved to be tampered as per the latest report of Delhi Police. He however, parried questions on the Noida land controversy.

The former journalist charged that Congress was not all serious about bringing back black money to India. "I recently met Christa Warder, the parliamentary chairman of Switzerland. She had told me that her country was ready to provide names of all Indians who have Swiss bank accounts. There are 1,36,000 such individuals. If Julian Assange can do it why not Indian investigative agencies," he asked.

German government had successfully got back the black money kept by its citizens in Swiss banks a few months ago, he pointed out.

On progress in 2G scam probe and arrest of high profile persons by CBI, the BJP leader said that it was done under pressure from the media and BJP. "The government is not all honest and is trying to fool us. It is trying its best to protect big fishes like DMK supremo Karunanidhi."

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Seditious interlocution

23 April 2011

Tarun Vijay

The interlocutors' recommending more autonomy to Kashmir and the revival of terms like Wazir-e-Azam and Sadr-e-Riyasat is nothing short of being seditious as it encourages pro-Pakistan traitors and demoralizes the patriotic Muslims and Hindus of the valley who voted overwhelmingly, up to 82% in the recently held panchayat elections ignoring the separatists' dictates.

Like small-time babus, they are pouring out any mumbo-jumbo perhaps to justify their Kashmir vacation billed to patriotic taxpayers.

They are hurting Indians and getting lashes by the jihadi separatists as well, which was evident in the expulsion of ex-Hurriyat chairman Maulana Abbas Ansari from the organization after the effervescent interlocutors gave a running commentary of their meeting with the anti-India leader.

The timing of their "more autonomy" rhetoric was perfectly synchronized with the J&K government's decision to curtail the Amarnath Yatra by 15 days, thus rubbing salt on the wounds of the Hindus who have been facing exile and a bruised life tortured by betrayals and intimidation in the only Muslim-majority state of India. There can be no plausible explanation to these two developments occurring simultaneously. One wonders if the UPA government has chosen to hurt the Hindus in its bizarre quest to get certificates of practising secularism and minority votes. If that's the case and its methodology is what we see in Srinagar, it's not only insulting to the saner sections of minorities, but is also an act against national integration. The previous decision of the Congress-NC combine in J&K to withdraw land allotment for the Amarnath Yatris resulted in an unprecedented agitation forcing the Srinagar sultans to eat crow. Now the government is again playing with Hindu sentiments — ostensibly guided by the jihadi separatist groups who have been demanding restrictions on the Amarnath Yatra , which is as sacred and revered as the Kailas Manasarovar Yatra.

Some of the "gems" dished out through the media as solutions to the Kashmir problem were reported as follows:

The interlocutors favour a political solution that "upholds and fine-tunes the special status of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 (of the Constitution), which means giving additional powers to the state so it can assert its independent character," said noted journalist Dileep Padgaonkar, who heads the three-member team of interlocutors.

"For decades, India has been represented (in Kashmir) by just the soldier on the road. That has to change," he said.

The panel is likely to propose that the state's governor and chief minister be given the titles of president and prime minister, respectively (as was the case before 1953).

The interlocutors …. also favour more confidence-building measures to create an atmosphere for talks with separatists, and a continuation of the dialogue with Pakistan.

While giving the state more political autonomy, the interlocutors want deeper economic linkages between the state and the rest of the country.

They are likely to propose that J&K be declared a free economic zone and that traditional routes of trade and commerce, including roads to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, be reopened.

"Give people an opportunity to invest in the state. Let the state have its own tariff laws and tax laws," Padgaonkar said.

It looks as if angels from Mars have descended on our land, to oblige us with what they think would be a fair, neat and very objective solution, having nothing to do with the petty concept of nation and its soldiers who are paid to die.

For decades, India has been represented (in Kashmir) by just the soldier on the road?

What more can be more insulting and false?

Besides it's not only contradictory and also bizarre that on one hand these interlocutors want the state's governor and chief minister be given the titles of president and prime Minister (means creating a nation within the nation) and then also want deeper economic linkages between the state and the rest of the country? How is that possible?

Any such recommendations would cause more friction and confusion in the state, rather than starting any reconciliation. Have they tried to understand the Kashmir history?

