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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Real Ravanas are here, not in Lanka- Tarun Vijay

Those Indians who are depicting Srilankan team as Ravana-team must apologize to them as the real Ravanas are now in India looting the wealth of people and killing more than ten million girl Childs in the last one decade. The Ravana , who earn bad money through scandals and corrupt practices must be trounced before we claim to be the real land of Rama, Tarun Vijay said. The Ravanas are those who humiliated the righteousness embodied in Janaki, thats the people and erected huge mansions out of the money earned through corrupt practices. I welcome Madhya Pradesh government which has enacted a law to confiscate the property of corrupt . Thats how Ravanas are finally defeated through Rama-poer, he said. Before that happens in our public life, we have no right to call our neighbour as representing Ravana.

He attacked the hypocrisy of Hindus who worship Devis in stone but indulge in female feticide when the same Devi arrives in the womb. he said that we worship saraswati for scholarship, Laxmi for wealth and Durga for strength , in fact the entire world view of a Hindu is enveloped in the worship of goddesses, yet the highest number of incidents of girl child's murders occur by Devi worshippers . It is this factor of Ravana that Hindu saints, preachers and reformers must address. Tarun Vijay said that the most alarming fact coming out of the census is the declining child sex ratio indicating that female feticide and infanticide remain rampant.


rainbow said...

i don't why people killing girls? our country is hands of women even though they don't take care about it. how much a men is developing the nation that much no no i think even more than that they working hard if a mother not taking care about boy what will happen? i want to say that government have to take secure for girls

Sadhak Ummedsingh Baid "Saadhak " said...

ravan aur rama is the inner state of self. each oan realise it. realising the self is journey from ravana to rama. no question of killing or defeating the others, weather rama or ravana. no need to deceive or defeat the self. knowing the self will do.

umesh rashmi said...

unless the ratio of boys vs girl increases in india our population will grow and more sex trade as well.
look all over europe we have 1050 women for 100 men only in china and india the ratio of man vs women is lop sided like in india it is 900 women for each 100 men and similar for china henxce both are most population.

Anonymous said...

Before we criticise them, Why don't we do anything to protect women & their rights. In an Indian house, a woman is treated nothing more than an educated maid servant who also bears your children, plays a nanny's role and then remains like a sex-slave to her husband who claims to be her master and wants her to be 'Pativarta' while he has all the rights to be a prevert.