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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Injustices against border area Zanskar makes a special mention in parliament by Tarun Vijay MP

Mr Tarun Vijay , MP made a special mention regarding the lethergic and discriminatory government policies towards Zanskar (Ladakh) and said that its unfortunate that a highly strategic road linking Zanskar with manali is not being completed inspite of Army's defence needs. He said its ironical that Zanskar people wait for the winters so that Zanskar river is frozen and they are able to walk over the frozen zanskar to reach Leh. Otherwise during summers, they take five to six days and cros the various indomitable passes, while on frozen Zanskar in minus 24 to minus 38 degree C temperature they reach in two days.
His special mention on Zanskar got wide support from various parties.

He said that Zanskar is the only sub Division in India, which lies at a distance of 240 KMs from its District Headquarter. Zanskar remains isolated from rest of the world for more than six months in a year.
Following the Kargil war in 1999, when the Vajpayee Govt. constituted a committee to probe into the matter as to why Indian Army had suffered heavy losses and casualties during the Kargil war and suggest remedial measures. The committee recommended the Govt. to have a fair weather defence alternative road, which links Ladakh with the rest of the country via Zanskar to Manali. As such Nimoo- Padum- Darcha road was sanctioned as this road goes along the safest alignment along the gorge of Zanskar River. Still the pace of work on this project is going on at a snail’s pace. Since the starting of construction work on this road, the executing agency Border Road Organization could hardly construct a stretch of 122 km on the 168 km long Nimoo Padum road in 10 years.

Mr Tarun said that he demands the construction of an all weather road along gorges of Zanskar River since be completed soon in a year and separate district status may kindly be granted in favour of Zanskar sub division.

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