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Monday, March 30, 2009

Family legacy and the Varun effect

Those who opposed the Ayodhya temple movement, wore silence over the plight of Kashmiri Hindus, damaged the Ram Sethu and denied Lord Rama ever existed, denied the violence at the Godhra railway station, and embraced the butchers of 1984, are collectively gunning at Varun Gandhi's political life।
Column after column by Padma Shris in the media have created an atmosphere where supporting Varun has become a sin. Why? The simple reason is that the farmhouse of Gandhi-Nehru politics has been broken and a scion of the family chose to speak out as his conscience directed.
More than what Varun said or didn't say, it is the hurt and bewilderment over the loss of a Gandhi to the saffron brigade that has made the media and anti-Hindutva politicos react with such venom and acid. He was not heard, not given a chance to present his case, nor did forensic experts examine the so-called proof in the form of a CD containing his speech.
Varun has suddenly dwarfed the media-supported Rahul।


blogger said...

Very nice post Tarun ji. Please also read "Serious Terror alert details, sleeping govt, take precaution" for details on next possible terror attack in Delhi between Apr 15 to May 7. Everyone who doesn't have Rs 180 crore security cover please take necessary precaution.

robin said...

Dear Sir,
I do not know why BJP is defensive on many issues.It should highlight that a Congress Minister was actually a terrorist.I have not seen any BJP anchors on analysts mentioning it in news shows
Pl forward to Mr Ravishankar Prasad,Arun Jaitley,Siddhardh Singh,Praksash Jawedkar.This judgement came recently and therefore can be taken up as an active issues.
This should have been hammered during Mayabens arrest
20-year jail for former Gujarat Minister for 1993 Surat blast
Special Correspondent
TADA court hands the same sentence to five accomplices

1993 Surat blasts convicts (from left) Hussain Ghadiyali, Mushtak Ibrahim Patel, Mohammad Surti, Iqbal Vadiwalla and Yousuf Dadu, who were sentenced to 20 years in jail by a special TADA Court in Surat on Saturday.
AHMEDABAD: A former Congress minister of Gujarat and five others were on Saturday sentenced to 20-year imprisonment for their involvement in an April 1993 bomb blast in Surat, in which a school girl was killed and about 30 others were injured.
A special TADA court in Surat found Mohammad Surti and his accomplices guilty of the bomb blast and handed them the sentence. Seven others were sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment.
The accused were alleged to have used government vehicles to transport bombs and other equipment for the blast. The TADA court examined more than 300 witnesses and based its judgment on the Forensic Science Laboratory report on the blast.
In all, there were 24 accused, of whom at least five are still absconding, while one has died since then.
“Reprisal attack”
It was claimed that the bombs were exploded in a reprisal for the communal riots that broke out in the wake of the demolition of the Babri mosque at Ayodhya in December 1992. The diamond and textile city of Surat was one of the worst affected in the riots. In April 1993, two bombs were exploded, one at the Surat railway station when the Gujarat Express was on the platform and the other near a school on Varacha Road, in which the schoolgirl was killed. All the accused are out on bail.

Former Gujarat minister gets 20 years in jail for Surat bombings (Lead)
October 4th, 2008 - 4:27 pm ICT by IANS - Send to a friend:
Ahmedabad, Oct 4 (IANS) Former Gujarat minister Mohammad Surti of the Congress party was sentenced to 20 years in jail Saturday for his role in the 1993 twin bombings in Surat.The special Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA) court also sentenced five others to 20 years in jail.
The court convicted Surti, along with 11 others, in connection with the April 1993 grenade blast at Surat Railway station aimed at the Gujarat Express stationed there. Nearly 40 people were injured in the explosion.
The second blast had occurred near Sadhna School in Varacha area of Surat, killing a schoolgirl.
Surti had procured hand grenades from the late Ahmedabad don Abdul Latif for the bombings, the court said. His son is also wanted in the case.
So far all the accused were on bail.
The grenade blast had rocked the city a month after the deadly Mumbai serial blasts.
A police official said that a part of the arms consignment of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s D Company had reached the city to be used to cause communal tension.


Well well well,

As suspected Teesta Setalvad's facade is falling apart. She tutored those victims and it is time the state government did the next thing - slap a case against her for defamation.

It is great that she has been unmasked.