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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tarun Vijay returns security cover to Home Ministry in support of people at India Gate-full text of letter

Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde ji
The Home Minister
Govt of India
North Block, New Delhi
                                                                                                  22 December 2012
Dear Sir,
At a time when the entire nation, led by brave Delhi people are protesting at India Gate demanding more security for the citizens and praying for the recovery of the unfortunate girl who fell victim to the animals in human form, it will be unbecoming of me if I continue to have the security cover provided by you in the wake of the death threats I had received from the terrorist organization Indian Mujahideen.
I hereby request you to kindly take back the security cover and provide more security and protection to the common citizens who need it more than us. Today instead of using water cannon and lathi charge on the protesting people, it would have been more appropriate if leaders like you too had sat with them and added government’s voice with the peoples’ anguish committing to end the criminal assaults on the citizens. That would have added to the glory and the integrity of the State power. But your government has used violence against the honest and unprotected people.
I am thankful to those dedicated police jawans who had provided me protection all these years.
Even if I die at the hands of the terrorist in the absence of a security cover, I shall still be without any regrets, as the people on the street, who are our real masters, need this protection more than any politician.
With thanks and regards
Sincerely yours
Tarun Vijay


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, Very proud of you today. Have been a fan of u since ur days with the Panchajanya..
Your actions will be an example for the rest of the VIP's

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hats off sir !!!
You set an example...which should be followed by other politicians also...specially the Congress ppl

संजय @ मो सम कौन ? said...


Anonymous said...

That is what i call leading from the front.

Anonymous said...

That is what i call leading from the front.

Arun said...

Sir, your action is much appreciated. Today, you upheld the label of 'party with a difference'. Hope the rest of BJP will follow suit.

Dishi verma said...

we people need Ministers like u. Hope that other Ministers take great decision like this..

Jameel Ahmad said...

Salam namstey, jab tak bharat mata aap jaise sapooto janm deti rahegi none of the terrorist can't dare to breach our scurity. I humbly request u to ask the President,PM giving us a heart doesn't break eyes can't see truth ears can't listen girl crying otherwise stop this shame. I have high regards for parliamentbcoz the people like u r overthere but can't respect, those mps whose hands r dirty & in assaulting women & defame on television channel who brought us to this world.

Profysjain said...

Wish all our Leaders have guts to follow your example.