Even after the continuation of the constitutional provision of Article 370 for so many years, giving the largest amount of grant in comparison with all other states, electing their own representatives as rulers, two flags and peace talks, we have still to deal with stone pelters and communally charged practitioners of hate. Now can we expect truth, democracy, friendship and pluralism to prevail in the pro-Pakistan sections of the separatists by giving them even more room?

And what about those Muslims, quite a large number of them, who opt for the tricolour? And the Buddhists of Ladakh and Hindus of the valley and Jammu? The interlocutors have turned the traitors as the most important segment "deserving to be paid highest levels of attention" while patriots are discarded with disdain.

Nobody has any objection to ensuring that the youth of Kashmir be engaged positively, and letting the valley have more industry, better infrastructure, more highways and brilliant educational facilities so that the young and the bright need not go to Bangalore or Kolkata for better future prospects. But at what cost?What should be the methodology? Should we end up providing all the great opportunities that the rest of India is enjoying to the traitors and the subversive elements? Or should there be a price for freedom to grow and increase the happiness quotient of an average patriotic Indian Kashmiri? Kashmir without its diversity and a respect for pluralism is nothing but a body without soul. The present separatist movement is a raw and ugly face of an intolerant Arabization campaign, an anti-thesis of Kashmiriyat.

They seem to have forgotten the sense of being an Indian and why they are sent there. They have also chosen to forget why the Nehru government had felt the need to have Sheikh Abdullah arrested on August 9, 1953? What prompted a great son of Bengal, and a crusader for national unity, Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee, to launch a movement for the complete integration of J&K with the rest of India and sacrifice his life in the Srinagar jail of Sheikh Abdullah? Why were the titles of Sadr-e-Riyasat and Wazir-e-Azam abolished on April 10, 1965, through an amendment in the J&K constitution? Later, on May 8, 1965, Sheikh Abdullah was externed from the state. On November 13, 1974, the Kashmir accord was signed between Sheikh Abdullah and Indira Gandhi (Beg-Parthasarthy Accord). And she said "the clock can't be put back". On behalf of the Kashmiri leadership, the National Conference reiterated that the accession of the state of J&K was not an issue any more. Finally, on February 25, 1975, Sheikh Abdullah took over as the chief minister with Congress support. The honeymoon didn't last long and on March 16, 1977, the Congress withdrew support to the Sheikh government and on March 17, 1977, governor's rule was imposed in J&K.

On July 3, 1977, the fifth assembly elections were held. The National Conference secured 44 seats, followed by the Janata Party with 13 seats and Congress-I with 11 seats. As many as 67% of the voters cast their ballots. Again on July 9,1977, Sheikh Abdullah was sworn as the chief minister with a massive mandate. On September 8, 1982, Sheikh Abdullah died and Farooq Abdullah was sworn in as the new CM.

Neither in 1965 nor post-1971 could India settle the Kashmir issue and adhoc-ism prevailed in Srinagar-Delhi relations. The story of sedition taking roots in the valley is a story of New Delhi's spineless dilly-dallying and appeasement of the separatist elements. New Delhi couldn't decide on whose side it had to stand. No leadership representing Indian nationalism was encouraged and those who spoke in dual language harbouring separatists became the blue-eyed companions of the central powers. Accords, discords, marriages, divorces, remarriages ... This has been the central policy for Kashmir so far.

It's high time the government-sponsored Kashmir holiday of these "interlocutors" was cancelled.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Media coverage of Tarun Vijay's press conference on Kashmir

BJP slams J&K interlocutors for `addl powers’ plea

NEW DELHI: BJP has strongly condemned the suggestion made by government-appointed J&K interlocutors that the state be given additional powers to help it assert its ``independent character''. Senior leader and Rajya Sabha MP Tarun Vijay said the three-member team of interlocutors, headed by journalist Dileep Padgaonkar, had bowed before the demands of the separatists.

"This report by the interlocutors, coming in the backdrop of overwhelming voter turnout in the panchayat polls rejecting the boycott calls of the separatists, is very unfortunate,'' said Vijay. As suggested by Padgaonkar, the interlocutors are likely to recommend a political solution that "upholds and fine-tunes the special status of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 of the Constitution''.

