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Monday, August 30, 2010


28 अगस्त, 2010
भगवा बलिदान और वीरता का रंग है

तरुण विजय

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Jay Kumar said...


Today very few people in this country are pained with this comment from our Home Minster that there exists "Saffron Terrorist".

BJP and Shiv Sena MP’s may ask answer from HM in Parliament, Mr. Modi may ask PM and HM to apologize to this nation. What about other BJP ruled state CM's why can't they raise their voice against such use of word?

Larger question today lies is that for whom you people are fighting they themselves have distanced from Sangh Parivar.

Why Guru Sri Sri Ravi Sankar silent on this, Why yog Guru Baba Ramdev don't speak out against use of Saffron terrorist word? Why Sankracharya, Asaram Bapu, Arya Samaj maintaining silence?

Even there are many Hindu Guru who are involved in preaching of Ramayana and Bhagwad Geetha but what is the use today they too have adopted secularism in their attitude that they are complete silent.

We all know that this Guru's have large number of followers why they dont ask them not to support congress but same we see it is not in the case of Muslims and Christians there people do what they religious leaders ask them to do.

We all know Supreme Court Judge has apologized to Muslims community for use of word "Talibanization" we Hindus can't even ask an apologize from Supreme court Judge when he insulted our God while giving his observation on Live In relation ship, same kind of approach our DharamGurus have showed it today.

Sang parivar always have come in defensive of Sadhu Saint whenever there is assault on them but today same Sadhu Saint ditched Sangh Parivar.