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Monday, March 16, 2009

Advani, Manmohan lead race for India's PM

General Elections 2009 are still to be notified but the race for the top job has already hotted up. Who will be the next prime minister of India is perhaps now an even bigger question than which alliance will emerge victorious these elections. The re-emergence of the Third Front this week means that there are now several contenders for the top post. CNN-IBN takes a look at the prime minister aspirants.
Will Manmohan Singh be the king again or will L K Advani's dream come true at last? Will Mayawati get to move into 7 Race Course Road or will Sharad Pawar from Maharashtra materialise? What are the chances of Rahul Gandhi or Sangh Parivar poster boy Narendra Modi? Will they have to wait till 2014? Will a dark horse emerge this time - Bihar strongmen Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad? Or is there someone else waiting in line?
To try and answer these questions on the panel of experts were political commentator Inder Malhotra; Editor-in-Chief Outlook Vinod Mehta; former editor Panchajanya and Director of the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Research Foundation Tarun Vijay; and Political Editor Telegraph Manini Chatterjee; Editor Thuglak Cho Ramaswamy (L to R) Manini Chatterjee, Tarun Vijay, Rajdeep Sardesai, Vinod Mehta, Inder Malhotra.For complete coverage-see-


Girish said...

I hope the BJP will realize the power of the vernacular medium in reaching the masses. Ads in English dailies hardly help. The English educated Indian has either been already brainwashed by psecular media or he never goes out to vote.

Solitary Reaper said...

Dear Tarun sir,
Thanx for the link..I seriously appreciate the way,you put across your point amidst such a opposition.Usually,you hardly find any support in discussions,but your unflinching commitmment to the cause of nationalism is commendable.India needs journalists like you...Wish you all the best..


people of india will decide that varun gandhi is wrong or right.. ? but the way congress & its sponsored media clouns are creating political stampede about it,is foolish & like a dangerous conspiracy against society.In regard of this WE, the people of india want an answer from CONGRESS & ITS QUEEN SONIA GANDHI & PRINCE CHARMING,RAHUL GANDHI THAT…
1. If varun gandhi’s candidature from pilibhit is unconstitutional, after his speech of 6th march then we, the people of india want to know that Congress thinks what about Mr. abdul rahman antulay who openly tried to defend PAKISTAN & abdul ajmal kasab(only live member of group of terrorists who attacked mumbai on 26/11) By telling that it may be conspiracy of hindu’s terrorist group. For kind information of readers, Even today Mr. Antulay is cabinate minister of congress led UPA government.
2. If congress & its queen & prince charming thinks that varun’s speech of 6th march was inflammatory & anti secular, anti national, anti social. then it is there duty too that they must tell the people of india, that what they think about Mr. Arjun singh who openly defended & supported the decision(providing full financial support to accused of terror blasts of new delhi & police encounter of baatla house ) of vice chancellor of jamia milia. Mr. Arjun singh is also senior most cabinate minister of congress led UPA government.
3.If congress think that speech of varun gandhi was anti national, anti social then what is congress opinion about Mr. Farukh abdullah who openly dared to threaten the nation & judiciary by making public statement that(.. ki agar afzal guru ko faansi di gayi toh desh jal uthega judges ki jaan ko khatra paidaa ho jaayega, unhe koi bachaa nahi paayegaa).
Mr farukh abdullah & his son Omar abdullah are enjoying power seat of jammu & kashmir with the only support of congress.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Vijay,

I really like your brave articles in Times of India and The majority cannot be condemned at each and every occasion for the sake of secularism. However, I believe you and others who are fighting for this cause ought to be careful not to speak AGAINST any particular community but only FOR the Hindus.

jeevan mukta said...

its high time BJP realizes the need to make use of the media fully to reach out to all sections. At the same time, please get rid of the ultra hard core fanatic fringe elements inside the party, who are giving the party a wrong image. Kick out anybody who makes rabid ultra religious speeches. As swami vivekananda said "religion is not the crying need of india"