"BJP demands the abrogation of Article 370 to remove the separate status privilege to J&K. We also demand the government to take steps for making the environment conducive for the Kashmiri Pandits to return to their roots. We also demand the implementation of the unanimous resolution passed by Parliament to take back areas of Kashmir under illegal occupation of Pakistan," he added.

Suggestions to give more powers to J&K

unfortunate: BJP

PTI | 07:04 PM,Apr 20,2011

Dehradun, Apr 20 (PTI) BJP today described as "very unfortunate" the reported suggestions made by central interlocutors that additional powers be given to Jammu and Kashmir. "It is very unfortunate that the interlocutors instead of suggesting steps for greater integration of Jammu & Kashmir with the rest of the country are making suggestions of giving additional powers to that state to assert its independent character," BJP's national spokesperson Tarun Vijay told reporters here. In this regard, he said the people of Jammu and Kashmir have repeatedly demonstrated that they stand for closer links with rest of the country by rejecting the poll boycott calls by separatists. "This report by the interlocutors, coming in the backdrop of overwhelming voter turnout in the panchayat polls is very unfortunate," Vijay, also a Rajya Sabha MP, said. The interlocutors favour a political solution that "upholds and fine-tunes the special status of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 (of the Constitution), which means giving additional powers to the state so it can assert its independent character," a newspaper report quoted Dileep Padgaonkar, who heads the three-member team of interlocutors, as saying. The BJP leader said the party stands for establishing deeper linkages between J&K and rest of the country. Vijay alleged that successive governments in J&K had followed the policy of separate status for the state which fuelled the movement of separatism. He said the party demanded the abrogation of Article 370 and asserted the centre should take steps for restoring a conducive environment for return of Kashmiri Pandits.

Press Statement by BJP National Spokesperson & MP, Shri Tarun Vijay re interlocutors statement on autonomy to J&K

Dehra Dun Wednesday, 20 April 2011

BJP strongly condemns the suggestion made by interlocutors to give additional powers to the state to assert its “independent character”.

It is unfortunate that the interlocutors instead of suggesting steps for greater integration of the state with the rest of the country are making suggestions that are bowing to the demands of the separatists. The people of Jammu & Kashmir have repeatedly demonstrated that they stand for closer links with rest of the country by rejecting the poll boycott calls by the separatists. This report by the interlocutors, coming in the backdrop of overwhelming voter turnout in the Panchayat polls rejecting the boycott calls of the separatists, is very unfortunate.

BJP stands for establishing deeper linkages between the state of Jammu & Kashmir with the rest of the country. Following the vision laid out by Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee, BJP has always followed the policy that “Ek desh mein do nishan, do vidhaan, do pradhan nahin chalenge”. BJP expects the current UPA government to respect the steps taken by Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi for abrogation of title of Prime Minister ( Vazire Azam) for the state of J&K. Successive Congress and National Conference governments have followed the policy of separate status for Jammu & Kashmir which fueled the movement for separatism. BJP demands the abrogation of Article 370 to remove the separate status privilege to the state of J&K. We also demand the government to take steps for restoring an environment that is conducive for the Kashmiri Pandits to return back to their roots. We also demand the implementation of the unanimous resolution passed by the parliament to take back the areas of Kashmir under illegal occupation of Pakistan.

Issued by

Narendra Singh Rawat
Office secy,BJP state office, Dehra Dun

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Power shift. BRICS and a Chinese train to Germany

16 April 2011

Tarun Vijay

Dr Manmohan Singh has undertaken one of his most significant strategic journeys — to Sanya in the Chinese province of Hainan. The BRICS summit provided not only a much needed breather from the domestic politics but also an opportunity to reassert India's growing prowess at an international forum, which essentially is engined by the presence of China and India.

