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Saturday, January 23, 2016

"If this is not sin, nothing is sin,"

BJP MP Tarun Vijay says caste discrimination's 'a sin against the Gods'
TNN | Jan 17, 2016, 12.29 PM IST
NELLIKUPPAM (Cuddalore): Uttarakhand MP Tarun Vijay said on Sunday that caste discrimination is not just inhuman, it's also against the Hindu religion and "a sin against the Gods". 

"If this is not sin, nothing is sin," Vijay said, addressing a Pongal gathering of Dalits in Nellikuppam village, where he said he was shocked to see separate cremation grounds and a 'two glass' system in tea shops for Dalits in this predominantly scheduled caste region.

At a separate event to distribute relief material to tribal villagers Vijay said that tribals and dalits should be brought into the national mainstream of progress. "Equality is the birthright of tribals and dalits," he said. 

Later, addressing a Nehru Yuva Kendra meeting at Cuddalore's famous, thousand-year-old ancient Tirupati temple campus to observe the Prime Minister's inauguration of the Startup campaign, he exhorted SC youth to take advantage of Startup India and be entrepreneurs.

"You can become the king of your destiny and leave the age of dependence. Startup India will help unshackle Dalits and poor from the atrocious traditions of discrimination and misery," Vijay said.

Tarun Vijay was felicitated by firebrand Dalit leader Ravi Kumar who presented him with a book written by Tamil Nadu's renowned Dalit politician Thol Thirumaavalavan, titled 'Talisman' which describes the atrocities and pain inflicted upon Tamil Nadu SCs.


Amit said...

Well said, Tarunji. You should tell this to ABVP.

Next time you give a speech to ABVP, you should tell them to befriend the Dalits and work towards their gradual reform. Most of the Dalits have already been brainwashed by Leftists, so it takes time and patience to bring them into mainstream nationalism. Confrontation is not the answer.

TV said...

Please train ABVP members how to handle provocation. They should remain steadfast nationalists without resorting to anger, vengeance or violence. This is the highest service you can do to Bharat right now.

suri said...

Sir why don't seers from various mutts including Shankaracharya's along with bhp and RSS actively resolve this.we r responsible for killing Hinduism then