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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My first Kannada book O Nanna BHARATA-O MY INDIA

My first Kannada book O Nanna BHARATA-O MY INDIA-(translation of my book Saffron Surge)launched in Bangalore in the gracious audi of Mythic society.Vishveshwar Bhat, Chief Editor of the largest Kannada daily Vijay Karnataka was chief guest and the cleanest face in Karnataka politics Suresh Kumar, Law Minister released the book with Bhat.All my 'family' members, ie the RSS stalwarts, BJP leaders and Bangalore authors and journalists were present.

Pictures of my Kannada book launch at Bangalore on 4th April. (L to R) Tarun Vijay, Shri Suresh Kumar, Law minister and Shri Vishweshwar Bhat, Chief Editor Vijay Karnataka releasing the book.

Chaitanya Hegde , the young spark, who translated the book passionately speaking about his experience while going through my book

Publisher of the book Shri Subrahmanyam, Tarun, Shri Suresh Kumar, Shri Bhat and Shri Chaitanya Hegde. One for the record.

Tarun Vijay speaking on the occasion


Anonymous said...

You got the name of the Vijaya Karnataka editor slightly wrong.

He is not Bhatt, but Bhat!

DEVARU said...

O Nanna Bharata was correct. but it is shown as O Nanne Bharata. It happens when outsiders write names in other languages.

Devaru Bhat.

JayKumar said...

My comment is with respect to recent post by Shri. Advaniji on his blog regarding Hindutva.

Shri. VajpayeeJi said in Hindi “Power is tool for us and not goal for us”, so what stops BJP to speak on Hindutva and Hinduism any more.

I would have been much more happy if Shri. Advaniji himself would have wrote a very good piece of article on Hindutva and Hinduism on his blog rather than asking his fellows to reach out to the people and making them understand what is Hindutva, Hinduism and its roots, importance, philosophy etc,

He tried to put to explain by using Supreme Court verdict, but as it was not required as we all know it was just eyewash by Supreme court to please majority of this country. Verdict also defers with judges who romanticize with the cases like all the judges are romanticizing with 2002 riots case, who ever comes court entertains in spite of no such law permits them to do they pass judgments’. Another good example is of Ram Mandir 60 years has been passed Allahabad High Court has not delivered verdict, just a week before court finished listening arguments of both side but kept the verdict reserved saying they will pronounce at year ending so wait for 8 months to listen to their verdict. Supreme court too don’t want to do any good so they too has kept quite on this whole issue as nothing, they will get from this cases no fame no popularity like what they get from 2002 riots case. May be they can be elevated to world court for their all land mark judgments on 2002 riots. Some romanticizing with Naxals and Maoists almost all secular brigades do this by writing essay, articles’ sympathizing with arm revolution. Same Supreme Court called Gujarat CM a constitutionally elected member as “Modern day Nero”, shame on such judges. How judges are elevated to that position we all know it very well, so we Hindus need not to depend on Supreme Court verdict to explain what is Hindutva?

For writing on Hindutva and Hinduism Shri. Advaniji need not be depend on any one to reach out to people when he has two option for writing one on his blogs as well as in can publish same in Panchjanya/ Organizer. This will make sure that his voice on Hindutva has reached to large section of people of this country.

Shri. Tarun Vijayji you have been writing on this topic, Shri. Arun Shoruie has written so many books articles on Hindutva that hardly any one from BJP would have done it. So, it time to revitalize BJP with her core ideology on Hindutva.
Renowned poet late.

At least I hope that you 2 will motivate Shri. Advanji for writing on Hindutva and Hinduism.

Rabindra Tagore has written in Bengali language during “Quite India moment 1942” I will translate it in English while “If nobody comes along with you then walk alone”.