BRICS represents the best of the contemporary economic and strategic world. With Brazil, Russia, India, China and this year's new member, South Africa, accounting for more than 25% of the world's land mass and 40% of the population, it is guaranteed to command about 50% of the world's GDP by 2030. One of the BRICS constituents, China, has already surpassed the US in manufacturing and, India will have to follow suit. The significant part is, in spite of several political differences, BRICS nations have chosen to work together for a better tomorrow. That’s a different axis from the western domination. They disapprove of western action on Libya and want IMF and World Bank to accept the models BRICS countries are adopting rather than bulldoze their western ideas. In fact, Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff said in Beijing that IMF and World Bank cannot have their Presidents rotated between US and Europe. Definitely the non-Europe, non-US axis is asserting and gradually the forum may not be just economic. The political weight and its assertions are already being felt. It’s the future and a major power shift from the west. The comprehensive 32-point joint statement at the end of the summit summarizes the message of the ‘emerged’ (not emerging economies, as James O’ Neil of Goldman Sachs, who coined the word BRIC, now prefers) economies that the world is multipolar and sunrise is an eastern phenomenon. India has done well so far in this forum and notwithstanding domestic democratic confabulations, the 2012 BRICS summit in New Delhi must present better Indian realities.

I am too eager to share the unprecedented feat of linking Europe with China by rail route, which just happened on the heels of the BRICS summit, which again underlines the ‘China Miracle’. Deutsche Bank Research said in a report that "economically, financially and politically, China overshadows and will continue to overshadow the other BRICs." It added that China's economy is larger than that of the three other BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia and India) combined. Moreover, China's exports and its official forex reserve holdings are more than twice as large as those of the other BRICs combined. In that perspective, some pension investment experts have argued that “China alone accounts for more than 70% of the combined GDP growth generated by the BRIC countries (from 1999 to 2010): if there is a BRIC miracle it’s first and foremost a Chinese one”. And this train epitomizes that.

On April 5, a container train from Chongqing in China arrived in Duisburg (Germany), 10,300km in 16 days, which is about half the time that would have been necessary taking the sea route. The route taken by the train went south of Mongolia, through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland to Germany. Previous test trains on several occasions have followed the entire route north of Mongolia taken by the Trans-Siberian Railway, which is 2,000km longer, but involves less customs formalities. Just look at the route the train took. It’s no less miraculous than a train from Mumbai to London or Kolkata to Tokyo. Karl-Friedrich Rausch, Member of the Management Board of DB Mobility Logistics AG the company that took up the challenge, said: “Most important of all, the time taken for the journey from China’s interior, the train’s arrival in the middle of Germany and the possibility of delivering the containers from here to their destinations quickly and safely.”

China has already surpassed the US in manufacturing. As Sanjaya Baru put it succinctly: ”China reported a manufacturing sector output estimated at US$1,995.40 billion in 2010. This was ahead of the US output of US$ 1,951.60 billion for the same year. It was also ahead of the combined manufacturing sector output of the next six countries in rank, namely, Germany ($618 bn), Italy ($315.2 bn), Brazil ($273.7 bn), France ($253.3 bn), South Korea ($239.2 bn) and the UK ($235.2 bn), which added up to $1,993 billion. India shared the tenth rank along with Russia with each country estimated to have produced $217.8 bn worth of manufacturing output. With total world manufacturing output in 2010 estimated to be US$100,783 billion, China's share was estimated to be 19.8 per cent, compared with the US share of 19.4 per cent. The last time China enjoyed this status was between 1700 and 1850. In 1850, according to some studies, Britain emerged as the top manufacturing nation of the world, yielding this status to the US in 1895.”

A few more snippets to underline the path China is creating. It must make us all sit up and think, what are we doing?

Maersk Line has signed an agreement with the Guangzhou Port Group on strengthening cooperation on the business in Nansha port area. Nansha port area is the focus of Guangzhou port's future development. The port has already handled more than one million TEU this year. The world's top 20 carriers operate 40 services to Guangzhou’s port facilities. Last year, it lifted 7.2 million TEUs, nearly two million was foreign trade cargo.

Ningxia's Wuzhong city to build US$1.36 billion on logistics centre

WUZHONG, a city in northwest China hinterland's Ningxia Autonomous Region, plans to build a CNY8.9 billion (US$1.36 billion) a trade and logistics centre, Xinhua reports. Construction is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2013. It is able to achieve a transaction value of CNY10 million and generate tax revenue of CNY750 million for the government.

AIRPORTS in southeast China province of Fujian handled 52,300 tonnes of cargo in January and February, up 8.5 per cent year on year, while their passenger throughput increased 16.2 per cent to 3.8 million, Xinhua reports.

