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Friday, April 8, 2011

Tell us which side you are on

08 April 2011

Tarun Vijay

A government which took no time to send interlocutors to talk to anti-national terrorists in their holes in Kashmir without any strings or conditions attached wanted the anti-corruption patriotic people to come to its doors "without any conditions".

Arvind Kejriwal shone as bright as ever, living the Anna ideals so humbly.

We sat on the dais with Anna and exchanged a few words with him as the time was not to say but to experience and have your mind and soul purified at Anna "ghat". My friend Yati came from Kanpur and sat on hunger strike. So were my daughter Shambhavi and son Ritwik, next day, without even informing me. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, being tortured for exposing the hypocrisy of politicians, was represented by his advocate Jennifer Robinson. Those who didn't come must feel deprived their whole life.

That Anna has chosen to keep the movement off politicians is good, as most of them have lost all credibility. People, in general perception, have no respect for them and their joining the Anna movement could have been taken as if they are trying to shine in the reflected glory and grab fruits of someone else's labour. It may not be true exactly, as there are exceptions and ultimately the nation needs politicians, the good ones of course, to run the state affairs. JP never abhorred politicians. In Annna's scheme, is the country to be run by non-politicians? And what about some of those surrounding him who are known practitioners of ideological extremism of political colours? No sir, this is not the time to raise such issues. Either join with full steam as citizen or lose a moment that ensures a national rejuvenation.

The nation looks to have been admitted to an ICU, nothing is working except Hasan Alis and the Goan education minister caught with a horrific amount of US dollars. The government has facilitated the rise of the rogues and humiliation of the patriotic forces. Terrorists, mobsters, scamsters and anti-nationals have found a natural sanctuary in this government’s policies and programmes which are devoid of any scheme to bind the country and address serious security issues. The lethargy of the state power reflects on the fossilized security scene, which is too alarming to be ignored.

The state has failed to protect the honour of its citizens within the country and outside. The way honest socio-cultural leaders are insulted and humiliated in public is unprecedented, and on the contrary traitors find state protection and the Congress’s support going soft on Gilanis and Naxals. In lands beyond our shores too Indian students are tagged, subjected to an unheard kind of humiliation, forced to wear radio collars around their ankles that will leave an indelible mark on their minds forever. Yet we watch it helplessly issuing paper waste of statements that mean nothing.

Assam’s Tarun Gogoi is the biggest protector of the foreign infiltrators who turned the state into a safe heaven for the aliens converting more than 48 constituencies into Bangladeshi-dominated ones and getting involved in several thousand crore worth of scams. But the Prime Minister goes and appeals to the people to elect him once more. Nobody believes inquiries into 2G and other scams would yield any tangible results under this regime. The work in government offices has come to a standstill as the government has lost all moral authority to rule.

The satraps in various states are simply following a one-point agenda: to earn as much money, whichever way, to prepare for the polls, which may occur any time now. Serious policy planning or the monitoring of the state business has been lost in the woods of an anarchy reminding one of the pre-emergency days.

This time demands the people's expression of loyalty to the nation and let everyone stand and tell which side he or she belongs to — the national wealth creators like farmers, teachers, labourers and the common people or the looters?

Just go and join without caring for the blueprint of the next step. It will follow naturally; it’s a people's movement and hence growing at its own pace, like a plant’s biological progress. It will be self-defeating to raise doubts and keep a distance. The Congress in any case is a dying organization, sustaining itself merely on a family name, the biggest example of misuse of the Gandhi surname. The nation deserves a change; and this change is coming from the side of Bharat Mata holding a tricolour and the courage of a cyclonic monk Vivekananda. So change we must for a refreshing new era. Let the wind blow and refresh the socio-political weather.


Charan said...

A political speech. Ending with a mention of Swami Vivekananda's name. What an irony.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be carried away by media hype. Is this a movement against corruption or movement for a particular draft of a bill and occupying positions in the drafting committee for a select few. Do these select few represent the entire civil society in India? How? You also seem to be having no issue with entire opposition having no space at all at the so-called drafting committee. You are also a politician. How could you sit on the dais when some others were chased away on the pretext that they were politicians? You were fortunate to some extent. But you may not always be.

Objectivist Mantra said...

Tarun Vijay ji, I am deeply worried by the fact that instead of being a real democracy, India seems to be overtaken by a mob of self righteous folks, with extreme leftist leanings. I am suspicious of this Jantar Mantra team, which prefers to call itself by the lofty name of Civil Society. Is this only a ploy to stop all development initiatives in the country? No dams, no industries, no roads, and no economic reforms!

As you have pointed out in your post, this government at the centre is so mired in corruption that it has lost the credibility and the power to deal with any crisis. There is a power vacuum in the centre, which some leftists are rushing in to fill. By default this leftist controlled Civil Society is now turned into the most powerful entity in the country; it is more powerful than the Congress or the BJP.

These Civil Society Members are incapable of winning one seat in the country on their own, and yet they now enjoy the supreme power.

So it is only fair that the Jantar Mantar brigade of Civil Society should declare their assets.

The power of passing new laws is the greatest power in the hands of MPs and MLAs, but Jantar Mantar party of civil society has got that power without their having to contest an election. In India corruption is not a monopoly of the government, even sportspersons, celebrities and majority of the NGOs have been found to be corrupt.

The members of so-called Civil Society who will sit down to legislate the new Lok Pal Bill should be like the Caesar’s Wife. Like the Caesar’s wife they should not only be pure, they should also be perceived to be pure. Right now very little is known about these individuals and NGOs, so can we have some kind of clarity please.

त्यागी said...

प्रिय तरुण जी
क्या आपको नहीं लगता की दाल में कुछ काला है यह मीडिया एक सुर में अन्ना जी को क्यूँ प्रमुखता दे रही है और बाकि राष्ट्रिवादी लोगो और संस्थाओ के भ्रष्टाचार के विरुद्ध मुहीम की हवा निकालता रहता है.
हर चमकने वाली चीज सोना तो नहीं होती.

अन्ना हजारे (सिर्फ) ही क्यूँ और क्यूँ नहीं ?

भाई सीधी सी बात है की "अहंकार की चरम सीमा होती है जब कोई व्यक्ति (या संस्था या पार्टी ) विरोधी भी अपनी पसंद के ही बनाना चाहता हो" जैसे की कोंग्रेस विरोधी भी अपने आप ही चुन रही है. भ्रष्टाचार की सत्ता की मलाई चाटने वाले कांग्रेसी और उसके साथी इस डर में है की कहीं उनके सत्ता में से किसी कारण से हटने (जिसका अभी भी कोई चांस नहीं है) पर उनको सच में कोई फांसी पर ही न लटका दे. तो कुछ पहेले से ही इंतजाम कर लो की कम से कम सजा से बचा जाये .