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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Times Of India

05 September 2010

The beheaders

Tarun Vijay

Slain policeman Lucas Tete's wife, Pyari, and three grown-up daughters fainted several times in shock on receiving the news that his bullet-riddled body was found in a forest in Bihar on Friday. (A news report)

Whose Lucas was he? And the kids, turned destitute with a 'satisfying' revolutionary spirit of the Maoists, so passionately romanticized by Arundhati Roy and her ilk at 10 Janpath? Any debates or front-page stories on why this is happening? Who are the real people behind such ghastly crimes and who are those weakening the struggle against it? What ideological mooring these murderers have that inspires them, powers them to be so brutal and makes them unapologetic of whatever they are doing? Are they simply Maoists -- followers of Mao, the Chinese hero, and carrying forward to realize the principles of an ideology that is communist in its every grain? Or someone would like to say: communism is all about peace and harmony and accommodating dissent (like it was in Soviet Russia and which can be seen in Mao's China today?) and whatever these Maoists are doing is in fact misusing the name of communism and Mao?

See what these Maoists claim they are. Their outfit is named Communist Party of India-Maoist. Their idols are Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. They are staunch believers in violence and have a blind faith in their communist ideology, which claimed millions of lives in Soviet Russia, established a totalitarian one-party regime in China but not before unprecedented mass killings in a crazy red revolution enveloped in cultural revolution and long jump led by Mao. And then we had Pol Pot , the communist despotic ruler of Cambodia who didn't hesitate eliminating one third of his country's population.

In India, it's not just the Maoists, the Marxists of a different variety too have been killing RSS and BJP workers in Tellicherry, Kasargod and other southern areas to stop the saffron spread in their crumbling bastions. Maoists, the 'biggest problem India is facing today' in the words of the Prime Minister, have killed so far 10,000 Indians in the most brutal fashion.

Where do the Indian state and media stand in this scenario? They are busy either celebrating Sonia's re-ascendancy on a family conglomerate or making noises on the CWG 's filth, 'building ' a prince for Indian democracy or waging a war against what they love to call 'saffron terror', eying UP and Bihar elections.

Where can the children of Lucas and Abhay and Ehsan and Rupesh Sinha go for relief?

Do they constitute a vote bank? Do they have a voice to be heard in the corridors of power? Why every single Indian leader who says he is some kind of a secular that believes in manufacturing coloured terrorism want to be seen among the sympathizers of the communist butchers? Whether Sonia or Rahul or Lalu or Mulayam or Bihar's state leaders – in power and outside the power equations? Have they ever tried to understand their ideology, which is an undiluted communism at its worst? Do they believe that this communism can help India grow? If that was the case why is it that the people of India have rejected the communist ideology in almost all the corners and they are not found anywhere except in a few l remnants? Why has no channel or the media siren found it prudent to initiate a discussion on the ideological roots of the Maoists barbarism? Are they afraid that in the process they may have to criticize the communist ideology? And since there are no two Marxes, Stalins, Lenins or Maos, what the Maoists believe in and what the other communist parties believe may come under close scrutiny? Is that a fear among the politicized 'left leaning' media today?

Now, look at the recent occurrence of the communist revolutionary spirit. Abhaya Prasad Yadav, sub-inspector, Bihar Police ,was caught with three colleagues from Lakhisarai and taken to a 'Jan Adalat', a kangaroo court run by the Maoists where Lucas was 'awarded' a death sentence without an appeal and executed with an unprecedented secular alacrity in times when Parliament attackers wait endlessly for their final hour in spite of a court order. Everyone had a fear that these abducted police men might be killed. Abhay's wife, Rajni, and their children, Dhruvswamini, Shalini, Minakshi and Anand Shankar, and Lucas's wife, Pyari, and three teenage daughters, Anjela, Majula and Neelam, sat on a pleading dharna at the gates of Bihar's chief minister's residence only to be given the news of Lucas's death.

Lucas was not alone. He was abducted with three other colleagues -- sub-inspector Abhay Prasad, havaldar Ehsan Ahmad and sub-inspector Rupesh Kumar Sinha. The fate of the rest of the three is still hanging in balance at the time of writing this post.

The day this sordid incident occurred, the nation and the Page 3 media were celebrating the coronation of Sonia Gandhi as she became head of the Congress party for the fourth time. And they said she was 'elected'. It must be a 'proud' moment for the Indian democracy, especially the kind of inner party democracy we see today in the Congress. Frankly, who is bothered if Sonia becomes fourth-time or 24th-time president of a party that means just a family corporate affair? It's painful to notice that even in her hour of a managed glory she didn't say a single word of sympathy for the slain policeman nod did she appeal to the Maoists, whom she and her son Rahul try to keep in verbal comfort. Rahul is said to have even shared a dias during his recent Orissa visit with a known Maoist or their sympathizer. Mother and son see the Naxals so admiringly, joining the company of Arundhati Roy.

Maoists, the blue eyed 'revolutionaries' of Delhi's de-Indianised glitterati, love beheading their captives. There have been several other incidents earlier too. Headline after headline describing the gory, Taliban-style beheading incidents by Naxals:

6 Oct, 2009: Naxalites in Jharkhand beheaded a kidnapped police inspector Francis Induwar, to avenge the arrest of top Maoist ideologue Kobad Ghandy.

9 Oct 2009: At least 17 cops were killed in Gadchiroli when 200 Naxals swooped down. Not only that, in a rerun of the beheading of a Jharkhand police officer, they beheaded a civilian branding him a police informer.

3 Feb 2010: Maoists behead jawan in Bankura.The beheaded body of Sanjoy Ghosh, a 23-year-old jawan of the SAP, was recovered.

20 Oct 2009: Naxalites beheaded a villager at Korchi. The Maoists later branded him a police informer.

6 Apr 2010: Naxal butchers kill 73 CRPF personnel in Dantewada.

Raipur, Aug 16 2010: A Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) constable was beheaded by Maoists on the outskirts of Jagdalpur, the district headquarters of restive Bastar in Chhattisgarh, police said.The headless body of 30-year-old cop Kanhaiya Yadav, a resident of Uttar Pradesh's Ghazipur, was found last evening at Ashna village on the Jagdalpur-Mazgaon road.

The road to sanity and civility passes through human values. That's the greatest ideology. The silence of those who say they belong to some sort of secularism, on the barbarism committed in the name of the ideologies they share is as condemnable as the heinous acts of violence done by any person belonging to any faith or ideology.

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