Xiamen Airport recorded a cargo throughput of 35,200 tonnes, up 4.9 per cent, and a passenger throughput of 2.3 million, up 20 per cent.

Fuzhou Airport handled 12,500 tonnes of cargo, up 5.9 per cent and received 1.1 million passengers, up 11.7 per cent.

1,850-ton mobile crawler crane is the largest land-based mobile crane in the world with a lift and carrying capacity of 2,358 tons and is outfitted with a 400-foot main boom and a 160-foot jib. The crane is to assist in the construction of a nuclear power plant.

That’s China. And while we are discussing their presence in PoK and other matters, China has shown to the world the power of purpose. There definitely is one for China. Where is ours? While Indian presence and the role it has played in BRICS has to be commendable beyond domestic boundaries, still the gap is too challenging.

So while the Chinese train to Germany is moving fast to show its powered engines, India stands marginalised even in its pursuit to get a feeble yes for its security council membership from "friendly" China. It's clear Beijing wants us to remain an office to the world and not as a factory to this planet, like China. To dilute our case for security council, it clearly clubbed India's case with the rest of the three BRICS members, which was a surprise and a embarrassment to us.

Inclusion of South Africa has also raised eyebrows as Nigeria represents Africa more wholesomely than a comparably small and less significant SA. Our PM couldn't even take an assurance from the Chinese before resuming the defence exchanges that no repeat of the incidents like visa denial to Gen Jamwal would occur. The huge trade imbalance remains unaddressed. But these issues need a strong leadership with a clear head-on China policy. Just compare Hu Jin Tao's activism at Sanya with our PM's and you will understand the difference. To emerge leader of the amazing global power shift, India needs political and military sinews along with economic growth and a will to win.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Media Clippings- Shri Tarun Vijay in Kolkata, 14 April, 2011

KOLKATA, April 14, 2011
No reason to renew talks with Pakistan: BJP
The United Progressive Alliance government's recent attempts to renew bilateral talks with Pakistan through ‘cricket diplomacy' are comparable to the controversial joint statement by Prime Ministers Manmohan Singh and Yusuf Raza Gilani at Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt in July 2009, the Bharatiya Janata Party said on Thursday.
The joint statement then drew flak from the BJP on the ground that it de-linked action on terror from the composite dialogue process and had a reference to Balochistan that allegedly emboldened Pakistani leaders to accuse India of involvement in fomenting insurgency in the region.
Expressing “shock” at the Centre's decision to open peace-dialogue channels with Pakistan, BJP national spokesman Tarun Vijay told a press conference here: “We find no reason for this move even after terror suspect Tahawwur Hussain Rana had admitted that the government of Pakistan was directly involved in the November 2008 terror attack in Mumbai that killed so many civilians.”
Assailing Islamabad for not cooperating with New Delhi in investigating terror cases, Mr. Vijay said the Centre should mount pressure on Pakistan to cede the Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK) area to India. “Parliament passed a unanimous resolution in February 1994 that PoK is an integral part of India. Once the area is reclaimed, terrorism can be brought to an end as all terror camps run by Pakistan there would be dismantled.”
Mr. Vijay criticised Dr. Singh for restarting defence exchange with China and for not taking up the issue of the alleged presence of 10,000 Chinese troops in PoK during his recent visit to the country.

IBN live

April 14, 2011

India should take up Rana''s claims with Pakistan: BJP

Apr 14,2011

Kolkata, Apr 14 (PTI) The BJP today demanded that instead of carrying on 'cricket diplomacy', the UPA government should exert appropriate diplomatic pressure on Pakistan forcing it to initiate steps against those accountable for their role in the Mumbai terror attack. "India should immediately take up with Pakistan claims made by Tahawwur Hussain Rana, a key accused in the 26/11 Mumbai attack case, that he had acted at the behest of Pakistan government and ISI and not terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba," BJP national spokesperson Tarun Vijay said here today. Simultaneously, the UPA government should also mount pressure on Pakistan to give up POK (Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir), Vijay said. Rana, the Pakistani-Canadian accused in the Mumbai terror case, has claimed in court documents that his "alleged illegal acts of providing material support to terrorists -- were done at the behest of the Pakistani government and the ISI, not the Lashkar terrorist organisation." Rana's disclosures have brought to the fore India's suspicion that Pakistan's government and the ISI had a role in the 26/11 attacks that left 166 dead. Strongly criticising cricket diplomacy with Pakistan, the BJP MP said, "Such an effort is useless, unless and until steps are taken by Pakistan against those responsible for the heinous crime against India in Mumbai." "The cricket diplomacy will turn into a second Sharm el-Shaikh, if India fails to force Pakistan act against perpetrators of terror acts in India," he said.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

