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Monday, July 25, 2011

Tarun Vijay launching honour parent of soldier

Dear Bandhuvar

This is a special request to seek your support, guidance and blessings fior a national campaign for our Jawans and their parents.

On Kargil Vijay Diwas, tomarrow I wish to launch a campaign 'Proud Parents of a Soldier' nation wide to focus attention on those who gave their best to serve motherland. Once on my return from Jammu I had seen a TT misbehaving with the parents of a Jawan for a small mistake in their travel challan and I felt soldier's Izzat is also linked with their parents respectability and social status. The stickers, I propose, for display on Soldiers' Parent's vehicles will help in a small way to instill a sense of pride in the local society and create an atmosphere of respectability around. If we can say Proud to be a Hindu, why nor Proud to be a Soldier's Parent?

I have elaborated the idea in a note below. The Hindi note is also attached.

The designs are attached. Pl consider supporting it as your campaign.


Tarun Vijay


Proud parents of a soldier

Tarun Vijay

26th July is the day when we observe the Kargil Vijay Diwas and pay homage to the 527 martyrs who laid their lives for the motherland in 1999 war of Kargil.

I propose this year we start a campaign to honour their parents too who gave their life’s best flower to serve the nation.

A small gesture. A sticker proudly proclaiming –Proud Parents of a Soldier’ be distributed to all parents of soldiers in our respective cities by civil organisations like Rotary, Lions, Bharat Vikas Parishad etc creating an atmosphere that it’s great to have a son or a daughter serving as India’s soldiers.

On every vehicle, whether it’s a scooter or a car, let the finely worded and designed stickers become a matter of self-pride and city’s glory. Let the respective state governments declare small, but significant facilities, like no parking place will charge anything from vehicles displaying such a sticker. They give such facilities to journalists, politicians, MLAs and MPs and of course to all their local civic body officers. Why not extend this little gesture to the men and women who sent their children to the forces?

There is an offical protocol on how a district authority would receive a Member of Parliament and other representatives of the legislature. They have to stand from their seats and receive them with honour and also to see them off at the doors, at the end of the meeting. Let this gesture be extended to all such parents of the soldiers too.

In the republic day and Independence day celebrations and High Tea parties thrown by the Governors of the states and the President in New Delhi, let a new category- Parents of the Soldiers be added. We have added in such lists freedom fighters, decorated soldiers, and Padma Awardees and recipients of other civil and military honours . There can be some catagorisation on the basis of decorations and levels of service. But the category itself would mean a lot to honour the simple, proud and so far ignored citizens whose contribution to the national security and glory was never recognized appropriately.

The Railways has some categories of special passengers-sports persons, journalists, freedom fighters, golden pass holders and politicians. Why cant we have a category for the Parents of the Soldiers who would be given some preference in getting their berths confirmed and a constitutionally binding respectful behaviour by the railway staff and a 25% discount on the fare?

On special days, like Republic Day, Independence Day, and victory day celebrations, like Kargil Vijay Diwas and Bharat Vijay Diwas, let there be a separately marked row for the parents of our soldiers.

At the time of laying his/her life for the nation in any action, a soldier always remembers his parents and the family . The last images. We do respect the wife and the kids of the soldier. But what about the parents for whom the soldier would have the highest of regard and respects?

Just see the images of the jubilant freshly graduated soldiers at the end of Indian Military Academy’s passing out parade. The way their parents, with tears in their eyes and pride on their face hug their children and bless them invoking all the gods and goddesses. No politician will ever be able to do that while seeing his child joining politics or filing his/her nomination for the first time to contest an election.

But, ironically, while a politician’s children always and almost everywhere get a preferential treatment and their parents too are regarded and neo gods and goddesses by the local administration and state powers, the parents of the soldiers are hardly even recognized who their life’s best support to support the people of the nation.

Shouldn’t the state power be also recognizing them equally respectfully?

I have humbly announced Uttrakhand’s first grand War Memorial on the completion of my first year in the Parliament this 5th July making all the soldiers community, the biggest in the country, too happy. I request to give me ideas and support to select the best design for the project, for which I have already announced Rs Two Crores from my MP LAD funds. More will come. I feel embarrassed when none of our states can boast to have even a modestly built and well maintained war memorial, to say the least about the states who give maximum number of soldiers to the forces like Himachal and Uttarakhand. And even when such moves are initiated, it’s a sad spectre to see that they are marred in local politics of petty one-upmanship.

But this 26th July lets all make a move. Let the stickers, some of them can be designed with a soldier’s proud face on the left and a two line proclamation in the middle- Proud Parents of a Soldier, be propagated as widely as is possible through local initiatives. Make it a national campaign to honour those who honour our nation with their best contributions.

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