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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Separate Tribal Civil Service Cadre Demanded-Tarun Vijay

Press Release
Separate Tribal Civil Service Cadre Demanded

Raising the issue of India's 8% tribal population infected by more than 95% of terrorism, displacement, lowest education rate and highest HIV-AIDS prevalence, Shri Tarun Vijay, MP, BJP demanded a separate Civil Services Cadre for tribal areas on the pattern of UT Cadre so that only those officers who have an understanding and sensitivity towards tribals are posted in such areas which include as vast an area as from Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh to Leh and Kargil to J&K.

Shri Tarun Vijay said in his special mention in Rajya Sabha today that, ' Tribals constitute 8.2% of India. In the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Nagaland, more than 90% of the population is tribal. Central Indian states have the country's largest tribes, roughly 75% of the total tribal population live there. But country's 95% terrorism is occurring only in tribal pockets from the North-east to Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh. They have the highest incidents of terrorism, the lowest literacy rates, and the lowest development infrastructure. They are the brightest sportspersons, bravest soldiers, brilliant professionals yet have the highest rate of terrorism. 19 out of 34 organizations banned by Home Ministry are active in tribal region alone.

He said that the gap between the literacy rates of STs and the general population continues almost at the same level of 17-18% for the last three decades. Almost 65% women are illiterate. Drop-out rate is 79% from formal education. Around 91% tribal still live in rural area. The percentage of tribal's living below poverty line is 47.3% in rural and 33.3% in urban areas.

Shri Tarun Viljay said that children and women are most affected due to such disturbances. More than 25 lakh tribals devastated due to dams, mines, industrial towns, wild life sanctuaries, and national parks are still waiting to be rehabilitated. I demand a separate Tribal Civil Service Cadre be established for those IAS and IPS officers who are willing to serve in these areas and have an understanding about their problems. Secondly a National Tribal Development and Protection Authority should be constituted to oversee, monitor and sanction development projects in tribal areas to check the devastating effect of blind 'development' through mining, big dams , deculturisation due to foreign plots,and urbanization.'

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