चीन की ओर देखें

अमर उजाला
13/अप्रैल /2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tell us which side you are on

08 April 2011

Tarun Vijay

A government which took no time to send interlocutors to talk to anti-national terrorists in their holes in Kashmir without any strings or conditions attached wanted the anti-corruption patriotic people to come to its doors "without any conditions".

Arvind Kejriwal shone as bright as ever, living the Anna ideals so humbly.

We sat on the dais with Anna and exchanged a few words with him as the time was not to say but to experience and have your mind and soul purified at Anna "ghat". My friend Yati came from Kanpur and sat on hunger strike. So were my daughter Shambhavi and son Ritwik, next day, without even informing me. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, being tortured for exposing the hypocrisy of politicians, was represented by his advocate Jennifer Robinson. Those who didn't come must feel deprived their whole life.

That Anna has chosen to keep the movement off politicians is good, as most of them have lost all credibility. People, in general perception, have no respect for them and their joining the Anna movement could have been taken as if they are trying to shine in the reflected glory and grab fruits of someone else's labour. It may not be true exactly, as there are exceptions and ultimately the nation needs politicians, the good ones of course, to run the state affairs. JP never abhorred politicians. In Annna's scheme, is the country to be run by non-politicians? And what about some of those surrounding him who are known practitioners of ideological extremism of political colours? No sir, this is not the time to raise such issues. Either join with full steam as citizen or lose a moment that ensures a national rejuvenation.

The nation looks to have been admitted to an ICU, nothing is working except Hasan Alis and the Goan education minister caught with a horrific amount of US dollars. The government has facilitated the rise of the rogues and humiliation of the patriotic forces. Terrorists, mobsters, scamsters and anti-nationals have found a natural sanctuary in this government’s policies and programmes which are devoid of any scheme to bind the country and address serious security issues. The lethargy of the state power reflects on the fossilized security scene, which is too alarming to be ignored.

The state has failed to protect the honour of its citizens within the country and outside. The way honest socio-cultural leaders are insulted and humiliated in public is unprecedented, and on the contrary traitors find state protection and the Congress’s support going soft on Gilanis and Naxals. In lands beyond our shores too Indian students are tagged, subjected to an unheard kind of humiliation, forced to wear radio collars around their ankles that will leave an indelible mark on their minds forever. Yet we watch it helplessly issuing paper waste of statements that mean nothing.

Assam’s Tarun Gogoi is the biggest protector of the foreign infiltrators who turned the state into a safe heaven for the aliens converting more than 48 constituencies into Bangladeshi-dominated ones and getting involved in several thousand crore worth of scams. But the Prime Minister goes and appeals to the people to elect him once more. Nobody believes inquiries into 2G and other scams would yield any tangible results under this regime. The work in government offices has come to a standstill as the government has lost all moral authority to rule.

The satraps in various states are simply following a one-point agenda: to earn as much money, whichever way, to prepare for the polls, which may occur any time now. Serious policy planning or the monitoring of the state business has been lost in the woods of an anarchy reminding one of the pre-emergency days.

This time demands the people's expression of loyalty to the nation and let everyone stand and tell which side he or she belongs to — the national wealth creators like farmers, teachers, labourers and the common people or the looters?

