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Monday, July 25, 2011

अहंकार के बजाय

24 July, 2011

24 July, 2011
अमर उजाला
काम की साझेदारी

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Charan said...


Built into the very structure of the egoic self is a need to oppose, resist and exclude -- to maintain the sense of seperateness on which its continued survival depends. So there is "me" against the "other", "us" against "them".

The ego needs to be in conflict with something or someone. Almost every ego contains at least an element of "victim identity". Some people have such a strong victim image of themseleves that it becomes their central core of their ego. Resentment and ego form their essential sense of self.

Even if your grievances are completely justified you have constructed an identity for yourself that is much like a prison whose bars are made of thought forms. Feel the emotional attachment you have to your victim story and become aware of the compulsion to think or talk about it. Be there as witnessing presence of your inner state. You dont have to do anything. With awareness comes transformation and freedom.

The above lines are from the book Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle

~ sense of seperateness == ego
~ sense of unity = atma