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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Garhwal Post

Dehradun, Sep 22, 2010
Rethink required on the issue of large dams: Tarun Vijay

Some photographs and Media Reports regarding flood in Laksar, Haridwar, Uttarakhand dated 21st September, 2010


JayKumar said...


Your ideas or views on this large dams needs to be re visited by you once again, now terrorism in our country is not because we have large dams it is because we don't have law, which will deal with iron hand with such activities.

Coming to environmental issue, resettlement, and compensation issues I think it can be taken care if respective govt is really interested in resettlement those who looses their houses.

Now coming to main point why we need large dams?

1) Imagine the amount of rain
Water wasted in recent rain havoc and it caused floods in several part of your Uttrakand.

2) If we have small dam it will over flow immediately and will come out on street of villages and will create same problem like flood.

3) By having large dam we can use to tape rainwater and further can be used to generate hydropower, and this is purely clean and renewable source of energy.

3) Today we need to take lesson from Narmada Dam; water has been brought up to Kutch desert part of our country. Even power is generated and it is given to MP and Maharashtra even Gujarat shares power from it. Gujarat even have small and medium size dam to store rainwater and it is life line of Gujarat.

To be continued.....

JayKumar said...


4) Early and mid 90's when Human Rights and Environmental activist used to create issue with Narmada dam, very good approach was used by the then CM of Gujarat Shri. Keshubhai he used Radio to spread message on importance of dam in peoples life. This only helped people not support such self styled saints. Today these activists are left with hand full of support from Gujarat.

5) Even to current problem on Naxlas, Maoism, Human Rights can be tackled by using Radio by daily spreading message on destruction caused to country by supporting such anti-national operations and anti-nationals elements like Arundhati Roy, Mehd Patekar and many more. Still many don't know ideology of Maoism, so it can be told to them on radio (AIR/FM etc.,)

6) CM of all BJP rule state must come on FM radio, AIR for few minutes to give out their versions of speech on such anti-national, anti-development operations. Similar thing you did when you went to Boston very recently.

7) Even people always has an grievance that for vote politician comes but there after they never show their face, so by using such methods of appearing in media can be used to keep in touch with mass.

8) FAQ session can be organized on radio (FM/AIR) to address peoples question on such issue of Naxals and Maoism. Even this can be used asking mass not to support Human Rights activist on blogs and other social media from where they gain strength.

9) Don't forget Maoist leaders and Human rights are watching and monitoring every moments of state govts by means of news channels, so state leaders message will also be heard by this people this will be kind of alarming message to anti-national force.

Self-styled saint are playing with BJP govt by means of words, so BJP must also fight with them in similar manner by war of words and not by guns.

I hope you can initiate this kind of practice in all BJP ruled states. Even recorded message can also be played on FM radio in between any song program.

Must stop youngsters falling prey to Maoist ideology.

Shanker said...

While Hindus have worshipped rivers for ages, we are choking them with Dams. The ancient wisdom of nursing water resources and soil fertility is given little thought.

Today, hundreds of dams are being decommissioned in advanced countries. In US alone, some 600 Dams were decommissioned so far. Marine life, bird and wild life destruction and beach erosion are some of the reasons.

Dams once engineering marvels 100 years ago being decommissioned

Shanker said...

Researchers at Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) have developed a small-scale hydroelectric power plant that solves a number of problems at the same time: The construction is so simple, and thereby cost-efficient, that the power generation system is capable of operating profitably in connection with even modest dam heights. Moreover, the system is concealed in a shaft, minimizing the impact on the landscape and waterways.

Small is beautiful in hydroelectric power plant design, and good for the environment