Just go and join without caring for the blueprint of the next step. It will follow naturally; it’s a people's movement and hence growing at its own pace, like a plant’s biological progress. It will be self-defeating to raise doubts and keep a distance. The Congress in any case is a dying organization, sustaining itself merely on a family name, the biggest example of misuse of the Gandhi surname. The nation deserves a change; and this change is coming from the side of Bharat Mata holding a tricolour and the courage of a cyclonic monk Vivekananda. So change we must for a refreshing new era. Let the wind blow and refresh the socio-political weather.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chinese in PoK - Krishna assures Tarun India keeping a strict watch -in touch with China - no need to panic

Press statement by BJP National Spokesperson
& MP, Shri Tarun Vijay

New Delhi 7th April, 2011 - Sh. Tarun Vijay, BJP National Spokes person and Member of Parliament met Shri S.M. Krishna, External Affairs Minister at his South Block Office to discuss Chinese presence in PoK and other matters related with India China relations. Shri Krishna assured Shri Tarun Vijay that India is keeping a strict watch on the Chinese presence in Pok and we are quite capable and confident to handle the situation. Therefore, he said, 'there is no need to panic'. Shri Tarun Vijay urged him to take up the matter with the Chinese at the highest level as Chinese presence in an area which legally belongs to India and is at present under illegal occupation of Pakistan is a matter of serious security concern for us. Shri S.M.Krishna assured that his ministry is in touch with the Chinese Government who claims they are helping development in PoK to which Tarun Vijay repeated the famous words of Ronald Regan 'trust but verify' as Chinese military cooperation with Pakistan poses direct threat to India.

Tarun Vijay also discussed his impressions about the growing prowess of China in infrastructure building, manufacturing and military capabilities as seen by him during his recent China visit. Shri Krishna and Shri Vijay both agreed that India must continue building friendly relations with China while not letting the levels of caution lowered. They agreed that there should be more people to people contact with China and the awareness level about Chinese affairs in Indian public should be increased. We are more US and Europe centric while the future belongs to the East - Tarun Vijay said to which Krishna agreed.

Press statement by BJP National Spokesperson & MP, Shri Tarun Vijay regarding presence of Chinese PLA solders in PoK on LoC

Wednesday, 06 April 2011

The presence of a large number of Chinese PLA members disguised as 'construction workers' in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir on our LoC is a matter of serious concern to us. It's a threat to our security and we must get a clarification from the Chinese about the real intention of their involvement in an area that belongs to India and is under illegal occupation of Pakistan. Even Chinese do not accept Pakistan's claim on it and show the PoK area out of Pakistan in their maps. India has been furnishing proofs to Pakistan about the terrorist training camps in POK and the presence of Chinese soldiers in that area raises questions about what connection are they having with the terrorist camps.
It also needs to be clarified from the Chinese whether the analyses of some China observers is true that the Chinese presence in PoK can be a long term part of their plan to connect the Karakoram highway with Gwadar. If that happens it would be for the first time that the China mainland will be directly linked with Gwadar port, thus fulfilling a dream of China security establishment to have safe passage up to the Arabian sea. It's noteworthy that Gwadar port was built with the Chinese help and inaugurated by the Chinese PM in 2005. Gwadar has also come to be known as the naval outpost for the Chinese.
These are matters of grave security concern to India and while Indian Prime Minister is going to attend the BRICS summit in China next week we would urge him to take up these matters also with the Chinese PM and get clarification.

(Shyam Jaju)
Headquarter Incharge

बदलते भारत की आहट

दैनिक जागरण

Monday, April 4, 2011

वानखेड़े के बाद


Leaderless at Wankhede and the pregnant silence of people

02 April 2011

Tarun Vijay

The ugly, arrogant and corrupt Indian politician as a perfect replica of and the Hindu hypocrisy of worshipping the Devi in stone but murdering her in the womb should have taken precedence over the crazy rush to Wankhede.

A nation deeply in a black hole of hopelessness and rudderless at the leadership level tries to find moments of relief only through such escapes.

The media has no right to paint the rival team as Ravana. Ravana and all of his sinful fraternity live here more than in any other abode, and those who depict our friendly neighbour Sri Lanka as Ravana must apologize to Team Sangakkara.

Apart from the common man, who really deserved a Sachin, we also saw all those who happily perform the Ravana act in Delhi and Mumbai converging at Wankhede for a “break” from their hectic schedule. Almost everyone, including the DB Reality-tainted Pawars and their cohorts, tried to be at Wankhede and those who couldn"t, invited the media to their bedrooms to show large TV screen they had put up for watching the match.

Having fatigued ourselves staring at those who looted people"s wealth and were involved “honourably” in the brutal killings of more than three million girls we try to drown the harsh realities in a daylong excitement. Our new heroes are now Sachin and Assange.

