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Friday, March 26, 2010

Press statement issued by BJP National Spokesperson, Tarun Vijay

Thursday, 25 March 2010

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statement at a meeting with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi that ‘Pakistan struggles my struggles’ amazingly belies an utter disregard for the facts and history. If Pakistan is fighting US’s struggles, which is a tacit admission of the withering Jihadi state becoming a US subterfuge, who’s struggling for ending terrorism in the region and strengthening democratic elements? Is hiding Osama and keeping a menacing silence on Kasab’s accomplices in Pakistan also a part of Secretary Hillary’s struggle? Is acting shamanistically to justify Dollar grants on the western front and powering terrorists on the northern side bleeding India also a part of US –Pak ‘joint struggle’ Hillary is happy about? Is this sense of ‘joint struggle’ also makes US deny India access to Headley, who is primarily India’s offender? Pakistan is also sponsoring terror war against India, is that also a part of Secretary of state Hillary's war? Has Pakistan’s non-cooperation with India on terror war got even a remote mention in Hillary Clinton's otherwise very eloquent speech? It is no secret that US officers and senior analysts have been saying about Pakistan's ISI being hand-in-gloves with anti India terror groups.

Instead of strengthening dictatorial power centre supported and bolstered by the Army and ISI in Pakistan, US would have done better by asking Pakistan’s Dollar grabbing leaders to be actively helping India in its war on terror. Going by Hillary’s statement, one wonders who is India’s honest ally in its struggle to protect democracy from terror attacks? Senator Hillary shouldn’t be unaware of what the senior strategic affairs analysts, like Ashley Tellis are writing about the ‘real nature’ of Pakistan’s struggle. I am quoting a few lines from a recent piece by him, “Recent arrests of high profile Afghan Taliban leaders by Pakistan do not indicate a strategic change in Pakistan’s counterterrorism strategy. In reality, Pakistan wants to assume a leading role in negotiating and reconciling with the Afghan Taliban to ensure a friendlier neighbour after the United States withdraws.”

Key conclusions:-
Despite the arrests of Mullah Beradar and other Taliban leaders (which were either inadvertent or self-serving), Pakistan’s overall strategy of protecting the Afghan Taliban leadership has not changed.

Pakistan is threatened by the 2011 drawdown of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, which it believes will leave behind an Afghan state with strong ties to its rival India.
A true change in Pakistan’s strategic calculations requires Islamabad to accept that the Taliban—and not India—is the greatest threat to success in Afghanistan.

The lack of U.S. leadership at the January London conference on Afghanistan allowed reconciliation with the Taliban to become a centerpiece of the endgame of international involvement.

Pakistan’s recent arrests of a few Taliban leaders are meant to exert control over the reconciliation process that Pakistan believes is imminent.”
Will Secretary of State Hillary like to comment on it?
US and India are two great democracies in the world and they must work together to ensure economic development and peace in the region. India would like to see a democratic and peaceful Pakistan and we would encourage all efforts in that direction. A happy and democratic Pakistan is what India wants but not the one, which deceptively colludes with Taliban, skirts the real issues to eliminate terrorists, refuses to cooperate with India on Kasab and still cribs to get more dollar grants.

We also urge US to stop hyphenating India with Pakistan, like it is doing in its Nuclear Summit slated in April. It doesn’t Hyphenate China with India. India is a growing economic power making strides at a faster pace and achieving a growth rate of 8 to 10 %. US has an unemployment rate of 9.7% and it should be the economic cooperation and progressive measures that must form the agenda rather than showing sympathies to the shamanist dictatorial regimes and a hypocritical attitude towards TERROR WAR.

When US were struck on 9/11, it was willing to go to any corner of the earth and “smoke out the culprits”. But in regard to 26/11, it wears a saintly preacher attitude exposing its double standards. Did Secretary of State Hillary take up India’s 26/11 with Pakistan and urged it to cooperate with India?
It’s now the Raj- Dharma of the Indian leaders to stand up, and reflecting the strength and will power of the 1.25 billion strong Indian people, ask for the extradition of Headley for prosecuting him appropriately in India and stop yielding to the powers that are two timing India, thereby weakening the war on terror. The Prime Minister and the Home Minister must take US-India relations to a greater height of cooperation but keeping India's interests intact. One cannot fathom why the Indian government, instead of showing its muscles to the terror groups and finally annihilating the anti India elements, is withdrawing its troops from Kashmir, which in turn has only bolstered the moral of the pro-Pakistan Jihadi group.

(Introduction to Ashley Tellis -A senior associate in the Carnegie South Asia program. He specializes in international security, defense, and Asian strategic issues and helped the U.S. State Department negotiate the civil nuclear agreement with India. Previously, he was a senior adviser to the U.S. ambassador to India and was a special assistant to the president and senior director for strategic planning and Southwest Asia in the National Security Council.)

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