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Monday, February 22, 2010

Savarkar spoke through you my son!! Sudhakar Deshpande, President, Veer Savarkar Smarak,Mumbai

Tarun Vijay, Savarkar speaks through you-- Sudhakar Deshpande

Shri Tarun Vijay was the chief guest at the Maharashtra Savarkar Sahitya Sammelan's 22nd conferenece held at Nagpur on 22nd February,2010. Having heard his speech on Savarkar, Shri Sudhakar Deshpande, President Veer Savarkar Smarak, Dadar , Mumbai and a veteran Marathi author, virtually wept with joy and hugged Tarun Vijay, with these words-"Savarkar spoke through you my son!!"
Here are some pics of Mr. Tarun Vijay while addressing the distinguished gathering.
In his speech Tarun Vijay said that Hindus can become strong only after shunning hypocracy and eradicating caste based discriminations. " You offer milk and honey to stone images and even to ants and snakes, but when the living human being comes to your house he is not allowed on the basis of his so called lower caste. Even if a so called high caste person marries a so called low caste person their heads may get chopped off, simply because the castes were different and will not be tolerated by their parents or relatives. He said that according to his opinion the real low caste people are those who have the arrogance to call themselves as high caste people because neither the Gods nor the nature tolerates such kind of hypocracy. We worship Durga for strength, Laxmi for wealth and Saraswati for knowledge, but still kill the Devis in the womb for a false love for sons. We worship Rama and celebrate Dussehra burning Ravana effigies, but kow tow before the modern Ravanas, yield to their pressures and invite them for talks humiliating the spirit of Ayodhya. Where is the angst against all these assaults on the nation's pride? Did Ayohya's people celebrated Rama's return because he compromised with Ravana or because he annihilated the unrepentant wicked?He lambasted the fall in the standards of political leaders who say they are Hindus but are in the forefront to hurt Hindu causes. Who kills cows and exports them to slaughterhouses ? Who poaches an kills Lions and Tigers, the vehicle of Shakti? Who polluted Ganga and Yamuna? Turks? Arabs? Or we, the Hindus? Look at Kashmir, five lakhs, all Tricolour people. all ousted for what crime? and we celebrate a sham republic day. None bothers the local MPs and MLAs with questions-Sir, Honourable, sir, what have you done to implement the 1994 resolution of the parliament ? what have you done to eradicate illiteracy and hunger in your area? Have you ever, even once asked a question to the govt. what measures are being taken to ensure safe and honourable return of the Kashmiri patriotic people back to the valley? You attend a late night session of the House to pass hurriedly bills enhancing your perks and salaries, but have you ever convened a special session to discuss how to reduce the numbers of the Indians below poverty line and restore dignity and safety to the millions of the patriotic people? The real threat to the national safety and honour comes from the spineless bigmouths who people nation's highest decision making bodies, which have been turned by them into the most indecisive platforms of procrastination. See the talks with Pakistan that begin on Feb 25th. The situation needs a reawakening hence the need to spread and strengthen RSS work.He said remembering Savarkar should mean courage to defeat the ugly, denationalised politicians and a consolidation of all Indians on the basis of unapologetic nationalism.


Sen K said...

It was great to see that you have put your arguments in CNN IBN with Suhasini Haider, with clarity.

I'm amazed to find how people in India like Mr.Vinod Sharma get trapped into the Indo-Pakistan love fest, just because of discussions with few "elite" Pakistanis. Pakistan is not about these elites and talking with these people is of no use even if we get any assurances as they are bound to be cheating and insincere.

As you pointed out rightly, the numerous killings of Indians should be answered by Pakistan. The people like Mani Shankar Aiyer born in Pakistan and having nostalgic feelings about Pakistan should be made to face the mothers of the innocent Indians killed. These people live in a false sense of nostalgia always with dreams of having lunch/dinner with old elite Pakistani friends.

Hope you continue to put forward your views strongly through mainstream media to educate our own people on truth even though our government doesn't seem to have the spine to take on the Pakistani terrorists.

krishna said...

make avaliable the videos sir ji

Amit Deshpande said...

Congratulations Tarunji. Such words from Sudhakarji means already a life well lived and rightly so. Anything from now on is a bonus in your life. Tributes to the most neglected hero Veer Savarkar will be incomplete and a farce until we forget to stick to his ideas of nationalistic casteless hinduism.

Inferno said...

Fortunately Nanaji Deshmukh didn't build his life based on speeches. He demanded pure actions from himself instead of wasting it in emotive issues and speeches.


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