No relief from any other quarter, no good news from any other activity. We get happier moments only from the region where governance and state powers are completely absent. India wins when government takes a nap. If government instruments play, we lose miserably.

A few days ago, a full-page advertisement by the Punjab government showed the state in the grip of an unprecedented drug menace. Ministers, police officers and social activists had their pictures displayed in small boxes on the sponsored ad pleading to the youth of Punjab to stay away from drugs. Punjab"s jawani, zameen and jal - youth, land and water - are fast diminishing. There was a report about a secretary of the Punjab government submitting an affidavit in the high court that should have made the nation more concerned than a win at Wankhede. Harjit Singh, secretary, department of social security and women & child development, in reply to a petition before the Punjab and Haryana high court, submitted on behalf of the Punjab Government, that “the vibrancy of Punjab is virtually a myth ... many sell their blood to procure their daily doze of deadly drugs, even beg on the streets for money to continue their addiction ... The entire Punjab is in the grip of a drug hurricane, which weakens the morale, physique, and character of the youth. We are in the danger of losing the young generation. The vibrant Punjab that had ushered in the green revolution is today living in a dazed stupor as 67 per cent of its rural households have at least one drug addict.”

Once Punjab was not only the grain supplier to the nation, but it also manned our forces. The state was synonymous with warriors and prosperous healthy farmers. No more.

No one rushed to Amritsar or Jalandhar to ensure we all work to stem the rot in time and save our saviours. It is this lethargic attitude to national issues that made us almost lose the youth of Kashmir to the stone-pelter Gilanis.

And look how we are losing the northeast. From Arunachal to Manipur to Assam and Nagaland, an unwritten rule of the insurgent antinational terrorist groups, hand in glove with corrupt politicians, is ruining the chances of a united India. The youth of these states are facing a grave danger to fall in traps of drugs, insurgent militancy and foreign powers" games against the nation. The tricolour is more endangered in the northeast than it seems to be in Kashmir. Alien infiltrators are deciding in a number of constituencies who would be elected and sent to the Indian parliament or the state assembly in Assam.

Yet no mad rush to Guwahati or Imphal to help Indian patriots and address the malaise afflicting the vitals of our society.

A nation can"t survive on the daily doses of bubblegum press statements and using strong language for an immediate clap of the crowd. The fact that India is losing its core values of strength and the dynamics to sustain a society are nowhere on the radar of our leaders. We want immediate results, immediate solutions and immediate successes. Everything that nature abhors.

Thousands are being killed by terrorists, several thousands committing suicides as farmers, disturbed Kashmir and the northeast, land and water and animal wealth being lost to the insatiable greed of blind urbanization, borders challenged by China and Pakistan, nukes on both sides and yet we love to get lost in trivialities.

Hopes are now concentrated on non-political efforts like Anna Hazare"s fast - don"t forget April 5 - Ramdev"s shows and accumulating angst in the hearts of people wearing a pregnant silence.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Real Ravanas are here, not in Lanka- Tarun Vijay

Those Indians who are depicting Srilankan team as Ravana-team must apologize to them as the real Ravanas are now in India looting the wealth of people and killing more than ten million girl Childs in the last one decade. The Ravana , who earn bad money through scandals and corrupt practices must be trounced before we claim to be the real land of Rama, Tarun Vijay said. The Ravanas are those who humiliated the righteousness embodied in Janaki, thats the people and erected huge mansions out of the money earned through corrupt practices. I welcome Madhya Pradesh government which has enacted a law to confiscate the property of corrupt . Thats how Ravanas are finally defeated through Rama-poer, he said. Before that happens in our public life, we have no right to call our neighbour as representing Ravana.

He attacked the hypocrisy of Hindus who worship Devis in stone but indulge in female feticide when the same Devi arrives in the womb. he said that we worship saraswati for scholarship, Laxmi for wealth and Durga for strength , in fact the entire world view of a Hindu is enveloped in the worship of goddesses, yet the highest number of incidents of girl child's murders occur by Devi worshippers . It is this factor of Ravana that Hindu saints, preachers and reformers must address. Tarun Vijay said that the most alarming fact coming out of the census is the declining child sex ratio indicating that female feticide and infanticide remain rampant.