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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hindu samaj has never been destructive. It has always given protection to all. -Bhayyaji Joshi, Sarkaryavah, RSS

Bhaiyyaji Joshi;s inspiring speech  at Samajik Sadbhav meet , Ahmedabad
 January 18, 2016  

Addressing, Samajik Sadbhav Meet in Ahmedabad, Gujarat today, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) Sarkaryavah(General Secretary) Shri 
Bhaiyyaji Joshi asked to give emphasis on duty rather than rights. 

Following are some salient points of his speech:

Hindu samaj has never been destructive. It has always given protection to all. As time passed, Hindu society experienced some defects because it had to get involved in self protection. One of the defect was caste oriented bias which can be eliminated through collective efforts of all. If we can’t eliminate castes from our society, then we can at-least try to forget it, and if forgetting it is not possible then we should stop caste bias.

There are similarities among the countrymen from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Rajasthan to Manipur such as the names of Hindu people, dialects, religious books, goddesses and gods, pilgrim places, inspiring legends – they are all not caste based. We believe that there’s God in every living thing. We offer prayers to cows, snakes, Basil, Pipal tree and earth without caste differences. Do people ask the caste of revolutionaries? Then why caste based differences?
The other challenge before the society is social justice. Social issues and social problems can be resolved only by leaders of society. Government can’t solve those problems. As an example, the government prohibited liquor consumption, but it just didn’t stop liquor consumption on the ground actually. Till the time there’s awareness in society, the law can’t be effective. It’s not government’s job to resolve the social problems. Government’s job is to provide facilities and services to citizens.

Third major challenge is to safeguard the values in our life, and we have family system for that. We believe that first Guru is mother. Children get Samskar in family. Family doesn’t functions as per the laws. It’s mother and father’s responsibility to give good samskar to children, and not just providing facilities. Dharma means fulfilling our responsibilities. Dharma doesn’t mean puja paath. For last some time, many problems occurred because we started realizing more about our rights compared to our responsibilities.
The society is facing issues such as violence, corruption etc, and to shield the society against this, social change is only way. In modern era, rights are discussed but not responsibilities. To bring change in society, duty needs to be remembered, for which one can’t rely on government.
If values of dharma, culture and life fail to survive in India, then it will not survive in world. Hindu society will need to rise above narrow thinking and need to become strong. It will need to remove differences, and then only Gauravshali Hindu society and Vishwa Kalyan will be possible.
As per Chanakya sutra, women are to be considered as mother, others property is to be considered as sand, third sutra is about having belief that I am like yours. One who believe in these sutras is Hindu.

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H said...

Maharashtra Hindutva forces are always more vocal before elections. Gujarat Hindutva forces always take control once in power.

We saw this during Vajpayee time. We are seeing it now. Gujaratis get their bullet trains, their tax concessions, their foreign investments — all in the name of Hindu superpower.

– Swadeshi ideology is crushed after coming to power.
– Uniform Civil Code is set aside after coming to power.
– Mathru Bhasha is ignored after coming to power.

So, the rest of the Hindutva forces continue banging their heads against dead past.