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Monday, December 24, 2012

Chinese , Western and neighboring media on Narendra Modi's victory


India elections: BJP's Narendra Modi secures Gujarat win--

India speculation over 'national role' for Narendra Modi--


Is Narendra Modi a Step Closer to Being India’s Next Prime Minister?--

Washington Post(USA)

(1)India’s Narendra Modi wins 3rd term as state leader, setting stage for prime ministerial bid--

(2)Hindu nationalist BJP wins elections in western state of Gujarat--

ABC News (USA)

Hindu Nationalists Win in Western Indian State--

China Daily (China)

Modi's Gujarat election win stokes PM talk-- 

xinhua (China)
India's main opposition BJP wins western state of Gujarat-- (Pakistan)---

India’s Modi heads for landslide win, bolsters PM prospects--

The Nation (Pakistan)
Landslide bolsters Modi’s chances of Indian premiership--

Reuter (UK)

The rise of Narendra Modi, a double-edged sword for BJP--

The Guardian (UK)

Gujarat's divisive leader poised to win third term in crucial election---

The Telegraph (UK)

Narendra Modi tipped as India's next prime minister--

Arab News (Saudi Arabia)

India’s Modi heads for landslide, bolsters PM prospects--

The Financial Express (Bangladesh)
Hindu nationalists win western Indian state elections--
Jerusalem (Israeal) 

India's Modi looks set to win state poll-


India's Modi looks set to win state poll, may boost PM ambitions--

Massive mandate for BJP in Gujarat
It grabs 122 seats; rival Congress party likely to win just 56-


Charan said...

We need Right-leaning policies in states like Gujarat and Punjab. We need Left-leaning policies in states like Chattisgarh and Jharkand. And we need Centrist agenda in states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and UP.

BJP will fail miserably if it thinks that whatever works in Gujarat will work everywhere.

zohan said...

truely said