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Friday, December 13, 2013

Greeting Bharat Ratna Sachin was such a fulfilling moment in Parliament!!

Tarun Vijay discusses Uttarakhand's children issue with Sachin Tendulkar, seeks help for devastated areas

13th December 2013- New Delhi- Today, Uttarakhand's Member of Parliament Shri Tarun Vijay congratulated Sachin Tendulkar, who attended the Rajya Sabha first time after being conferred with Bharat Ratna and discussed the grave issues of the children of Uttarakhand , specially those who belong to the devastated areas. Sachin was all ears and asked to send  more details so that he could see what can be done.
Tarun Vijay said that unlike politicians, Sachin, a great hero  of our times, is too humble and an ever smiling person, who won the hearts of all MPs present. Tarun Vijay said to Sachin that Mussourie and hence Uttarakhand feels proud that he has a house there and keeps visiting the place regularly, that also helps to boost the tourism and contributes to the local economy. To this Sachin smilingly said , he feels at home in Uttarakhand.
Pic shows Shri Tarun Vijay with Shri Sachin Tendulkar in parliament


Harshvardhan Pathak said...

good photograph,,,,
i watched cricket till the time sachin played,,,now my interest has diminished after his retirement,,
i am a student,,,,who was looking for the profile of mr tarun vijay,,,
i could find,this blog online,,
leaving a comment,,,hoping that this blog is original one by tarun vijayji,,
harsh vardhan pathak
msc integrated eco,,
doon university,,,
batch 2011,,

Anonymous said...


Now that Rajasthan is BJP-ruled, will the state opt out of FDI in Retail?

Tarun said...

The rich will always try to hijack the Hindutva platform for their personal benefit.

The latest is the talk of income tax "reforms"... the BJP can be easily painted as "party of the rich", if this discussion goes any further.

The rich have tried to use BJP before and they will continue to try in future. Strong leadership in the party resisted this in the past. It is an clear and present danger to BJP.

BJP may scrap 'abolish income tax plan' as poll promise after objections within

Anonymous said...

Will Rajasthan govt do it?

The new government under AAP wrote to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion that Delhi must be struck off the list of those states backing foreign investment in multi-brand retail. Delhi is the first state government to have withdrawn support on retail FDI after backing it initially. Rajasthan, which has now gone to BJP from Congress, may follow AAP too.

Anonymous said...

East India Company or Swadeshi?

BJP's commitment to Swadeshi will be tested by BJP-ruled Rajasthan's response to FDI in Retail. The outcome will be in black and white. No room to hide.

In several democratic countries, malls can open only if the local residents give their nod.

No To East India Company said...

To woo voters away from Congress, which backs FDI in retail, the saffron party has bought rights for 'Bharath Stores', a Kannada movie that depicts the alleged ill-effects of FDI on small businesses.

BJP state president Prahlad Joshi told TOI the party wants to create awareness about FDI by screening the movie in major cities.

Anonymous said...

"Pro-Bharat, pro-poor space is vacant in Indian politics".

Anonymous said...

Sangh should never become a cheer-leader for some politician. It should remain vigilant as a guardian of national interests and Swadeshi.

Sangh may turn heat on Modi to toe swadeshi line

Is Tarunji a guardian or a cheerleader?