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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chinese envoy's behaviour undiplomatic: BJP

Press Trust Of India
New Delhi, November 04, 2011

First Published: 20:12 IST(4/11/2011)

In the wake of a spat between the Chinese envoy to India and a journalist, BJP on Friday said the government should take cognisance of such "brazen acts of undiplomatic behaviour" and warn the ambassador officially not to indulge in unfriendly acts in future. BJP insisted that such behaviour was totally unacceptable and insulting to Indian democracy and demanded an "unqualified apology" from the ambassador to the people.

"It would be living in a self-deception if the increasing level of Chinese arrogance is not taken note of and appropriately responded to.... The Chinese should not be allowed to walk away with such brazen acts of undiplomatic behaviour," BJP spokesperson and MP Tarun Vijay said.
The Chinese ambassador to India Zhang Yan had asked an Indian journalist to "shut up" when the latter sought to know how a map of India distributed by a state-owned company was showing Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Jammu and Kashmir as part of China.
"We hope this government will take note of the ambassador's foul mouthing yesterday and warn him officially not to indulge in such unfriendly acts in future," Vijay said.
BJP charged that this use of "undiplomatic and undemocratic language" shows Chinese arrogance and intransigence.
"Obviously the Chinese ambassador forgot that he is posted in a vibrant democracy where Tianenmen episodes are not allowed and media is free and not a state-run apparatus taking orders from party bosses who can 'shut up' a journalist," Vijay said.

Comments on the post by readers

Arbinder Singh 17 hours ago
China is certianly asking for trouble with the rest of the world with Pakistan as the only nation on its side. US, Russia, Uk, France and India should get together and put full diplomatic pressure on China to stop deploying nuclear capable missiles against anyone. Most developed nations owe money to Chinese Banks, most of them use Chinese goods for affordability and China has a history of being irresponsible against its own citizens leave alone Citizens of other countries. One approach should be to boycott travelling to China and not allow them to dump their goods at a low cost in the rest of the World - that may jolt its economy and discourage them from producing more nuclear weapons.
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Monalisa 17 hours ago
Chinese are basically uncivilized creed. So their ambassador cannot be different. This silly ambassador forgot he was in democratically elected country not in a communist N Korea.
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Vvgoalkeeper 18 hours ago
Show Tibet and Pak map as part of India, and tell Chinky ambassador to SHUT UP !!
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DGR 18 hours ago
I don't think the Chinese care what BJP says. For that matter it does not matter what the Italian lady and her offsprings say. After todays G20 meeting (China is there) i Cannes France the Chinese President is being honoured, dined and wined as a very important ally of the EU countries. Sarcosy the French President has had private lunch with the Chinese President at France's inviation. China has promised to lend Italy money to tie over their debt burden. With all these facts India is a small animal compared to the big animal called China. Digi knows this as his master the Italian woman has informed him that is why he is not saying a word against China. So India please get over the Chinese complex as it will take you years and years to get to where China is today. Recognise the fact China is rich, big, powerful, united and techncally savy - remember yesterday the Chinese have docked two space stations and this within ten years of their space programme. China behaves like a bully because it knows it can get away with it. India can also become rich, powerful and inovative like China very quickly, but to do this India as to meet the follwoing requirements: unite the country and give a sense of pride to the Indian people not dividing the country by creating new states on ethnic, religious and language basis every 5 years, introduce proper accountable democracy and not a family dynasty as today. Introduce new dynamic young politicians with modern day thinking (NOT RAHUL GANDHI), reduce or eliminate corruptions and briberies in the society with severe punishments to deter all to take and give bribes,improve your infrastructure, introduce marketing economy (not half hearted combined socialist mumbojumbo). Alas all this is wishfull thinking on my part as this will not happen in India.
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Anwar Mahmood 19 hours ago
China is going to the very top
The fact now yes no one can stop
Half the world's steel, most the cars
Most electric power, no wars

Energy use in oil and gas
China gains momentum, mass
China's energy use be number one
China will see the brightest sun

Paks say peace to China and all
Stay with China peace, won't fall
China love we all can sing
Paks do that with love as thing

China Pak walk hand in hand
And with that Asia is grand
Asia be in Pak- China sleeves
Each the wise man so believes

It's obvious 18 hours ago in reply to Anwar Mahmood
After US now its China's turn to get its @SS licked by Pak !

Fochandigarh55 20 hours ago
We must relook our stand on Tibet. Let us mobilize support for freedom of Tibet by creating awareness all over the world.
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Omkalia 20 hours ago
I see no comments from Digvijay Singh. Perhaps he has no time from licking boots of Rahul Gandhi.
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RajeevS 21 hours ago
It is time for India to use TIBET bamboo...
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Karthikesan 22 hours ago

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Guest 22 hours ago
UN report yesterday ashowed Pakistan is more developed than india

First India should co r to level of Pakistan then you can make threats against us

If democracy is so great why do so many Indians cone looking for work in china ????????

Chinese media may be state run but we still have respect not immature journalist shame on such a so called free media

Who owns the Indian media ? The public or the upper class ?
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New_guest 19 hours ago in reply to Guest
Indians looking for work in China? Where in the world are you? I guess you must be in a remote village in paki and the only source of news must be what your mullah says in masjid I suppose....please shut up others wise every one will recognize your stupidity
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Sangos123 23 hours ago
Change the ambassador right now!

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