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Saturday, May 22, 2010

RSS swayamsewaks rush to help Mangalore victims

Karnataka witnessed its ever worst air mishap today as Air India Express flight carrying 169 passengers from Dubai got crashed near Mangalore airport at the local time. it was a cloudy Saturday morning with heavy rain. the mishap resulted in death of 158 including Air India staff. rescue operation was not an easy task at the site as it was little rural and with forest area. with the fire engine personals and emergency staffs, the local public especially the RSS Swayamsevaks involved themselves in rescue operation. Sangh Volunteers extended timely help during the day long rescue operation at Mangalore air crash site today. More than 100 swayamsevaks near the sitr of air crash, rushed to the spot and involved in rescue operation from 6.40am onwards. Nalin Kumar, local MP also a swayamsevak was there from 7.00am till 7.45pm leading the operation with local karyakartas. due to bad weather early morning the rescue operation not delayed, however extensive support from public and RSS swayamsevaks were extended timely. BG Chengappa, director of Karnataka Fire and Emergency Services also rushed to the spot and led the team. VSK, Bangalore


अवध said...

bahut dukhad ghatna!! bhagwan sabki atma ko shanti pradan kare.
swayamsevak to aise hee hote hain, aur hamen swayam sevak hone pe garv hota hai.

hulltrains said...

India is bleeding with corruption and scam, caste and religion and riots being engineered to gain political milage, the north east is in the verge of civil war, the naxalites and the government are mum, political families are ensuring that they rule forever, people like arundhati roy humiliate India in the guardian but no indian and abuse gandhiji and ambedkar and no Indian having some selfrespect stands up! What is shining in India? Poverty, starvation, hunger, loot and plunder capitalism? No one is there to fight for India. A second bhoodan movement has to be launched and gram swaraj has to be the next goal not slavery to consumer products and images. Another tragedy is that indians are slavishly copying the worst things of the west which they themselves are struggling[how shameless the media is] but discarding knowledge, reading awareness of walter benjamin, theordore adorno, micheal foucault and the power to analyse and see beyond what is real. Just slaves ready to be manipulated by the media culture industry. There is no netaji today. Just scam, mining scam, telcom scam ordinary India is bleeding. Vijay ji atleast defends India against these AC socialite india international centre activists. Where will the common man go? Only some people like Jayaprakash Narayan are there who seem to mean well. It is well known that managalore accident could have been averted. It was a result of a massive scam of the real estate contractor bureaucrat politician mafia. India;s image will never change. It will be eternal snake charmer.

kppradeep said...

How come our secular media does not report this?. hats off to such noble persons because of whom we are getting rains