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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chinese in PoK - Krishna assures Tarun India keeping a strict watch -in touch with China - no need to panic

Press statement by BJP National Spokesperson
& MP, Shri Tarun Vijay

New Delhi 7th April, 2011 - Sh. Tarun Vijay, BJP National Spokes person and Member of Parliament met Shri S.M. Krishna, External Affairs Minister at his South Block Office to discuss Chinese presence in PoK and other matters related with India China relations. Shri Krishna assured Shri Tarun Vijay that India is keeping a strict watch on the Chinese presence in Pok and we are quite capable and confident to handle the situation. Therefore, he said, 'there is no need to panic'. Shri Tarun Vijay urged him to take up the matter with the Chinese at the highest level as Chinese presence in an area which legally belongs to India and is at present under illegal occupation of Pakistan is a matter of serious security concern for us. Shri S.M.Krishna assured that his ministry is in touch with the Chinese Government who claims they are helping development in PoK to which Tarun Vijay repeated the famous words of Ronald Regan 'trust but verify' as Chinese military cooperation with Pakistan poses direct threat to India.

Tarun Vijay also discussed his impressions about the growing prowess of China in infrastructure building, manufacturing and military capabilities as seen by him during his recent China visit. Shri Krishna and Shri Vijay both agreed that India must continue building friendly relations with China while not letting the levels of caution lowered. They agreed that there should be more people to people contact with China and the awareness level about Chinese affairs in Indian public should be increased. We are more US and Europe centric while the future belongs to the East - Tarun Vijay said to which Krishna agreed.

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