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Friday, August 27, 2010

Indian response to Chinese arrogance Inadequate : Tarun Vijay

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Date : August 27, 2010

Statement of Shri Tarun Vijay, BJP National Spokesperson on China’s refusal to receive Gen. Jaswal and documentary proof of Chinese intrusion in Ladakh
Indian response to Chinese arrogance Inadequate : Tarun Vijay

Commenting on the Chinese refusal to receive Lt. Gen. B.S.Jaswal, Shri Tarun Vijay, national spokesperson of the BJP and MP (Rajya Sabha) said the response of the Indian Government should have been more stringent and adequate. He said an abrasive attitude towards Indian sensitivities and helping India’s enemies has become a hall mark of China’s India policy while carrying on trade and commerce activities which are heavily in its favour.
At a time when Kashmir is on a boil, supported and guided by Pakistan, China has shown its Pro-Pakistan attitude by refusing to welcome Lt. Gen Jaswal thus boosting the morale of anti-Indian separatists. The defence exchanges do serve a purpose under an appropriate atmosphere and such exchanges occur between the two institutions, in the present incident, between members of Indian Armed Forces and Peoples’ Liberation Army. If such exchanges are influenced by factors of the ‘location’ of such members, the purpose gets defeated. Afterall the exchanges are meant to ensure resolving issues through face to face interactions and finding solutions and not to aggravate the unresolved issues. China has done exactly the opposite of what was expected of such visits. The response of Indian govt. to Chinese arrogance is sheepishly low key and inadequate to say the least. We must ask Beijing what will be its response if the issues of Tibet’s freedom and Xinxiang’s disputed merger with mainland land China, against which a strong movement is building up amongst the Uyghur people is opened by India?
It’s not Lt. Gen. Jaswal who has been snubbed but the sovereignty of the Tricolour has been hurt. Of late under UPA dispensation the honour of Tricolour has been shrinking. Those who wear tricolor, the Indian citizens, are not only refused visa, if they are residents of Kashmir and Arunachal, but the protectors of the Tricolour, army commanders, too are embarrassed bringing down India’s prestige in global quarters.
Of late India has also been playing down the Chinese intrusions in Indian Territory. I am attaching scanned copies of two documents which prove how India stopped work under NREGA in Leh last year under pressure from Chinese PLA and Indian government didn’t provide any protection to the Indian citizens to carry on the legitimate road building work in villages situated within Indian Territory near China border. It exposes the govt. lies about-merely cover-ups-on Chinese intrusions and raises serious issues about India’s surprising low key, defensive response to Chinese intrusions.
India must answer befittingly to the Chinese arrogance and make it feel the economic punch. Merely cancelling two low level delegations to China carry no conviction of the Indian govt to protect the honour of its citizens and the protectors of India’s sovereignty- the Forces.
(Shyam Jaju)
Headquarter Incharge

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